Arrested for sitting on a park bench – Covid-19 Tyranny

Arrested for sitting on a park bench – Covid-19 Tyranny

Cheeky FE Kerry — YouTube April 5, 2020

7 responses to “Arrested for sitting on a park bench – Covid-19 Tyranny”

  1. Blame “Common Purpose” for the mental states of many public sector workers. They have had the ability to use common sense removed through the use of neuro-linguistic programming. Common Purpose is part funded by Government- David Cameron went to India to launch it there..

  2. Queen of the stream
    Stands before them all
    She stretches out her hand
    As the curtains start to fall.

  3. She really tied that thick retard up in knots !

  4. At the crux of “neuro-linguistic programming” are the deceptions that have flown under the radar so to speak.

    The Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery: UNIDRIOT
    It appears to be the language of the DEAD

    “An Account of “Grammatical Crimes” of Corporate Governance, courts and enforcement agencies by the use of DOG-LATIN: a “debased” criminal immoral foreign written language that renders all such DOG-LATIN documents, tendered by such corporate private governments, as “counterfeit”. DOG-LATIN is unhyphenated all uppercase Latin symbolic text that follows the grammatical rules of English and not the grammatical rules of Latin. It is the language of the Illiterate,” /

  5. unlike the cops, this lady made perfect sense.. pity there are so few people like her..

  6. The poor blokes just trying to do his job you smart arse bitch!

  7. Shes a great inspiration we should all follow!
    Hope she is well and free..
    Thank You for inspiring us:))
    Lots of Love