Murder of Keith Mothersson Demonstrates Religious Leaders are “Of Satan”, Knowingly or Not.

Kevin Boyle – YouTube April 8, 2020

Keith Mothersson obituary:

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

4 responses to “Murder of Keith Mothersson Demonstrates Religious Leaders are “Of Satan”, Knowingly or Not.”

  1. Krishnamurti said , ” truth is a pathless land, it cannot be approached by religion or sect what so ever ”
    “By their fruits shall ye know them”
    The catholic church has been over run by homosexuals who have destroyed it,
    Archbishop Donald Coggan spoke about crackpot Christians who abuse and twist the words of god, these crackpot christians now say homosexuality is ok, sex with kids ok
    Kevin Boyle speaks the absolute truth and is getting a loyal following
    because he speaks the truth
    well done mate

  2. Apostasy in the church and false doctrines of men

    By Don Koenig

    “The one true Church of God is a spiritual body and it is interwoven in all Christian denominations.”
    “Religion is basically satanic.”
    “True Christianity is the complete opposite.”
    “Apostate Christianity (departure from true biblical Christianity) in its final analysis cannot be distinguished from any other religion in the world in its quest for God. No wonder apostate Christianity will be willing to join with all the other religions of the world. These pseudo Christians think they are Christian just because it is part of their culture and because they believe in a higher power. Even demons believe in a higher power. Apostate Christianity has no evidence of a Holy Spirit changed life because they were never born of the Spirit.”
    “”True Christianity is then believing that God’s promise to provide a Savior was fulfilled in His Son Jesus.” This promise of a Savior and Messiah to restore man’s fellowship with God is integrated throughout all scripture.”

    orthodox chuchu does

  4. Religions are tyrannies of the mind. Religions have actually convinced people they are guilty of being human, like for instance, normal sex is condemned as a “sin”. Humans with their big brains get convinced by the authorities to do things they would never agree to if they were left alone.

    I remember my Catholic upbringing and I rejected it when I saw dogs mating. I knew that mating was natural and not something to be ashamed, for right there before my eyes two of god’s creations were doing it without a care of what the other dogs thought.

    When I see Muslims bowing to Mecca I see mentally ill sick people. When I read about some traditional Rabbi chewing foreskin in a Bris ritual, I say to myself, those Jews are sick perverts. When I see John Hagee waving the Bible in frenzied circles I see a mad man. How obvious all religions are mental illnesses?

    In my opinion all Holy Bible and Korans and Torahs should be immediately burned. No human being should read that holy filth. What these religious freaks have done is got humans to obey authority of the priest, which evolved into the state. Now we are in lock down as this control reaches it’s logical and inevitable conclusion.

    So I will make a prediction for all these remaining believers in god’s word, as time progresses you will learn to hate control and some of you might even become anarchists like me. All religions and all governments are intolerable evils and need to be eliminated. The only thing that matters is freedom. All holy verse does is kill freedom and make humans slaves. The Bible is ok with slavery because it is a slave manual.

    So just so you know I also DESPISE these New Age bullshitters like David Wilcock:

    David Wilcock is finished so I fully expect him to start his own New Age Christian MEGA BULLSHIT church by 2022.