Putin was a Waif Adopted by Chabad

Russian Chief Rabbi’s 2008 Lecture Ties Chabad to Rothschilds & Putin

Putin with the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. Click to enlarge

Henrymakow.com – April 2, 2020

Chabad is a Jewish supremacist doomsday cult. Its hateful satanist dogma (Cabalism) might explain the coronavirus psyop. Freemasonry’s Cabalist cousin, its tentacles are everywhere. This 2008 speech by Russia Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar,  indicates that Chabad is sponsored by the Rothschilds & likely counts  Putin and Trump as members.
Revelation 12:9 “….that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.”
“When we introduced into the State organism the poison of liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness–blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony.” (Protocols of Zion, 9)
“In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time, we shall mask it under the alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes…”   (Protocols of Zion, 6)

2008 Lecture Connects Chabad to Rothschilds & Putin

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(See links below article to understand the demented driving behind the Coronavirus Psyop. Western elite collaborate in the destruction of the West.)
The Second Annual Joseph Graham Memorial Lecture
by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar
‘Challenges Facing Russian Jewry: Past and Present’

(Excerpts by henrymakow.com)

Late April, 2008
“Tonight we are also honoured to be hosting the Honourable Nathaniel Rothschild, who is here with us tonight as Guest of Honour.”  Rothschild introduces Lazar:

Nathan Rothschild. Click to enlarge

Nathaniel Rothschild: “My only qualification for speaking tonight is that I am very good friends with Rabbi Lazar. I have been going to Russia since 1992, when I was still a student in Oxford. When I began visiting Russia regularly around 2001, I didn’t have much idea about the resurgence of Jewish life. However, I met Rabbi Lazar in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum in Davos and I was struck by watching this figure and we eventually connected and started talking, and from there began a friendship and I started visiting his centre in Russia, many times a year….
I have only wonderful things to say and I am very honoured to introduce him here tonight.”

Lecture: Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar

Lazar begins by saying, “My call to fame is actually being Mr. Rothschild’s friend…” and proceeds to tell this story about Vladimir Putin. In March 2008, Putin was ending his first term as President of Russia and preparing to resume control as Prime Minister.
A young Russian boy


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17 responses to “Putin was a Waif Adopted by Chabad”

  1. “by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar” – Interesting “Lazar”. Set me on a line of inquiry. I never knew UFO hoaxer Bob Lazar was Jewish. They are as over-represented in ufology as banking/media/politics etc

  2. If Putin was Chabad he would never have reinstated the Russian Orthodox Christian religion as the official religion of Russia, nor would he have promoted it. The Orthodox faith and Judaism have a history of bitter enmity which Putin does not want to reappear and he has been quite congenial in that respect to all Jewish leaders.

  3. I concur with Fred B.

  4. Putin gets the same type of treatment from Makow as Hitler… Interesting…

    At least Putin makes sense when he speaks; unlike President Bullshit. Justin Trudope, and all the other treasonous assholes.

    If he’s merely pretending that he is opposed to globalization (of criminality and insanity), he deserves the biggest Oscar of all time.

  5. The Russian Orthodox Christian religion is a mirror of Roman Catholicism, that have recently been reunited. Both are the product of Crypto-Jewish collaborations. They even shared a blessed Idol.
    In 2004, one year before his death, he asked an all-star lineup of Catholic heavyweights to return an icon of the Madonna of Kazan, one of Russian Orthodoxy’s most cherished images that had spent a decade in his private chapel at the Vatican after following a circuitous route to get there, to the patriarch of Moscow on his behalf. https://angelusnews.com/voices/could-the-reunion-between-catholics-and-orthodox-be-closer-than-we-thought/

    Putin is not a “Christian” by any stretch of the imagination.
    Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew http://redefininggod.com/2016/03/israels-chief-sephardic-rabbi-confirms-putin-is-a-jew/

    Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script (+ a message to the non-Cabalist Jews) http://redefininggod.com/2016/02/chabad-lubavitch-vladimir-putin-and-the-globalist-end-times-script/

    Putin Appointed “King of Jews”, i.e. the World, by the NWO Pharisee Top? https://web.archive.org/web/20160201180401/new.euro-med.dk/20160122-putin-appointed-king-of-jews-i-e-the-world-by-the-nwo-pharisee-top.php

    So, Putin’s mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, was JEWISH, which makes him …………………………………. A JEW https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/putin-just-another-oligarch-jew/

    Vladimir Putin’s Nearly Unknown Ancestry https://www.genealogyblog.com/?p=38817

    Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections http://redefininggod.com/2014/08/vladimir-rasputins-jewish-communist-and-bloodline-connections/

  6. FFS folks. Russia Today is the state organ. They lie about 9/11, “The Holocaust”, the “moon landings”, and the coronavirus. Just to name four things. They deconstruct western politics and economics quite well. But they promote the gold standard as the alternative to the current fiat system – WITH NO OTHER SYSTEM given much credence.

