Essential viewing: The most important video on covid 19 & 5G

whats really going on — YouTube April 7, 2020

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  1. More bullshit. If he was in the CIA, then he still works for the CIA. We already know it is a fake pandemic and a psyop. As soon as this cover is blown by the people, the people behind the psyop trot this kind of nonsense to continue the scare as well as fake hope. We are now to focus that which is planned to come next, the second wave – because this virus was “engineered”. It might change and become real numbers? Is that what he is saying?

    We also know there has been huge insider trading by the people on top. So what. What have we ever been able to do about it? That has been the case since before the creation of the US Fed. Steele offers bureaucratic solutions, with the recommendations for his fake leader, Mr. Trump, using posers for commissions to seize assets and shut down Gates and the media. Give me a break. If Trump was any good he would not be like every other stooge hyping the psyop. Like X-22, Steele is all part of the manipulation game giving conservative people one false hope after another, letting them trust some some pristine mechanism or body on the government to bring about truth and justice, and if we just wait to next Friday, all the perps will be arrested. It will never happen and especially from people from such a corrupt organization as the CIA. Oh, yes. We are also to believe the CIA is split between the good guys and the bad guys. Let the sociopaths argue among themselves who is better. If you want to start cleaning up the US, then get rid of all of the professional liars and blackmailers.

  2. I agree with Fred B once again.
    Why would anybody trust this fraud from the Central Insanity Agency?

    This isn’t the first time he has attempted to lead people astray. His face is getting fatter and fatter; he must have been infected with BOVIN-HS (Bovine Hemorrhagic Stupiditas). John F Kennedy had a much better solution in mind than this hippopotamus regarding the CIA and the psychos who infest it: blow the CIA to smithereens. OK, so he didn’t exactly say it that way…

    I only watched the first 3 minutes and quit…

    “Essential viewing: The most important video on covid 19 & 5G”?

    What does this pretentious title have anything to do with reality when we’ve had the chance to hear so many genuine contributors on this subject.

  3. Fred B,
    must to think ahead of the game, plusable , ex devil most probably might not repeant yet

  4. Indeed. Right you are sir. This fat fraud has been peddling the same cow patties for a long time. This is the death of the old world and the birth of the new. Death and damnation to the wicked and their minions, power and glory to the righteous!

  5. Virus activated by 5G,,,,,,Give me a break.

  6. Fred B YES` Of course. Why did Truthseeker put up this nonsense waste of time He just LOOKS sleazy.

  7. Fred B. and Voltman are familiar reactors to suggestions re 5G on this site. This phenomenon in comments threads reminds me of various actors contradicting all assertions re 9/11 being an inside job on the 9/11 Truth forum about 15 years ago.

    It is perfectly obvious that there is going to be a second wave to this Coronavirus operation. We have seen the drills (the 201 John Hopkins thing, the German playbook from 2013 … no doubt there are others). The totally absurd, self-immolating over-reaction to this “crisis”, wherein the total number of UK deaths is LESS than average death rates for the previous 5 years, tells anyone but a fool that this is an operation being carried out against society rather than a genuine effort to protect it.

    The fact that Mike Pompeo called it a “Live Exercise” on TV and the fact he refused to deny it is “a HOAX” when challenged directly under questioning by a member of Congress at the end of February 2020 is still not enough for most people to recognise THE TOTALLY OBVIOUS.

    All this is not for nothing. This really is “an exercise” (i.e. a practice). It is a practice for something much worse to come. THIS IS CERTAIN. Do you think the fiends, Gates among them, are going to abandon their goals? NOW? After all this?
    Do you think they are going to let us go back to normal. Examine what has happened? Laugh at them and realise we need some new kind of leadership that is not these kinds of people? That ain’t going to happen

    i expect 5G to play a big part in the engineered catastrophe to come. Any new electromagnetc frequency will be experienced by the electrons that carry information along the extremely sensitive filagree threads that constitute the human nervous system, as a disturbing influence and therefore, initially, a threat to life. The body’s reaction is eventually a period of illness with flu-like symptoms. The way this happens is now understood by consideration of the behaviour of the body’s exosomes.
    There may be other causes of what is to come. The people running this operation know what they are doing. We do not. we only know (some of us [ in increasing numbers]) that they are lying.

    I believe Pompeo spoke the truth on public stages because if this operation fails, and it ultimately will, he could be charged and found guilty of treason on the basis of such serious lies. This was his way of trying to avoid his own future execution.if (or, rather, when) the whole thing goes tits up.

