Lung deaths well BELOW average during CV crisis

Nick Kollerstrom – Terror on the Tube April 11, 2020

The Office of National Statistics provides total weekly deaths in England and Wales. We previously looked at the 5% DROP in overall deaths since the CV scare started in mid-January.  Those making the decision on the Spring Equinox to lock down Britain, would have seen these figures.
The ONS provides weekly average values using the previous five years’ data, that is how the comparison is made.
Just below these weekly figures, there are what the ONS calls “deaths where the underlying cause was respiratory disease” and let’s do exactly the same for these figures –
Compare this with the graph we did last week for total deaths – you can see its a much LARGER effect. For mid-January onwards all lung-related deaths were seventeen percent less than a five-year average for the same week. That is a three times larger effect than for total mortality!
Some mystery force has been preventing Brits from dying of pneumonia etc. this year, what could it be?
Well, put it this way: that’s all you need to know really. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. No need to struggle to remember all that stuff about DNA and RNA you learnt at school. It’s not happening.
We can view this same data as percentage difference, you might find that helps. Here is, week by week, total lung deaths as a % of the average over the previous 5 years:

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You can see there was some fifteen percent LESS lung-related deaths right thru the supposed deadly onslaught of coronavirus….
This curve is very similar to what we found for total deaths but it’s a larger effect.
Its all a monster hoax. Another one ….


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

5 responses to “Lung deaths well BELOW average during CV crisis”

  1. Its all a monster hoax. Yes!! Thanks Nick. Wake up people!!

  2. I have had asthma for 20 years at times its been crippling
    my wife kept a graph over the years and it was always worse when there was much chemtrailing.
    There has been no chemtrailing over the corona virus period
    and my breathing has been 100 % ok
    what does that tell you ?

  3. they’ve been chem trailing like crazy here in hawaii….. more than ever. the cases here are low and deaths ia at nine ?? its the 4th lowest in country. Hawaii more specifically Honolulu has no 5G. hence no escalation ??? it’s a non issue here , and yet COMPLETE LOCKDOWN….. arresting people for being on the beach!!!!

  4. @ david lambert

    I’ve seen new chemtrails today (Sunday). Things go to normal 🙂

  5. Oxygen deprivation is not a bad a way to go. You would think you get a splitting head ache but you don’t, it kind of feels the other way.
    I am the first one to tell my fellow euranglolanders they succumb to the disneyfication and infantilist ethos but there is another player one that takes bits off inside your head at a time while the others are doing their job.
    After meningitis, double pneumonia, both lungs punctured at different times and a heart attack, the antiseptic spray at the pharmacy the lady uses to wipe the bench is enough to cease my throat. F in strangles me. So not only is it chemies, viruses, 5G, Israeli poisons etc etc etc it is everywhere they’re not as well in one form or another depending on individual sensitivity.
    The radar in my throat tells so.
    The only time my head truly went back to full clarity in the last 30yrs is when I’m on oxygen or the 6 weeks after the heart attack when the heart was passing through the most oxygen it will ever pass on since I was a kid.
    Had the audacity to call myself the Einstein of the real world for 6 weeks and I could have worked where the armchair of God is but the meds kicked in and they made me sick so out they went and now I’m running on about 3000rpm like an old diesel engine when it used to be an 8,000 redline on hi octane only 5yrs ago.
    Compared to a15,000 redline on rocket juice when I was young. This is not how I saw my grandparents at this age 52(the hard way) in fact I never knew them till later in their lives and at 70 they were like me 30yrs ago. Sheeet even my drunk old granny could rattle off a twelve verse old english poem like it was her ABCs. I’m lucky to remember what I’m talking about. Oh yeah, imagine being twirled around and let go and you get that dizzy feeling. Well it feels like your somewhere in the recovery and some days are just better than others but you learn to live with it. Like a left bendy tossle and you have to adjust the line of sight to the right to hit the royal flush.