Love is a Magic Ship that Will Sail You to Any Destination The Imagination is Capable of Imagining

Visible Origami – April 5, 2020

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I have seen CRAZY, materializing in time-lapse increments. It’s like a Nataraja shadow, trying to pull itself out of a somnambulist. It’s like being in a dream and trying to wake up but your limbs won’t move so… the shadow tries to separate from the sleeping form. CRAZY is nearly always a lunge for freedom in the wrong direction. Freedom is ‘never an arrived at state’. It is always free and every effort in pursuit of it only results in bondage. It’s backwards trying to go sideways. So it is that you get what you now have and all the acting out is unconscious reflex actions in reaction to The Awakening.
It’s coming in hard and what better way to experience The Awakening is there that can rival this state of enforced seclusion? Those who have imagined themselves in control for all this time are very much aware of this Awakening. This entire Coronavirus shutdown is all about their trying to gain a little breathing space. It’s ironic when you think about how Coronavirus affects the respiratory system. Because their methods of control have always been about regulating the movements of humanity, they assume that the levers and switches for The Awakening can be located in a material sense. No… they cannot. The levers and switches are immaterial. Those of us who are sensitive, due to the possession of an awareness, that is not a commonly shared experience, are having the worst of it. This is because the force necessary to awaken the masses is very powerful, given their level of torpidity.
So… if you are starting to feel an intensifying of The Jitters, this is why. This skittish and fidgety state is being caused by a cosmic churning of the collective unconscious. You may not actually need this to happen, being already partially awakened. It can be unsettling to be sure. What do you do? It’s good to be aware of the fact that our emotional state is controlled by our breathing patterns. One has to generate a state of calm.
If you are generally more perspicacious than those around you, you have probably noticed that the regulations being instituted by The Authorities are likely to have the opposite effect from what they are trying to establish. People are being given an opportunity to think. At the same time, there are invisible agencies that are at work in the human mind, trying to bring certain considerations to the attention of the human mind. If you were one of the few who see the hand of God in everything, you can probably take some reassurance from all of this.
At this time AND in an Apocalypse, every action performed by those of evil intent is meant to work to their detriment, regardless of any appearance otherwise. This is, of course, to confound and confuse them. They are also being ‘driven’ by an impetus to expose themselves and to put themselves front row center on the stage of existence, where their actions, their speech and their intentions, can be made clear to the eyes of the world. “All things work for good for those who love the Lord.”
Once again let me post Lord Krishna’s words from the long ago;
“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”
We are in such a time now and it BEHOOVES every conscious and caring soul to pay attention to the reality of the circumstances in which we find ourselves… or hope to find ourselves.
Do not be alarmed or dismayed by the inexplicable state… the strange conditions that have arisen under the various pretenses given to us. Nothing that THEY intend or do is going to turn out the way they imagine it shall. You must imprint one specific certitude upon your mind, as often as needed until it resonates in your consciousness like that stream by your house, which we mentioned in an earlier posting. You must utterly convince yourself that God Almighty is FIRMLY IN CONTROL of EVERYTHING… always has been and always will be. You must utterly convince yourself of the TRUTH that there is no force ANYWHERE in this entire universe that can be set against the Divine Presence, which interpenetrates all space and substance and which is the origin and master of Time, Space and Causation.
The weapon the adversary uses against you is YOUR FEAR. Love Displaces Fear. They CANNOT OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE AT THE SAME TIME. Some of you may find that you have exercised your fear to a greater extent than your love. This might even come as a shock and a surprise but it shouldn’t, because this material world is more a place of Fear than it is a place of Love. On a positive note, it needs be said, that Love is a MUCH MORE POWERFUL FORCE than Fear. You might make the comparison of Sunlight to Shadow in this respect.
Fear has all sorts of attendants that serve it and seek to awaken it in you at every opportune moment. Think of them as Fear’s press corps and public relations firm. Fear is a growth industry and it has been around a very long time. Look at the size of the Insurance Industry, The Military Industrial Complex, The Media and other similar concerns who operate through the agency of Fear.
We are in a time of singular transformation and it can be said, that though ultimately we are all headed in the same direction, we are, quite obviously going in different directions at the moment. Large groups of us are pointed toward very different objectives and ends. This requires careful consideration. In what direction are you headed? Quo Vadis?
Loving God is not something that benefits God. God does not NEED your Love, or ANYTHING ELSE. God is autonomous and eternally independent of needs from anyone. Loving God benefits you. A thoughtful consideration of why this is will not go amiss. Love is nearly as inexplicable and incomprehensible as is its primary author. No one has EVER plumbed to reach of Love and no one EVER WILL. The power of Love is greater than the aggregate power of all other sources of power put together. It should be said here also that God is the source of ALL POWER, no matter in whatever fashion that power may be employed.
You are, in reality, much better off than you think you are. It is a matter of exercising the appropriate value system. What matters to you? What has meaning? This is an area of concern that should be of the greatest importance but people often do not address it. They allow their appetites and desires to set the courses of their interests and affections. In all clarity… this is suicidal and STUPID. It is one of the most unfortunate truths in life that one cannot usually tell anyone anything; most especially if it requires them to consider the costs of their adventures. They don’t want to hear it. Even if they listen to you politely they don’t want to hear it, because it gets in the way of their pedestrian hungers. Hunger does not only consume the object of its attention. It also consumes the one experiencing it. This is why so many people who have reached a certain age look burned out and bent over because of the consistency of a particular force, being expressed in the ‘solar’ plexus and adjacent areas. In times of Material Darkness, all of the attractions of life are enjoyed in those locations.
It is because people do not want to hear and do not want to see that The Awakening has made its appearance. You don’t want to wake up? Too bad. It can be exhilarating and exciting, or it can be frightening. This depends entirely upon your being ‘willing’ or ‘unwilling’. It is going to happen regardless. What posture do you think a sane person should assume under these circumstances?
God cannot be known under any circumstances but to the extent that God can be known, he can be known through Love. This makes Love a MAGICAL AGENT and… since Love is the MOST POWERFUL FORCE OF ALL FORCES, it ultimately and inevitably transforms everything else, NO MATTER WHAT IT MAY BE… into itself. It reduces everything into itself through the Law of Vibration. The most powerful vibration ALWAYS causes any other thing, to vibrate in resonance with it and thereby it inescapably changes every other thing, emotion, state of being, into itself.
You have the keys to existence at hand, albeit they may be presently in disguise but KEEP IN MIND that Love also REVEALS the true nature of everything else. Think of it as a cosmic touchstone, or a spiritual Midas Touch. Love is also a light in dark places, a magic lantern that leads by the power of its inherent awareness of whatever demands may be made upon it. I AM NOT talking about romantic love.
Instead of seeing present conditions as a climate of trial and tribulation, simply change the glasses or filter you view it through and see it as a climate of limitless, positive opportunity. Everything is taking place in your mind. You are at the command deck of the Starship (insert your name here). By the Law of Attraction, your ship can be drawn to any destination of which your imagination is capable.
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Today’s Song is;

Listening to God in the Morning

“If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn’t have so much trouble later in the day.”

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  1. I have been reading your stuff for many years..the good and not so good.looks like you have found what you have been looking for unlike U2.OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya.

  2. All paths lead to Krishna. Like the path of WWI, which only paved the way for the greatest bloodbath in history. The Bengal famine of 1943 to ’44 appears to have lacked sufficient impetus as well. Which in turn explains why he’s not manifesting for the Palestinians either. Quite a taskmaster, this imago known as “Krishna.”

  3. Careful dear, your claws are showing.