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Les Visible – Profiles in Evil February 21, 2011

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Once there was a couple of glib ranters, whose main purpose in the act was to make themselves look clever and on the right side of the issues. The right side of issues would always have to be the perspective that seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It would also have to be the position that speaks truth to power and recognizes that we are equal in some way, somehow, however difficult it may be to define.

The best and the brightest of us know that conditions differ from culture to culture but that there is much we all have in common, which may not be immediately perceptible to those bogged down in the recognition of differences to the exclusion of commonality.

These two ranters are Bill Maher and Dennis Miller. At first glance you would think that they were very different in a socio-political way. Dennis is a whore for the beast who speaks through the right wing lie machine of Fox Network and Bill Maher is a neo-Pharisee slut, who preens in a distorted mirror of the liberal left but who actually represents the most right wing and Nazi-like force on Earth today and that would be Israel. Both of these men have sold their souls to this single instrument of evil, which parades under a dual banner or any and every banner available.

Bill Maher was yucking it up with Kevin Smith, after a brave soul called him on 9/11 and got manhandled out the door for his trouble. Bill’s comatose audience laughed on cue just like all mesmerized watchers do when their disinfo doll holds forth with the appearance of all that is sane and sensible, wise and reasonable, in a world that is unkind to either. Bill gets routinely yelled at by 9/11 truthers and for good reason. He presents himself as something he is not and is therefore one of the more famous hypocrites of his time in a world severely overpopulated by them.

I know what happened to Bill Maher. I don’t know what happened to Dennis Miller. I think Dennis Miller got the same flu shot that Christopher Hitchens got and it fine tuned his reality into a celebration of the unreal. He’s becoming more and more invisible over at Fox, as he becomes less and less valuable to their interests.

Bill Maher practically lives at the Playboy Mansion where he likes to think of himself as a player. Nothing gives this kind of a man quite so much self esteem as to convince hired blowup dolls to lay there and pretend they like it. Along with the Viagra, Bill likes to smoke large amounts of marijuana, which is proof that evil people get high too but in a different way. All of these things tend to give the impression that Bill is a suave and cool guy who is ‘with it’ in all the right ways but Bill isn’t with ‘it’ at all. Bill is a cog in the neo-Pharisee propaganda mill and he does alright for himself. You can probably locate his Netanyahu interview where he blows the prime minister on paid cable.

The reason that Bill and Dennis; Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Wolf Blitzer, the vampire brides at The View and all of the people in media, who are paid to lie to you, discount the evidence of their senses in respect of 9/11, is because they either know where it leads or they’ve been told to keep their mouths shut about it …or else. The ones who actually did 9/11 are the ones who control the media, for which all of these back door, rim job experts work. They had a choice; tell the truth and look for work elsewhere, or lie and set the car on cruise control. This makes them evil, all of them.

It’s like this, when you deliberately lie to people about the facts and figures surrounding 9/11, you are complicit in all of the torture and murders that followed it. You are helping to hold the public down on a water boarding sled, while you pump the waters of Lethe into their ears. The river of Lethe flows around, or through (depending on who you listen to) the cave of Hypnos. It’s the river of forgetfulness, the river of sleep; the same river that flows out of your TV set and where you see the sleepmeisters I have already mentioned. They are not just sleepmeisters. They are accessories to grievous bodily harm and murder.

They are not just culpable for murders past but they continue to murder each day of their employ. They murder the truth. They throw a bag over the truth and they point to something else as being the real deal. They endanger the lives of every moron who listens to them and yucks it up along with Kevin Smith and the rest of the vain and hungry prostie wannabees who appear on Bill’s show to simper, curry favor and bray like jackasses, while Bill skewers the hypocrisy of others.

Bill’s not just a hypocrite but also a demagogue too. He likes to go on about the behavior of Arab men as another approach toward hating Muslims with justification. You can add this in with 9/11, which was actually done by Israel and also all those other ICTS monitored terror attacks, which were carried out by Israel and blamed on someone else.

Bill’s also a grandstanding bully who conceals a trembling coward. He jumped up and ran into the audience to personally throw someone out, AS IF security at HBO would let anything happen to Mr. Lizard in Profile boy. This made Bill look like a bad ass, which he’s not. Bill wouldn’t last two seconds with a real hero. Bill wouldn’t even open his mouth around one, because Bill’s survival instincts are as well honed as his hedonistic predilections and high gloss, mirror finish ego.

Every day, accessories to torture, murder and assorted mayhem, hold forth in the electronic court of opinion, taking it up the butt from Satan and proud of it. Bill is an Israeli owned, vampire bat who drinks the credibility from those stupid enough to be entertained by him and then left hollowed out and endlessly confused as they well deserve to be. Bill is audio enhanced pond scum that rots your mind from the inside out and makes you less than you would have been had you never listened to him at all.

Bill thinks his audience is a pack of morons and he’s right. He’s their surrogate daddy who’s all set to leave town with the bottle blonde of the moment, when the shit hits the fan. Bill is a co-creator of that shit, along with all of the horrible acts of empire, which he is a spokesman for.

Dennis Miller has pretty much dropped out of sight, or maybe he’s in the shop for some necessary software updates. It doesn’t really matter. Dennis, like all of the rest of them, is a stolen car being joy-ridden by demons who sold him on the argument for him to be that way. Dennis didn’t even make it into the title of this article.

Well Bill, the day is coming. The day is coming Bill, when you are exposed for exactly what you are, in a place where you can neither hide nor defend yourself from the judgment that attends particular offenses against the human race. You have my sympathy but lessons aren’t of much value without an example and you would be that example of the lesson to be learned, when your sense of self importance exceeds your survival instincts to the point where you don’t survive and… hallelujah to that!

Sayonara Bill, as the ship of the doomed demagogues sets sail on the lake of fire, I bid you adieu and thank you for you service to the truth, if only for having offended it so badly that you had to be made an example of. Thank you Bill, now back on your head because coffee break is over.

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