Growing Opposition to 5G Worldwide

News Brief – April 13, 2020

The following reports have attracted little attention from the larger mainstream media outlets. But seen together they are obviously part of a wider and encouraging trend, which constitutes a growing awareness of the health threat posed by 5G.
We suspect that in the coming months and years we will see many more similar reports, not necessarily in the mainstream media, which will probably make a point of ignoring them but in blogs and independent news websites. Ed.

Brussels halts 5G activity because of radiation concerns

SmartCitiesWorld – April 12, 2020

The regional government is concerned that 5G technology can’t measure the radiation levels from 5G antennas.

Plans to pilot 5G in Brussels have been blocked due to concerns over radiation levels, the regional government has confirmed.

The government is concerned that the radiation from 5G antennas can’t be measured. With limits of 6 volts per metre (v/m), Brussels has among the strictest telecom radiation regulations in the world.

Measuring MIMO

Last year, the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) recommended that Brussels increase the limits to enable the region to capitalise on 5G. Ministers approved an increase to 9v/m indoors and 14.5v /m outdoors.

Orange announced plans to roll 5G out in Brussels this year and launch commercial services next year. However, Céline Fremault, the Minister for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy in the Government of the Brussels Capital Region, is halting further activity due to concerns that massive MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) antennas aren’t technically able to measure the amount of radiation emitted and, therefore, staying within legal limits can’t be guaranteed.

The people of Brussels will not be “guinea pigs” and as long as radiation can’t be accurately measured, 5G plans for Brussels will remain on hold


Slovenia halts 5G to Investigate Health and Safety

Environmental Health Trust – March 2020

5G has been halted in Slovenia while officials take more time to investigate health effects of the new technology. A letter from Minister Rudi Medved (unofficial translation below) states they will reopen the debate on potential health risks.

Be aware that over 180 Cities in Italy have passed Halt 5G Resolutions, several cities in USA have passed protective ordinances to restrict 5G in neighborhoods and municipalities worldwide are slowing and halting the 5G rollout because of published research showing harm from wireless radiation.

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Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns

Sam Jones – Zurich Feb 12, 2020

Switzerland, one of the world’s leaders in the rollout of 5G mobile technology, has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new network because of health concerns.

The move comes as countries elsewhere around Europe race to upgrade their networks to 5G standards amid a furious rearguard diplomatic campaign by the US to stop them using Chinese technology provided by Huawei. Washington says the company, which is fundamental to most European networks’ upgrade plans, presents a grave security risk.

Switzerland is relatively advanced in Europe in adopting 5G. The wealthy alpine country has built more than 2,000 antennas to upgrade its network in the last year alone, and its telecoms providers have been promising their customers’ imminent 5G coverage for most of the past year.

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8 responses to “Growing Opposition to 5G Worldwide”

  1. Finally something that gets a positice reaction from the people. Burn them all down, shoot them and destroy them, Those big boxes they have scattered all over NY city and refuse to say what they are, when your tax dollars paid for them, do the same to them destroy them. Lets get the revolution started.

  2. 5G has the same effect on people as those who suffers from Corona which is the lack of the lungs ability to provide sufficient oxygen to the body.5G exposure causes permanent lung damage and death eventually.If we stop the 5G rollout we stop the advancement of the New World Order. Their systems won’t work without 5G.Trump is busy rounding up the khazarian mob worldwide as many detained has been Corona quirintined as a smokescreen.Very high profile leaders included.The Luciferian blue bloods are hunting down the khazarian snakes as we speak and lockdown has put the world on pause untill the current lunatic genocidal order has been replaced.Maybe some hope for us remains…time will tell.They became too confident and overplayed their hand, mistakes was made now they fu@ked.

  3. It seems the drive toward 5G is unstoppable. Clearly this is not about speeding up cell phone connection speeds for the benefit of the public. There is a lot more at stake. Why, for instance, would there be the need to place 40,000 satellites in space? We must wait and see what the effects of 5G cell towers have on local residents and animals. The corporate media are going all out to allay any fears that 5G is not safe -so far they have not given platforms to any scientists who do not conform to the desired narrative.

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  6. 5G fully implemented will suck roughly 25% of the power grid to fuel the vastness of it. That’s the behemoth it is.
    It will be coming whether we like it or not and there is only one system capable of handling its immensity.
    This is purely industrial sabotage by the opposition and yes people are caught in the stream pushing the jihad along. Can’t white for the 5G white helmets this shoot be a hoot.

  7. kelvin ballsaker,

    My understanding is that you are right… Except for:

    “Epstein would never have been arrested under anyone but Trump.”

    My understanding is that Epstein’s arrest was just for show in order to appease the people and create the illusion of hope and change once again. You can bet Epstein is either dead because they weren’t absolutely certain whether or not he would squeal when push came to shove or, he’s sipping Pina Coladas’ and Margueritas with his buddy Hosanah Bin Laden in the Vanunu Islands or in Hel Aviv with his boss Bibitte SatanYahwho.

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