  8. Kevin Boyle,

    “Fred B. and Voltman are familiar reactors to suggestions re 5G on this site.”


    i’M ONE OF THE FIRST around here to bring up the subject of 5G as being the main thing we should be concerned with tabarnak!!!

    All I said here today is: I don’t need this fraud to teach me anything new whatsoever. Disinfo always contains lots of truth. Man you’re dense; you’re actually defaming me and Fred because we can spot a frau a mile away!

    “reactors to suggestions re 5G on this site.”

    WTF? Reactors to suggestions?!

    Be more specific or get lost!

  9. Thanks so so much, Fred, Volt and Kevin, for your excellent and perceptive analysis.

  10. Check out my comments here:

    Flu proven not Contagious. 5G likely to cause deadly Flus later in 2020

    By Kevin Boyle on April 7, 2020
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    By wmw_admin on March 8, 2020

    Psychopath’s Paradise

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    Does 5G Cause Coronavirus? Dr Robert O Young
    Kevin B,

    Does it look like I don’t know about the dangers of 5G?
    Does it look like I don’t know about the dangers of 5G in conjunction with “the virus”?

    It looks like YOU are the BAD reactor!

    I don’t recall Fred B saying that he denied the importance of 5G…

  11. MAD AS HELL!

    Share This Now and We Can #EndTheLockdown
    by Tomorrow Morning! Make it go VIRAL!

  12. I believe Kevin Boyle is completely wrong saying: //I expect 5G to play a big part in the engineered catastrophe to come.//

    There may be any connection between 5G and respiratory problems but there is no causality between 5G and CoVID-19. CoVID-19 is simply weaponized cold&flu.

    Over billion people under house arrest. How many of them are exposed to 5G?

    People under house arrest bombarded with fake news 24/7 will gradually get sick. This is normal reaction. Sickness or CoVID-19 symptoms are result of such unhygienic lifestyle.

    5G connection in Italy? Look at coverage rate of flu vaccination:
    This is chart for the country. In Northern Italy the coverage rate must be higher (I’ve heard of ~30%) because these people are more brainwashed and have more money to waste. These people have very unhygienic lifestyle. What is more likely to cause epidemic, flu vaccination or 5G?

    So called CoVID-19 symptoms may also result from castor oil poisoning or other agents.
    Reptilian 🙂 weapon is FEAR (Protocols).

    There will be second and third wave of CoVID-19 deaths in order to terrorize societies. The people must wait anxiously for coming vaccine. Vaccination will not be compulsory, I mean it will be, but majority of people will want a new vaccine for many reasons. Dissidents should be regarded as dangerous social outcasts.

    Reptilians don’t use physical force, they change public consciousness.

    5G will be just one of the methods to induce fear in the public. One of them is 5G omnipotence and this rumour is promoted by Kevin Boyle.

    This obese 🙂 former 🙂 CIA agent mentions the next pandemic „which is almost inevitable”. This is not 5G, this is simply result of fear porn campaign and house arrest. Steele is engaged in fear porn campaign.

  13. Kevin, I don’t deny the likelihood that 5G is part of the game. Like with 9/11 there were a number of stakeholders and motives. The 5G roll out is really big and does coincide with that of the CV psyop, and those issues also just happen to dovetail with the drop in demand, the long-predicted mother of all economic crashes, and a global financial reset with a global digital currency based on a gold standard which has long been in the IBC works.

    Suppose there was no pandemic scare, and the public were to take issue with a global financial reset based on digital currency on a gold standard (which both China and Russia coincidentally want). Suppose there were to be a a short bank holiday for a week or so, and you came back to your bank and found the value of your assets in some new digital currency cut to a fourth of their value? Would you if you were a small business person, or a wage earner and found most of your savings and other assets toast, and you pension plan up in smoke, get pretty damned angry? Crowds would descend on the banks and likely lynch the banksters and the politicians.

    So why not just start a little relatively harmless pandemic using the media, our governments, and our politicians, whom they just happen to own and control, to hype it up, wind down the economy very quickly to a virtual stall state, and close the banks, do the reset, blaming that terrible virus which came from the Chinese, the Americans, or bat soup, or wherever, for the terrible economic crash – the people all the time having been separated and compliant and afraid to congregate, and dutifully waiting for the magic vaccination and that terrible next round of the deadly virus – separated and social distancing for some 18 months, all the time blaming the virus for their economic woes?

    The US CDC blew the cover with all the fake Covid death designations. The standard of proof for the common people is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt, it is simply the balance of probabilities. Using the Coivd cover there has already one month ago been a huge wealth transfer. In no financial reset this year, I would be surprised. As for 5G and forced vaccinations that is also big but also serves as a cover.