    Geo-politically they are the Conservative/Labour ~Republican/Democrat ~Tweedledee/Tweedledum pairing played out on a larger canvass. When I people don;t appreciate this I feel as frustrated as WE ALL DO when apprehending that many people think our mainstream parties can be differentiated on policy, when they essentially can’t.

    Putin came to power during the “Apartment bombings” which were an inside job to ease Putin’s rise to power. He was put in so as to give Yeltsin a clean sheet so as not to make him culpable for the stuff he sold off to the Jewish oligarchs.

    Christopher Bjerknes has written about this. in fact out of a population of around 60 million (UK) it seems I’m only one to have read and reviewed his book. Not perfect, but well worth reading.

    Bottom line is that a dialectic is being played out.

  7. simon – yet putin called in all the jewish oligarchs to repatriate their cash to pay taxes to allow the russian economy to expand.. many did others fled. those that fled came to and were welcomed into the uk. those that were assassinated in the uk was as a result of scores being setled between the oligarchs and not by the russian government or putin.

  8. A friend forwarded me an email from a Russian lady that I’ve kept for my ongoing research and writing. Here it is:

    “20 years of Putin Results:
    1. Minus 8 million people.
    2. It has become half the number of hospitals.
    3. Schools are 40% less. Schoolchildren are 21% less.
    4. The ruble depreciated by 129%
    5. Gasoline has risen in price by 483%
    6. But the number of dollar millionaires has grown by almost 14 times.
    7. Russia has become one of the leaders in inequality.
    8. The number of officials has grown by almost 2 times.
    9. The number of temples has doubled.
    10. First place in the world in the number of suicides among men.
    11. First place in the number of new HIV infections in Europe.
    12. Despite trillions of excess revenues from oil and gas, 22.6% of Russians still go to the toilet on the street.
    You can list the “results” for a long time
    I assure you for a tenth of the money that Russia received from the sale of raw materials, we could provide everyone with normal housing. Not a single politician in the history of Russia was in more favorable conditions than Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
    From the point of view of history, he will go down in history as a person who missed a unique historical chance to ensure the rapid development of Russia, who exchanged the development of Russia, the growth of the well-being of the people, to the well-being of a group of his friends and cheap and incomprehensible projects like Olympic games.
    And one more eloquent result: more than half of the country’s young people who have lived almost all their lives under Putin want to leave Russia. “Putin? Well, I don’t know when he will get tired with us. We already need something new, we are young people, we want the power to change. Power turned his head. He has been in power for 20 years and he is not going to go anywhere. And the country is plundered in pieces. Well hello to himself from 2000”

    One of the Oligarchs that “fled” is the owner of Chelsea football club. I follow RT very closely. As far as I can tell, he is celebrated in Russia. Like others from his tribe he turns the handle of the “Holocaust” machine as well.

    A lot of (((Russian))) money has pumped up London real estate.

    Now the Bolsheviks as far as most believe have murdered more people in human history. Do we honestly believe that since the dissolution of the Soviet Empire (Mark I) that the fundamental political structure has changed. Do we honestly believe in the era when the bankers rule, and sovereigns, prime ministers, and presidents wield any real power. Come on ! 🙂

  9. (While I think about it. Henry Dexter White the (((American))) Treasury official who was responsible for the 1944 Bretton Woods post war financial consensus, and later found to be a Soviet spy is a very interesting character that brings together finance and geopolitics.

    Sometimes we have the opportunity like Truman of “The Truman Show” of catching the occasional glimpse of what’s behind the curtain. We already have a world government of sorts at the moments; part and parcel of that banker government modus operandi is the playing out of superficial pseudo “Cold War” scenarios.)

  10. @ Simon Smith

    RT is financed by the state but is a purely Jewish PsyOp. Jews control media worldwide.

    Christopher Bjerknes is ugly Jevvish scumbag. They demonize Putin in the same way they demonized Hitler, Qaddafi it Iranian leaders.

