Chris Pirnak – The Revolt of the One Percent — April 9, 2020 

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“S&P 500 books BEST WEEKLY GAIN in 45 years” 
The Fed is working overtime to prop up the stock market. As result, two classes of people have emerged: those with investments and those without. The future will see more economic disparity as the West increasingly resembles the Third World.
“This dry-run national emergency is a warning for the future [which] will be very bleak for those who are not emotionally and financially equipped to handle this unfolding NWO narrative.”

My Economic & Market Predictions 

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We do not need to buy expensive forecasting services to get a glimpse into the future.
Based on Ben Bernanke’s recent comments, it seems apparent that the Fed and its owners will not let this financial system fall apart as imagined by the alt-financial media. If what Ben Bernanke says is true, and the Fed has plenty more room to expand its asset balance sheet, then I would not want to stand in front of this freight train.
Though many “retail Joes” may never again find gainful employment with a competitive wage, I view this dry-run national emergency as a warning for the future. Although humanity has been purposely distracted with the trivial, the future will be very bleak for those who are not emotionally and financially equipped to handle this unfolding NWO narrative. But to those who understand this timeline, they can hold up and prosper.
Think about it, Agenda 2030 will not appear out of no where; it will be implemented over time, and we are just entering the next phase. Humanity would never willingly accept these terms of surrender, but if they are scared enough, or if potential resistance believes they will be raptured out of here, then I see little opposition.


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5 responses to “Chris Pirnak – The Revolt of the One Percent”

  1. European Heaven is where ;
    All the soldiers are British
    All the wine is French
    All the food is Italian
    All the cars are German
    All the weather is Greek
    Everything is organised by the Swiss
    and the jews are back in the work camps

    European Hell is where ?

    All the soldiers are French
    All the wine is German
    All the cars are Greek
    All the lovers are swiss
    The weather is British
    everything is organised by the Italians
    and the jews have taken the economies
    through the Rothschild E U

  2. Watch an episode of Ellen DeGeneres and observe the idocy where she triumphantly dispenses her giant cardboard cheques and the accompanying hysteria from the audience.
    They haven’t got a clue… they will accept what the one percent gives them…..perhaps the corporation that owns the revolting Ellen Degenerate show will authorise the zio-dyke to start handing out more cheques……keep in mind the tent cities that exist not too far from the studio which produces this garbage…..the inhabitants of which are too strung out on drugs to do anything….perhaps they’ll die of starvation…..
    Fully armed rural Americans might be tempted but they’ll be shot down by drones or choppers before they get anywhere near Washingstein or Wall Street.
    Always keep in mind that NONE of this should EVER have come to pass IF Americans were well informed and been able to vote for DECENT representation…

    Jefferson predicted this stuff of course…..Americans reduced to penury IF the bankers were not brought under control…..and the bankers are predominantly of one ethnic group….THIS IS STONE COLD FACT.

  3. 100 years ago the country of Britain was the most powerful in the world
    this tiny island was called Great Britain, but wars for the jews, and criminal politicians
    has meant the country has gone down the pan, while the people were asleep at the wheel.
    Nutenyahu said ” Palestine today tomorrow America” he told them
    did they listen ? no, so many thousands now have been robbed of homes money
    everything, they live on the streets, while israelis live in luxury
    now israel wants us to send our young to fight wars on iran lebanon Rusia china and N korea, as they need the money wars generate.
    Bollox to you israel, my kids do not fight wars for you.

  4. We can say confidently they jumped right over agenda 21 and the fair deal majority of sustainable development has now been implemented the rest is just smoothing out the logistics so a dry run it is not.
    It is the difference between essential and nonessential in every aspect of your life and either way your always not indispensable to the party which is, if you think you are think again.

  5. Great way to say it, Paul