The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming

Ken Klippenstein – The Nation April 1, 2020

Despite President Trump’s repeated assertions that the Covid-19 epidemic was “unforeseen” and “came out of nowhere,” the Pentagon was well aware of not just the threat of a novel influenza, but even anticipated the consequent scarcity of ventilators, face masks, and hospital beds, according to a 2017 Pentagon plan obtained by The Nation.

“The most likely and significant threat is a novel respiratory disease, particularly a novel influenza disease,” the military plan states. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the novel (meaning new to humans) coronavirus. The document specifically references coronavirus on several occasions, in one instance saying, “Coronavirus infections [are] common around the world.”

The plan represents an update to an earlier Department of Defense pandemic influenza response plan, noting that it “incorporates insights from several recent outbreaks including…2012 Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.”

Titled “USNORTHCOM Branch Plan 3560: Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Disease Response,” the draft plan is marked for official use only and dated January 6, 2017. The plan was provided to The Nation by a Pentagon official who requested anonymity to avoid professional reprisal.

Denis Kaufman, who served as head of the Infectious Diseases and Countermeasures Division at the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2014 to 2017, stressed that US intelligence had been well-aware of the dangers of coronaviruses for years. (Kaufman retired from his decades-long career in the military in December of 2017.)

“The Intelligence Community has warned about the threat from highly pathogenic influenza viruses for two decades at least. They have warned about coronaviruses for at least five years,” Kaufman explained in an interview.

“There have been recent pronouncements that the coronavirus pandemic represents an intelligence failure…. it’s letting people who ignored intelligence warnings off the hook.”

In addition to anticipating the coronavirus pandemic, the military plan predicted with uncanny accuracy many of the medical supply shortages that it now appears will soon cause untold deaths.

The plan states: “Competition for, and scarcity of resources will include…non-pharmaceutical MCM [Medical Countermeasures] (e.g., ventilators, devices, personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves), medical equipment, and logistical support. This will have a significant impact on the availability of the global workforce.”

The 103-page response plan provides an overview of what might cause a pandemic, likely complications, and how the military might respond. The plan outlines conditions under which an infectious disease can become a pandemic, several of which were at play with Covid-19: crowded workplaces, proximity to international airports, unsanitary living conditions. It also contains references to classified annexes that go into further detail. (The Nation is not in possession of these annexes.)

Last week, Trump lashed out at General Motors and Ford on Twitter, demanding that they manufacture ventilators, a life-and-death appliance for many people with acute Covid-19 symptoms

The plan’s warning about face masks and ventilators was prescient: The US Strategic National Stockpile of medical equipment including respirators, gloves, face masks, and gowns is reportedly nearly depleted.

The military plan also correctly anticipates “insufficient hospital beds.” Indeed, hospitals are in critically short supply in Italy and rapidly filling up across New York.

“Even the most industrialized countries will have insufficient hospital beds, specialized equipment such as mechanical ventilators, and pharmaceuticals readily available to adequately treat their populations during clinically severe pandemic,” the report goes on.

Another prediction in the report anticipates worldwide competition for, and scarcity of, Covid-19 vaccines. Trump has already reportedly offered German scientists large sums of money for exclusive rights to a vaccine, and efforts to develop drugs are underway in several countries.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

You can read the Pentagon’s full draft pandemic plan below.

Pentagon Influenza Response by Ken Klippenstein on Scribd



One response to “The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming”

  1. What is perhaps being missed in all of this is that the US military has already experimented with and has weaponized 5G. Not only for their 5G crowd-control machines which have been publicized, but the military have weaponized 5G further. The higher the intensity of the 5G radiation to more damage it can do to human cells and health, and the more it can accentuate health disorders like cancer, and directly offset people’s immune systems. Where people can now be computer identified from both satellite and earth-bound visual technologies and from cell phone signals, no doubt the military can target groups and even individuals with excessive 5G radiations.

    This is not far fetched. The US military uses the same 4G visual and cell phone technologies in their drone warfare to eliminate those they deem as enemies. Weaponizing the higher frequencies of 5G they have already publicized. What we have to ask about is the anomaly of alleged COVID victims in Iran who did not fit the profile in other nations whose C19-related deaths came from that very small percentage of the population with serious pre-existing health and were mostly aged. Iran was running out Huawei 5G much against US & Israel military wishes. Whether 5G short wave lengths or not, the US military can direct radiation beams from space and it is likely it is also capable of hacking and increasing 5G pulses from earth based towers.

    In any case and apart from 5G, the COVID-19 psyop is being coordinated, and most likely that is being done by the US military with the cooperation with other governments involved in she scam.