  11. Talking about Satan/Iblis without understanding Djinn is counter productive. After all he was the first racist ever and then we have his chosen people. The paradox of Jewishness as race or as religion is a problem for Zionist/Supremacist Jews, to hire slaves and mercenaries from other fates/goym they have Kabbalah; people who believe in Kabbalah eventually deal with Djinns. They mislead everybody however they specially focus on charismatic and influential people, they much prefer to control leaders among people.

    Just think about it, any sinner can become a victim/host… they use subliminal suggestions and dreams to direct thoughts of men and his desires and then they plant seeds of their plans and ideas into people’s minds, that’s why symbology and prophecy plays a big role in their control strategy. If you are going to shape the future your vision will be your prophecy, this is why I downplay role of prophecy and in fact hate the word prophet as I explained elsewhere the two concepts of Nabi/Navi and Nasi/Nashi/Imam are more accurate, God’s representatives should be future makers and not just prophets. This is the essence of divine leadership. Historically Jews were hungry for prophecy, they loved any prophet whose predictions were more accurate. Now add Djinns into the mix and their engineered prophecies and then you have a serious problem!

    Djinns also cause real hallucinations in bipolar or other mental patients as well those who willingly seek them, interestingly many of bipolar and schizophrenic mental patients claim to be Jesus ع or Mahdi عج or on some very important global mission! When you see different and seemingly unrelated people have made cartoons or wrote books about something that happens in the future, it is either they are part of that small cult of Satan worshipers willingly and knowingly doing this or they are pawns that may have had a dream! Even a low-ranking Djinn can interface with brain and extract information and direct dreams or suggest things in the same voice of the victim so that he won’t realize it is not themselves! When Djinns enter body you get a goosebumps or heating-up kind of sensation in those parts, some people develop Tinnitus (ringing ear), they get this feeling when a Djinn is interacting with their brains even good people can get this. They can see us but we can’t, at least not for now perhaps 5G can get us there sooner! Despite all of this they are not as powerful or scary as some may think. In fact belief plays huge role in how much they have power over humans. The ONLY way to defeat them is for humanity to realize they need a divine leader. Satan knows this so he has been actively opposing God’s plan on earth and God has active live ongoing plans! This is the whole point of divine tests, he (Satan/Iblis) thinks he is better than us and God wants to prove him wrong. It won’t happen with lightnings, science or magic. It only happens by “correctly” believing in the real God and having a divine leader and striving in his way. It is not a solo game, you can’t abandon society and worship God alone and expect to win! …and there is no escape except death!

  12. Putin’s mother was not Jewish. It was from her that he was influenced to be a Christian. If he is still of communist then he is a strange sort, because even if he is not an actual theist, then like Jefferson, he did at some point in his life come to realize that no nation can survive without religion, and of all the religions Christianity was the best.

  13. “… They demonize Putin in the same way they demonized Hitler, Qaddafi it Iranian leaders.”

    Well indeed Patrick. It’s all theatre. National figureheads are actors; often unwitting ones. They are “good” guys and “bad” guys paraded before us while in the shadows the anonymous carry on their work..

    Also I never shrink from criticising Judaism as can be seen from what I post here. Nevertheless, whether someone is Jewish or not is not prima facie evidence of some original guilt; granted, it might indicate a predisposition to certain modes of operation.Just as our people are predisposed to buying BS.

  14. The founder of revolution in Iran was the old man of Jamaran, Khomeini among other things was the teacher of: “US can’t do a damn thing!” …and back then it was really funny and unbelievable, we were ridiculed!! An old man on a diet of garlic and bread and his wet dreams! Just two years before the secession and fall of the soviet union, he warned Gorbachev of their end in the famous letter and advised them to return to God and not trust liberalism. Who would have believed that in a short time soviets would just disappear like that? Today Putin is certainly into religious discourse and he understands the power of religion, I doubt he is an undercover Jew… they even said Ahmadinejad was a Jew! It does not mean Jews have not been infiltrating empires, revolutions and religions. From my view point, I see truth seeking westerners inadvertently or out of being overwhelmed believe in power of Satan worshipers and secret societies. In fact you guys don’t even know much about Djinns at the helm and still give too much credit to the Zionist Jews.