  14. People are zombified. This site allegedly attracts awaken people.
    Has anybody noticed weather warfare behind windows? Are night temperatures close to freezing point in April natural? This is total war and 5G is a weapon, at this moment weapon in PsyWar.

  15. I fully second Kevin Boyle’s opinion, and moreover, he is one person I trust implicitly because everything I heard from Boyle is complete common sense. Even if some or all turns out to be wrong in the end, it won’t be because of fault in logic but bad, incomplete or misleading data as available.

    Being no expert in any of those fields but perfectly able to work through syllogisms using inferential method, I must place trust in others who may tell me that a virus is so many microns long, has a certain structure and latches onto certain cell receptors and so on, that a 5G technology enables narrow channel signal to be beamed at a specific geolocated target and that the virus and 5G work synergystically—is it true?

    If so, then every word these people interviewed in the video is potentially quite true and why would someone imagine that Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, George Soros and other tools of Satan would refuse to make maximal use of it in order to bring about Messianic Antichrist Tikkun Olam to final success after over 2,000 years of tireless, never-deviating campaign?

    They are practically at the finish line, you think they would stop now‽

  16. What R. D. Steele, this hypocritical hippopotamus, should say to President Bullshit is:





    THE HIPPOPOTAMUS says that if we amass all the emails, documents & proof we can prosecute them…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

    What the fuck is wrong with this disgusting sack of rotten garbage?!

    Doesn’t he know there NEVER is any justice to be had in this God damn shitstem?

    This disgusting fraud wanted everybody to get on board his hashtag #UNRIG project which was about unrigging the US federal elections… That was his top priority.

    When you’re given a choice between voting for Satan and Lucifer, do you give a damn whether the voting system is rigged or not? I don’t! Nobody should vote. PERIOD.

    The wimps just can’t bring themselves around to say that their system is CRIMINAL BEYOND REPAIR, the 5G towers are CRIMINAL, the VIRUS Scamdemic is CRIMINAL, the actions AND PRONOUNCEMENTS of all officials are CRIMINAL, the mass media are all a bunch of CRIMINALS; forcing people into lockdown is CRIMINAL whether or not there is a real pandemic, etc…etc…etc…etc…etc…etc…etc..

    If you’re going to sit around and wait for any kind of JUSTICE from these God damn shitheads, you’re dumber than a box of retarded and autistic rocks with Alzheimer’s disease and Hemorrhagic Stupiditas on steroids.

    If you have all these guns, assault weapons and ammunition, SHOOT THESE MOTHER TRUCKERS NOW while you still have a chance! Or would you rather wait until the armored military vehicles full of armored goons without a conscience roll down your street to confiscate YOUR unused guns as they force you to take the poison vaccine or haul you off to some jail because the government has you on their list of domestic terrorists because you speak out against their lethal bullshit.

    Just more hope and change for dopes in chains!

    Love your neighbors and defend your neighbors by blowing their oppressors’ useless fucking heads to kingdom come.

    Any questions?

  17. Prosecute them?

    Has Robert David Steele informed his sheeple about the Law?
    I mean real Law, Holy Talmud. Baba kamma 113a last paragraph (

    (…) it was taught: ‘Where a suit arises between an Israelite and a heathen, if you can justify the former according to the laws of Israel, justify him and say: ‘This is our law’; so also if you can justify him by the laws of the heathens justify him and say [to the other party:] ‘This is your law’; but if this can not be done, we use subterfuges to circumvent him.

  18. This Firstenberg dude presents a theory about causality between introduction of technologies using EM waves and epidemics worldwide.

    1889 in the US is a pure speculation. At that time US cities were dirty, overcrowded and the country experienced epidemic every few years, always winter/spring time.
    What about radars? Have they killed any English people during WW2? Any epidemic then?
    What about television? How many Americans died in the 50ies? This technology was globalized very quickly, where are epidemics resulting from TV technology? I remember none.

    It must be only pneumonia and flu since during 20th century mortality rate of all infectious diseases had fallen nearly to zero:

    What about mobile telecommunication? I mean 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. Where are these epidemics? Any chart available?

    P&I stands for Pneumonia&Influenza

    Judeoanglosaxon junk pseudoscience. I am almost sure that this Firstenberg guy turns into lizard every evening and spends nights in luxury terrarium.

  19. There’s a Danish legal opinion from May 2019 stating that implementing 5G as currently proposed would be illegal (not just domestic law based so also potentially persuasive in other EU countries and maybe elsewhere too)