“Reincarnation got Left out of The Equation on The Shortbus of Creation Going Nowhere None too Fast”

Smoking Mirrors – April 9, 2020

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As complex as life can appear to be, it is a very simple affair and is rendered complex or simple, based on a single dynamic and that is… (trumpet fanfare, accompanied by a rising chorus of Tympani and Taiko drums) WHETHER YOU HAVE DECIDED TO LIE TO YOURSELF OR NOT.
There could be several reasons why you have decided to lie to yourself. One of the reasons is that there is something, or a number of somethings that you want and you are not convinced that you are permitted to have them/it, or you are not likely to get them/it, unless you strategize to that end. Hence… you get ‘justifications’ and/or ‘rationalizations’, accompanied by internal and external arguments, employing the acts of justifying or rationalizing.
Our main problem, which attends justifying and rationalizing, the adversary who stands in our way is (more horns, Tympani’s and Taiko’s) our Conscience. Mark Twain had a lot to say on the matter of our conscience. I remember a short story by him; at least I think I do, in which he murdered his conscience but I can’t locate where it was that I saw it; if it was a short story, or an essay… can’t remember.
You EITHER do what you know to be right, or you try to find a way around it, maybe just this once because… the end justifies the means. We’ve all done this and if your response is, “Well, I’ve never done that!” You are lying to yourself and… by extension, everyone else as well. The majority of us live in a land of half-truths, or far worse. How I know that everyone has done this and committed many another act as well, is because life is set up this way, in order for you to learn from the consequences of your behavior. There are none that escape this. The Bible tells us this. We all come short of the mark.
So… what we get is a sector of the self-righteous, who can do no wrong and have convinced themselves of this. They have to, it comes with the persona. Then there is a sector of those who know they are short of the mark and seek redemption and the opportunity be on the mark, henceforth. Then there is the larger sector of those who have no idea of who they are but they have cobbled together some version they hope will convince the world as they pass through it. That’s most people. Some of them skate because they’re a little better at it than whomever they are skating by or over. Some get by a bit more haphazardly. Sometimes they get the bear and sometimes the bear gets them and the rest? They wind up as fish-food.
You don’t usually hear about the people who get mulched into fish-food. It’s not an interest grabber; the people who fall into the cracks. You do see them sometimes if you are the sort of person who bothers to look. Most people don’t bother because seeing this troubles them in the place where their humanity used to live. It scares them too. They don’t like the implications it brings to their minds. Where do those implications come from? Yes… it’s the conscience, which does not only remind us of what we should and shouldn’t be doing. It also alerts us to where we are headed, according to the laws of Karma, if we don’t wake up. We ARE our brother’s keeper. There are crimes of commission and crimes of omission and it’s all observed and noted.
I am SURE that the majority of us do not know that we are on TV all of the time, in front of a large audience, depending. In some cases the audience is carrion feeders and appetite satisfaction agencies who take their nourishment and pleasure from us. It is one of the reasons that ‘certain activities’ make us so tired. Our audience is also comprised of the dead and various entities in nature, as well as beings from other planets. The appearance of Justice and the quality of the common values present in humanity ARE NOT demonstrated to our advantage. It looks like there is no justice here. It looks like, despite the presence or absence of values that some people do whatever they like and it doesn’t matter.
Take Leonard De Caprio as an example. He’s an actor and was born to the profession. All the doors opened for him early on. He spends his time banging an endless line of hot chicks. Little does he know how hot they are. Then he also grandstands about social justice and nature causes, while being a big-time offender of the same, like most of his associates in that line of work. He paid for the opportunity to do what he does and the wheels are greased accordingly, so are the chicks, I imagine. He’s either paid through the nose ahead of time, or he has agreed to pay later. He was warned beforehand about coloring outside the lines. Everyone is.
This is the world though AND you can do ANYTHING… as long as you are willing to pay the fare. From our vantage point, outside of the perspective of reality, it looks like he’s doing okay. Many others would kill or do most anything else to get a shot at what he has BUT appearances are deceiving.
There are people like Ellen Degenerate who are despised behind the scenes and records of their bad behavior are there to be noted. No matter how efficient or powerful your public relations goblins are, word of your doings gets through the filters. She’s not unique in this way. People with a sense of entitlement are completely divorced from reality. They tread, on the unsuspecting head, with regularity. The little people just aren’t that important.
You ask yourself, “How can they get away with this shit?” Well… they don’t. A long time ago, those who were designing the Christian religion, in such a way as to maximize profit and control on their behalf, excised REINCARNATION from the operating model. If something is placed out of sight, that doesn’t mean it is gone. It’s just out of sight. People who don’t get the essential presence of Reincarnation in the scheme of things, will argue night and day about it. These days, the fundies only hear what they want to hear. I’ve no argument with them because I don’t argue. Either I KNOW something to be true or I DON’T KNOW. There’s no wiggle room with me. I KNOW Reincarnation is an integral feature of existence. Leaving it out removes all sense from the dynamic. Keeping it in makes sense of it all. Why did they do this? Asked and answered already.
Nobody gets away with anything and those who lie to themselves WILL live in a world of their own creation but… it’s like what happens when an architect doesn’t know what he’s doing. The stability of the building suffers and so do the residents. It makes no difference to me if people agree with me or not. Time will tell and WE SHALL SEE.
Before I forget, let me say, “Fuck Coronavirus and the whores it rode in on!” I apologize for the salty language. That is not how I usually communicate but I couldn’t find anything else that accurately summed up my position on the subject. The good news is that no matter what the malefactors and agents of darkness get up to, it will be to no avail. As per The Rules of the Apocalypse (not like the REGULAR RULES), whatever you do that is wrong, WILL work to your disadvantage NOW AND HENCE and WILL be revealed and exposed. That is the nature of an apocalypse and if you can’t see evidence of this right off, you aren’t looking very hard and IT’S EARLY DAYS. Try to see everything that happens as a set up for something else and ALL OF IT as being managed by The Supreme Being.
This virus seclusion syndrome is a transition period. The world will not be the same at the other end. In keeping with God being the motive force out of the background… you will have noticed that there has been small mention of domestic incidents and very little of people going crazy, which is something you would ordinarily expect under such circumstances. Some mysterious power seems to be keeping the lid on. There has been very little acting out by fringe elements, ♫ah… and it makes me wonder♫
We are either, working in sync with the cosmic will, or we are in some degree of opposition to it and finding out how that applies to any of us is easy to do. You can tell by the way you feel. Notice and knowledge of your state is coming up at all times from the subconscious. There is either some percentage of uneasiness, or there is a sense of well being. Life informs us, even when we don’t want it to.
Lying to ourselves cripples our understanding. We become spiritually disabled and regular passengers on The Short Bus of Existence. Going through life with self-created blinders is neither sane nor safe. Why do we do this? Asked and answered. God is either working through us or driving us from behind, depending on the cosmic personality we have chosen as our agent for the Purpose of Demonstration. The outcome is heavily dependent upon which persona we give fealty to. It could be so much better than it is and one day, despite all of our collective worst efforts, it will be.
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Today’s Song is; Love Goes Home Alone
I saw a man who wasn’t there, do something that just didn’t happen, in a world of subjectivity, where everything, ironically, was shaped to fit the pattern of a drunken sidewalk slattern, who dreamed she was a princess in a country far away. I saw it cited at Pocketnet just the other day.



Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

9 responses to ““Reincarnation got Left out of The Equation on The Shortbus of Creation Going Nowhere None too Fast””

  1. I’m probably wrong, but I read alot of pain here. “The Bible tells us this.” The Bible tells us alot of things, and now you’re telling us what has been omitted from the Bible. That opens a nasty can of worms, now doesn’t it? You state things so matter-of-factly. The “law of karma” provides a case in point. That so-called “law” is not a law at all, but a BELIEF based upon hearsay, not evidence. This is CLASSIC “magical thinking”. Attributing causes to events when one cannot possibly know that causal relations actually exist. We’re voracious in our appetite for explanations, and thus prone to seeing false causality everywhere. Beyond traditional dogma, no one has the slightest idea if some kind of “justice” is embedded in the human situation or not. What precipitated the banishment of the law of reincarnation from the Bible? Given the collective effect of the book, that’s some heavy “karma.” The Bible may have also omitted, “verily, verily, I say unto the – that when the dharma is in disarray, I shall administer unto them a corona.” Who are you to say “fuck corona” and the “whore”, when these are potentially divine karmic manifestations of justice earned through reincarnation?
    Neither of which you can substantiate. Any more than 3,000 + odd people meeting their collective and a quite similar “karma” on 9/11/2001. Your pain and anger belies the alleged certainty you have in regard to “karma.” Who are you to piss on Ellen DeGeneres? I’m certainly no fan, and I’ve probably seen and heard no more than 22 minutes of her my entire life. Yey she too is just acting out her “karma” acquired through eons of reincarnation, is she not? So, give her and myself a fucking break.
    The fact is, YOU DON’T KNOW.

  2. So, break it down for us. Did the early church fathers choose to expunge the unsubstantiated law of reincarnation along the lines of; “yea brethren, the semites are a stiff-necked people. Should we afford them the knowledge of reincarnation they are liable to all manner of lackadaisical behavior, wasting this life with egregious abuses of power. Verily, a one-shot attempt at redemption will convey the seriousness of the matter and adherence to Torah.” How did that work out? What if “fuck Corona” is spitting in the face of the holy book and the divine decree that “all shall receive a mark, whereby none may buy or sell without it.”
    “Lying to ourselves cripples our understanding.” Improvised fantasies are liable to do the same. What’s it to you regarding who is on the “short bus”? For purposes of demonstration, aren’t they merely working out their “karma” and atoning for behavior they don’t even recall? So the appearance of being in opposition to the cosmic will, is, all said and done, actually adherence to it – given “karma” being so elegantly or otherwise, “demonstrated.” Like you said, appearances are deceiving. Yet, how can they be when “all is one and one is all…to be a rock and not to roll.”