    When Saddam backed by the whole world attacked Iran, the country was in shambles, but trusting in their imam, Basij volunteers chanted: “The path to Jerusalem goes through Karbala!”; who would have believed that one day not too far away they would reach the Mediterranean sea? When escaping Pharaoh’s forces, Moses ع brought “children of Israel” (original Jews) to the red sea, they thought they were done for, but by God’s will he opened a passage through the sea. Once they crossed and finally reached another city and settled, Moses ع told them to wait for him for 30 days as he goes to a mountain to get their book Torah, God wanted to test them so he returned after 40 days only to see that they were worshiping a golden calf. What was the story, who fooled them? The short version is even though they hated Pharaoh but they were in love with Egypt, you see Egypt back then was the America of today. They were westernized, they loved Egyptian culture and sacrficing Golden Cow to the river nile was big back then, even though under Pharaoh they were severely oppressed and their wise men had prayed and cried for God to hasten their deliverance and send their savior sooner… after all of the miracles that Moses ع had shown them still they were in love and fear of Egypt, they simply admired and were blinded by their civilization, Moses ع talked about a new way but they were not prepared for it. Djinns too had something to do with that Golden Cow Idol but that’s for another time. Now, was Khomeini a prophet or a soothsayer? Of course not he simply broke the idol… today government of Rohani is filled with westernized Iranians who do not disbelieve in America’s power and don’t believe in our own God given power so they seek negotiations! How else would you save the country from these hypocrites? Supreme Leader cleverly allowed them to be voted in by people and take the charge of the executive branch, they also took the legislative branch too… Supreme leader at the same time sent Qasem Suleimani on a mission, so on one hand they were trying to deal with the enemy/Satan and on the other Iran was wrestling with CENTCOM in the region. Now you know why Trump tore the deal! To win hearts and minds of people this wa the only way. Again is there any weird religion going on? Is Iran pushing for Armageddon? Of course not. In fact Shiites are not too much into prophecy. We believe God’s plan needs a divine architect to implement it, he will be making and shaping the future not just predicting it! Much of the predictions are logical outcomes or plans beforehand. ISIS/Daesh was predicted too but when you delve into it, it was the only way the Zionists could hinder Iran’s reach, it had to happen. Unfortuanllty musch of the prophecy circulating around is the work of Djinns.

    Satan/Iblis and his army of Djinns and their human slaves control the world and apparently have the power! However power is like water/flood, if there is a vacuum it will fill it in. Throughout history many came to power and then lost it, some didn’t even seek it when it came to their doorsteps! Call it ages, celestial seasons or divine traditions… whatever, it happens because power has a divine source and can’t be sustained and held by evil means for logical reasons. Satan and their chosen people know that and when the time comes they need to pack up and go to the next power as they have done throughout history infiltrating various rising empires and revolutions; they simply ride the waves (this time however it may be their end for good!). Who can hold power indefinitely? Only a divine leader directly chosen by God because he will empower people and do not oppress in any way. If people are not ready and not grown-up for the divine leadership to manage the world, Satan and his forces can use even a basic political play to remove and kill the God’s representative and then hijack power afterwards for another limited time! For this reason, the Imam of time (at every moment there is an Imam/Nashi/Nasi directly appointed by God) is not going to take over openly until conditions are ready and God is not in a hurry! Mismanagement by the evil people at the top and the resulting tribulations eventually must wake people up.

    I don’t know why westerners only read their history with Jews, there is so much you are missing in Islam’s history with Jews and specially Shiites history with Jews. Every now and then I post some stuff when there is opportunity.

  15. Simon said:

    “FFS folks. Russia Today is the state organ. ”

    Here’s a video that shows that RT and Putin at least have a creative sense of humor.

    RT exposed in leaked video: Watch how evil ‘Kremlin propaganda bullhorn’ REALLY works

    The comments are interesting as well. There is more well expressed wisdom in most comment sections than in any alleged “Holy Book”.

  16. @ Simon Smith

    I know from non-public sources that Viktor Kulikov (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Kulikov) was saying that Putin was not a Jew.
    He was saying so at the beginning of Putin’s presidency.
    Kulikov was a very powerful person in the Soviet Union, knew other powerful people and had ways&means to leant the truth.
    For this reason I believe that you promote disinfo.

    For sure Putin is dependent on Jews, plays their game. Reptilians control Russian currency, natural resources, etc. But Putin stopped radical degradation of Russia.

  17. @ مقداد وفائ

    Very interesting!

    I would like to read more about what you wrote; can you please provide some links to your other posts?

    Thank you! God bless you!