5G Gigantic health hazard – Dr Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose

niezaleznatelewizja – Dec 14, 2018

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  1. Dr Barrie Trower is an absolutely amazing man!

  2. Thanks to him more folks are now we’ll informed and can join in unison to use this information to stop this genocidal tyranny being inforced on us and not be labeled conspiracy fringe groups.Its a matter of sharing the truth and opening the eyes of your friends and family even fellow workers. If truth spreads evil can be overcome. This will be their failed experiment and our victory. Boycott Microsoft products, boycott 5G devices. Make people aware what is really going on. Sign petitions against forced vaccination and 5G rollout most importantly let’s all stand together. We can stop this, we are many they are few. We have the real power they have but the illusion of it as long only we believe their lies…this C19 NWO operation is coming to and end fast as millions around the world are waking up and no doubt we’ll see boots on the ground soon. We all will be wearing them.

  3. Barrie Trower mentioned that viruses thrive in a microwave environment. I wonder whether this is corroboration of the exosome theory ?

  4. From “The Invisible Rainbow”:

    ‘An 1857 report was so compelling that William Beveridge included it in his 1975 textbook on influenza: “The English warship Arache was cruising off the coast of Cuba ‘without any contact with land.’ No less than 114 men out of a crew of 149 fell ill with influenza and only later was it learnt that there had been outbreaks in Cuba at the same time”

    The speed at which influenza travels, and its random and simultaneous pattern of spread, has perplexed scientists for centuries, and has been the most compelling reason for some to continue to suspect atmospheric electricity as the cause, despite the known presence of an extensively studied virus. Here is a sampling of opinion, old and modern:

    Perhaps no disease has ever been observed to affect so many people in so short a time, as the Influenza, almost a whole city, town, or neighborhood becoming affected in a few days, indeed much sooner than could be supposed to spread from contagion.

    Mercatus relates, that when it prevailed in Spain, in 1557, the greatest part of the people were seized in one day.

    Dr. Glass says, when it was rife in Exeter, in 1729, two thousand were attacked in one night. Shadrach Ricketson, M.D. (1808), A Brief History of the Influenza:
    “The simple fact is to be recollected that this epidemic effects a whole region in the space of a week; nay, a whole continent as large as North America, together with all the West Indies, in the course of a few weeks, where the inhabitants over such vast extent of country, could not, within so short a lapse of a time, have had the least communication or intercourse whatever. This fact alone is sufficient to put all idea of its being propagated by contagion from one individual to another out of the question. Alexander Jones, M.D. (1827), Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences:
    “Unlike cholera, it outstrips in its course the speed of human intercourse. Theophilus Thompson, M.D. (1852), Annals of Influenza or Epidemic Catarrhal Fever in Great Britain from 1510 to 1837:
    “Contagion alone is inadequate to explain the sudden outbreak of the disease in widely distant countries at the same time, and the curious way in which it has been known to attack the crews of ships at sea, where communication with infected places or persons was out of the question.
    Sir Morrel Mackenzie, M.D. (1893), Fortnightly Review
    “Usually influenza travels at the same speed as man but at times it apparently breaks out simultaneously in widely separated parts of the globe. Jorgeen Birkeland (1949), Microbiology and Man’

    “Meanwhile, the number of positive cases on the nuclear-powered vessel jumped by over 100 on Wednesday, and currently stands at 416. One sailor from the coronavirus-plagued aircraft carrier has been taken into intensive care after his condition worsened, the US Navy has said.”

  5. This is a real shame, why make it so long? You are not going to attract new followers with a 96-minute video. David Icke’s recent banned video is 150 minutes long. Its as if these people want to fail. There are some basic rules of mass communication and long rambling videos isn’t one of them.

  6. Unfortunately Mr Trower has no verifiable CV. I think his undistinguished ramblings give succour to the fake news crowd which greatly distracts from the genuine research which is very worrying about 5g

  7. Actually, there is plenty to confirm Dr Barrie Trower’s qualifications and experience online. Here’s just one: http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/barrie-trower

    Winston Smith, sounds like a disinfo agent.

  8. If Winston Smith is a disinfo agent, he’s got to be one of the dumbest, most ignorant and ineffective ones you could find. This joint ain’t no gathering of fools junior, so go back to the CIA and ask for Large-Mouth Pike Pompedo’s fast-track course on lying, cheating, misleading and purveying bullshit. Not that it will do you any good around here, Bozo.

    Hasta la pasta