  3. Reincarnation is a hoax. For Christian’s and Pagans alike. Reincarnation is the based on the ability of demonic spirits to “possess” a human while they are alive, once they die the Spirit moves on to the next victim reincarnating into the body of an unprotected soul.

    When humans experience the first death they “Rest In Peace”, they sleep until Judgement Day in the grave.
    Luke 8:52
    Meanwhile, all the people were wailing and mourning for her. “Stop wailing,” Jesus said. “She is not dead but asleep.”
    John 11:11
    After he had said this, he went on to tell them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.”

    Today is the Feast of First Fruits in the Scriptures April 9, 2020

    1 Corinthians 15:20
    But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep.
    1Th. 4:13 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope.
    1 Thessalonians 4:14
    For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.
    1Th. 4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus.

  4. Dear Mr S***,
    You negative ramblings against anything Visible writes are utterly incoherent. His work is powerful and timely and that’s why it gets posted here.

    Perhaps you have your own style and positive message that’s worth reading. Why not attempt blogging yourself and see if it meets the standard needed for Rixon to post it. What’s your own positive message that Visible is missing?

  5. Regarding Reincarnation:

    To return to a lower form of life or the same over and over again would serve no rational purpose. To have your mind reset with no memory and restart over in a new “worse” life just to pay for your mistakes in the previous life or to restart in a better life as a reward for our previous life, would obviously be flawed, in both reward and punishment cases it is not proper, this kills motivation for advancement. You’ll loose all your memory so nothing would matter. Therefore in reincarnation the object of punishment is not one’s true self rather his/her new vessel. For more in debt philosophical understanding this would be beyond time and scope. Suffice to say that Mulla Sadra (https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/mulla-sadra/) in his book/s (Transcendent wisdom of the four journeys of the intellect) popularly known as al-Asfar al-arba‘a (The Four Journeys) has a detailed chapter on Disproving Reincarnation. Avicenna too has spoken against most possible forms of reincarnation, in particular the idea that a human soul can be reincarnated as animals or plants. Sadra logically builds up a platform and proves it is impossible for a grown up soul to be transferred into a new baby body!

  6. My Mistake

    Correction : Sunday is the Feast of First fruits, also a Sabbath following the seventh day of rest,a regular Sabbath.

  7. And if the idea behind reincarnation is just for God to have fun and demonstrate to no real audiences and it is not really for punishment and reward or justice then karma looses its point too….. just think about the number of people increasing, new souls are created throughout history and if we assume all of them are going to return to another new body then we have a real mess. Krishna is a Djinn though and can make up dreams for her followers. Some Hindu’s who experience dreams may end up worshiping Trump (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOabs3FMfs4) a kind of spirituality that thrives on pluralism and in fact Hindu scholars are proud of this!

  8. “You negative ramblings against anything Visible writes are utterly incoherent. His work is powerful and timely and that’s why it gets posted here.”

    “against anything Visible writes”…

    Not at all!
    Mr. S specified what it was that he didn’t agree with and took the time to elaborate to my satisfaction but you’re into the Guru worshiping mode which makes you think nothing Les says should be challenged and that’s because Les get his information from God or one of his emissaries, angels, whatever.

    Mr. S is perfectly coherent since I understood him perfectly. KnowThanx, on the other hand, shows no objectivity and has succumbed to the Guru worshiping complex: “nothing my Guru says or writes is anything less than a perfect revelation of the absolute truth. And anybody who challenges him is in for a reprimand. Well here’s my reprimand to KnowThanx:

    If there’s anything incoherent in Mr. S’s ramblings or in my ramblings, let me know exactly what it is you don’t understand and if you can’t do that, go kneel down in the corner and tell your Lord you’re sorry for being such a know it all.

    Who knows if Les Visible knows because if he knows then God doesn’t know,
    even though God knows everything. Les shouldn’t want to know anything because that would mean God doesn’t know and we can’t have an Almighty God that doesn’t know because that would mean that we might know something God doesn’t know and we can’t have that if God is all knowing.

    Maybe God knows and he’s not telling anybody because if he told us what he knows, we would know but we wouldn’t know if it was God talking to us or a djinn or a demon. Who know what God knows and what he wants us to know? Why should we want to know something when it may not be the time to know it?

    Do I know Bill Gates & Co. want to force vaccinate everybody? Maybe not, since, if I did know, God wouldn’t know and if God doesn’t know, then what can we expect him to do if he doesn’t know anything we know?

    God knows I don’t know except when I know but then it only lasts for a little while and I don’t know anymore. But what do I know?

    Maybe that’s why Jesus doesn’t know if he’s coming or going??!

    I know I’m just about ripe for a djinn tonic right now.

  9. Well, at least you know when you’re just about ripe for a djinn tonic : )