Sen. Dr. Jensen’s Shocking Admission About Coronavirus

Valley News Live – April 7, 2020

MN Sen. and Dr. Jensen said that he received a 7 page document from the MN Department of Health advising him to fill out death certificates with a diagnosis of #COVID-19 whether the person actually died from COVID-19 or not. Can we trust the death numbers we’ve been seeing?


2 responses to “Sen. Dr. Jensen’s Shocking Admission About Coronavirus”

  1. Yet another example of the PTB coercing medical people to list deaths as “Covid Related” when the cause of death is otherwise.

    The PTB are faking the numbers for the “Coronavirus Pandemic” in their obsession to make it look real instead of fake.

    About one third of common colds are caused by the coronavirus. Influenza is more hazardous than coronavirus.

    Jews media jockeys and political puppets are being told to create stats that fit PTB plans for the Covid Plandemic.

  2. This is a powerful revelation by a man who is both a state senator and a medical doctor. It is also stunning a talking head newscaster would be revealing some of the truth, but good for that guy! Lord knows we need many more newsmen to do their job. What is being revealed here, sweeping declarations destroying the legal rights of citizens, destroying commerce, are declared by Governors like royal edicts with NO process of sharing information with the legislatures, let alone getting votes on it. Citizens should be marching on the state capitals and Governor’s mansions with torches and pitchforks.