5G Activated in the UK: Dead Birds Everywhere!

Lunac73 – YouTube April 2, 2020

In addition you can download this MP4 video on dead birds along the M25:
Linked here.
While in Hong Kong protesters have been pulling down “surveillance” street lamps thought to be linked with 5G.

Anti-surveillance protesters tear down ‘smart’ lamp-post in Hong Kong

YouTube – Aug 2019

7 responses to “5G Activated in the UK: Dead Birds Everywhere!”

  1. Id2020 bonds with your dna and spreads via nanochips throughout your body it mainly acts as a tracking device or individual beacon allowing global satilites to connect a 5G tracker beam directly to your body via 70ghz microwaves constantly connected to the millions of nanochips under your skin.You become activated on the global grid.Nanochips or nanites remain embedded in your body they are A.I. chips and can move around at will, very advanced technology.After receiving the c19 vaccination for the rest of your life albeit short-lived you will be completely monitored and controlled, or destroyed…this is a weapon system depending on the frequency used on individuals. It’s designed to fry your brains and turn you into a zombie over time.Dosile idiot zombie humans are easier to control. And then the greatest game can begin overtly not having to worry about the cover of Bohemian grove. It’s possible.This could be the agenda. Does seem to mirror Hollywood productions over the years. We are being lied to and their intension are evil as usual…

  2. Rise up and smash 5G and the CoronaHoax!
    …aka Covid19(84)

  3. Chemtrails and 5 G are killing all the insects bees and birds
    please put food scraps out for the birds as there are no insects now
    Birds are hatching chicks this time of year and are desperate for any food

  4. The possible destruction of the human higher mind which consists of the cerubellum and pinial gland which mistics believe is the seat of the soul leaving the small reptilian brain intact which is only focussed on survival without emotion or thought is an plausible reason for the rollout of these 5G weapons.This is a gradual process. With literal lebotomized zombies roaming the streets government will put up fenced cities guarding chosen citizens for use as workers etc. who will be dependent on government for protection, work ,food and shelter. Total control achieved and all can be blamed on a virus. The vaccine is key in creating this future New Order and 5G is the activating ingredient absolutely necessary for their success. Nothing will stop them unless we realize that all these subliminal programs we watched over the years was infact conditioning us for the near future and wake up and do something to stop this.Birds are dropping dead this is very auspicious. We only see that in the movies but not anymore it’s now a reality. What isn’t possible.

  5. But you don’t understand. Don’t get excited. It’s only a few birds and some of the old people who are nearly dead anyway. So what about the animal experiments where they got cancer and died of immune reactions. You just have to unjust to it. Besides it means trillions and trillions of dollars world wide for the investors and no government which wants to share in the information hubs can afford to be left behind. Also, it is highly recommended that you get that new flu vaccination as well, the one with the 5G compatible chip which Bill Gates and your government wants you to have before they allow you to return to your work or go back to your favorite pub and see your friends. Don’t you want to be “connected”, and have everyone of your thoughts plastered all over Facebook, and the government looking up your arse all of the time? What’s wrong with you people?

  6. Haven’t seen the first video yet, but reading Jerry’s first comment (April 9, 2020 at 11:39 am) I’m reminded of something known as “Morgellons” which is never mentioned nowadays, and I wonder why this would be. Didn’t Kate Bush have it? I wonder how she is.

  7. Morgellons likely the biblical curse for those accepting the mark of the beast. Causes grievious sores, fits with the id2020 5G forced rollout. These chips,nano robots, A.I. nano fibers aka Morgellons are easily injected as a vaccine for purposes the higher ups deem necessary. We are just cattle in their eyes useless eaters that must be controlled or destroyed.The world financial system was a means of control.They don’t care about money as they create it from nothing.Its a redundant control mechanism.Its being replaced right now and we will return to a new world after lockdown. Radicly different from the past.