Flashback: Hong Kong Flu 1968-69

Comment — April 2, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is nothing new. Every so often the flu virus mutates and a new strain of flu emerges. Whether this mutation is the result of deliberate human interference is another matter entirely. Covid-19 may indeed have been created by scientists, but I’ll leave that to others to decide if it was and why.
The point is that these viral mutations occur and the Covid-19 is merely the latest.
The world has seen similar pandemics in the past, like the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69. However, in contrast to the corona virus Hong Kong flu did not result in a global shutdown. This was despite the fact that the Hong Kong flu eventually spread worldwide
More importantly it did not put half the world’s population under virtual house arrest. For that is how half the world is now living. In effect we are living under a form of “soft” martial law, for now at least.
Instead, during 1968-69 life carried on without the media broadcasting endless scare stories about the dire effects of Hong Kong flu, as we are now seeing with corona virus (Covid-19).
That in itself is remarkable because in the U.S. alone Hong Kong Flu left an estimated 100,000 dead. While worldwide the total was close to million fatalities. Yet Hong Kong flu produced nothing like the media frenzy we are now seeing with corona virus. Why?
Does the media coverage of the corona virus “pandemic” amount to a psy-op? And if that is indeed the case what is the ultimate objective? Is a climate of fear and apprehension being created, under the pretext of a “global pandemic”, in order to justify the imposition of martial law worldwide?

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4 responses to “Flashback: Hong Kong Flu 1968-69”

  1. I think this is a fair assessment of the current play. However, timing is everything. Currency wars, trade wars (Brexit is a trade war), illegal sanctions, collapsing financial system which the US Fed has been bailing out. When you draw all these lines on a graph, they all intersect at point Covid. Be that point in time be October 2019, or December 2019, it doesn’t really matter. The other thing to consider is that not much happens during US election years. Events might start the year before an election year and become apparent during an election year, but very little actually kicks off during election year.

    It is possible that DNC, Clinton, Gates and deep state players are involved, but I don’t think this involves the White House or senior military… if we believe the problems on two Pacific carriers.

    Given my graph and Brexit, which was a 100% disaster, based on what it promised to deliver. Covid Kid trots into town and now Brexit looks amazing. Of course, China will recover, but they’ve been kicked about and remember, these viruses usually come back and return, so we can lock forward to round 2.

    The US has and will take the biggest beating. It has no healthcare system and Trump graciously accepted 80 tons of medical aid from Russia. Hollywood has been shut down, do you think the Zionist leftwing would have wanted this?

    If you seriously consider that Covid was weaponised in a lab, then it is the UK who gains
    the most & Boris loves this virus. Remember, Boris was a presstitute: “When this is over, Britain will be a fitter place.” Surely this line is enough to convict Boris of mass murder when you consider his reckless policies.

  2. I served in Hong Kong in the late 1970’s, we used to do border operations. On my first one I caught something horrible Flu like symptoms I was in bed for over a week I have no idea what it was but I was poleaxed.. The following year still in Hong Kong, I caught a real killer virus from Mosquitoes “Japanese B Encephalitis” I was in a coma for 10 days and 8 months in hospital my in patient medical treatment lasted until Oct 1980. That doesn’t just kill you, if you survive! It is a life changer. I was left with a bad disability.. I have seen articles which say that viruses like that are left over bio weapons from the Korean war.

  3. “Does the media coverage of the corona virus “pandemic” amount to a psy-op?”

    How diplomatic? Now we know where the word “dip” comes from. Of course it is a psyop! Go and look at the empty ER’s everywhere? Where have all the real patients gone? Long time passing. Where has all the reality gone? Gone to hell with everyone. When will they every learn. When will they ever learn?

    And who do we have fighting for the truth and sanity amidst this clearly media-orchestrated hype and all of the shill experts? Dr. Katz and Dr. Bartholumeu? They falter in face of that formidable enemy of mankind who is the devil incarnate, when they say things which amount to something like, “The government measures do seem disproportionate to protect such a highly identified and vulnerable few, but all we need to do is to wait for that accurate number to measure the actual death rate.”

    The world could be crashing down all around them and these dips would be waiting for corrupt organizations like the CDC and charlatans like Anthony Fauci, who only measure things in terms of dollar bills being transferred into the their and their cronies pockets, to come up with a magic number, i.e., a reliable denominator based on false positives and spurious testing, and a numerator based on frail elderly people who happen to get the bug dying of other causes or who actually die of pneumonia, and their deaths are listed as “Covid 19” as the primary cause, and then presto out comes some inflated number under identified as “Covid 19 related”.

    Any number they now come up with will be entirely meaningless and will amount to fake science, because of the most obvious interests the huge money at stake for big pharma and the political interests of our “out of control” schlep governments locking everything down either for graft of fear of appearing politically correct to an extremely corrupt media. Besides, this focus on so-called “accurate numbers”, however much it may be of interest to epidemiologists and government bean counters, is completely irrelevant to the insanity issue of shutting down entire nations to protect a clearly identified very small segment of the population at a higher risk of dying earlier than expected if they contract this flu virus. It also becomes becomes a matter of extreme media and government corruption when that very vulnerable more at risk group with serious pre-existing health problems, mostly over 80, and making up no more than about 2% of the population, not only is clearly identified but easily protected WITHOUT HAVING TO LOCK DOWN THE OTHER 98% OF THE POPULATION CLEARLY NOT AT ANY SIGNIFICANT RISK OF DYING, AND DESTROY EVERYONES’ LIVELIHOODS IN THE PROCESS.

    This “more at risk of dying” segment 2% of the population is at risk of dying of other complications anyway, and should some of them also catch this flu virus, they no doubt have an increased risk of dying earlier than expected, and perhaps the excess mortality-related risk is anywhere from 1% to 10% for them. So protect them and leave the rest of us alone.

    Not only are we all being deceived by experts afraid to be entirely honest for fear of losing their jobs, their tenure, or their politically-correct reputations, by saying that the Emperor has no clothes, but we now have a highly publicized and politicized virus, likely sent down upon us from the gods on the Mount Olympus banking cartel, in which everyone of their prelates working in their political and mainstream media hierarchies and networks, are duty bound to terrorize the masses with the horrors of a Grim Reaper scything down thousands and thousands in its deadly course.

    Enough is enough!

    Empty Testing Centers & Hospitals while Pandemic Virus Victims Bodies Pile High? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGaYhnq-Xto&t=171s

  4. That was great writing Fred B!!
    Nice to hear you getting pissed off…{{{smiles}}}