Full Disclosure

Like everybody else we had heard talk about AIDS being a biological weapon used to control population growth. However we remained sceptical or at least we were until we read Full Disclosure by Dr. Gary Glum. Comprehensive, detailed and to the point it is utterly convincing. All the more so because it is based on first hand accounts of intelligence operatives and research scientists who were understandably concerned about what they were involved in. This also explains why Dr. Glum does not name his sources; to do so would be to effectively sign their death warrants. In the following extract he refers to the “Olympians” which is simply another term for the Illuminati, a small group of power hungry global elitists who use whatever means necessary to further their power: including disease and genocide. Ed.

The bottom line is this: AIDS is a political disease. Its impact on America is, therefore, being downplayed. Why? Because the perpetrators and the infected share, ironically, a common goal: the less public alarm, the better. The Olympians want the disease spread without interference from a frightened public. People with AIDS understandably want the protection of their civil rights. A frightened public could threaten that.

Those who do not want the American public to know the full menace of AIDS deliberately turned the homosexual network into a powerful lobbying force. The gay community has become the unwitting ally of their Olympian enemies. While the Olympians falsely blame gays as the cause of the epidemic, they are still the only ones powerful enough to protect gay civil rights. Their relationship resembles the Stockholm Syndrome, in which the hostages come to feel a strange kinship with their terrorist captors.

The result is a massive propaganda apparatus – with unlimited financing and an efficiently organized gay network – ranged against the American people. The gay network is strong in most countries. As far back as 1978, the International Gay Association (IGA) was set up — in both senses — in England, with secretariat offices in Dublin and a Gay Financial Center in Amsterdam, which receives large contributions from religious groups, Hollywood stars, and others of liberal bent.

But it is not the welfare of gay men that the IGA has in mind; it is their utter destruction. The IGA has succeeded in getting a number of countries, notably England, France and the United States, to pass laws under the heading of “hate laws” which forbid, on pain of severe penalties, any interference with the “rights” of homosexuals not only to “exist,” but to carry on their “lifestyle.”

The International Gay Association was responsible for disrupting the International Conference on AIDS in Montreal, Canada. Act-Up members shouted and held up proceedings, while a leader took over the microphone, and in response to chants of “read the demands, read the Manifesto,” began to spell out its self-styled International Code of Rights. Here is what the IGA demanded:

1. Anonymous Testing.

2. Confidential HIV Testing.
This was first legislated in California, where the law is now used to threaten doctors with fines of $10,000 and prison if, under any circumstances, they release information on a patient’s HIV antibody status.

3 Pre-test Counseling Program.
This is designed to discourage doctors from taking the trouble to test patients.

4. No Mandatory Testing.
In preventing mandatory testing, the gay lobby is actually helping the spread of the disease.

5. No Quarantine Under Any Circumstances
This harms everybody, including gays, because it allows persons with AIDS to knowingly continue spreading the disease. Stories abound of people who have done just that. The most famous case was the Canadian airline attendant – “Patient Zero,” as he came to be called – who promiscuously infected homosexuals in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America, and who, when asked to stop, simply refused. He continued this practice until his appearance prohibited it. There was no legal way to stop him from his monstrous form of mass murder.

6. A Policy of: No Casual Spread of Infection.
The Gay Lobby demanded that government agencies officially adopt such a statement to allay the fears of the public. In other words, it would become the duty of the government and medical profession to keep the public persuaded that it is impossible to get AIDS from kissing – or any other contact less intimate than sex without condoms.

7. No discrimination (including in jobs or housing).
International education programs in comprehensive sex information supportive of all sexual orientations, describing “safe sex” and needle use practices and other means of preventing HIV transmissions.

The Gay Media Task Force is a committee that reviews television programs about AIDS. This group makes life uncomfortable for any network that doesn’t tow the line, as NBC found out in December 1988, when they screened “Midnight Caller.” Rioting broke out in San Francisco, and NBC promised never to ignore the committee again.

The Gay Task Force virtually controlled the dissemination of information about California’s Proposition 102, which would have required physicians in the state to report to health authorities all positive HIV tests. It also called for mandatory tracing of sexual partners or intravenous drug using partners of those who tested positive. The Proposition was voted down with the help of Congressman Henry Waxman and Willie Brown, speaker of the House in the California State Assembly, and the Hollywood crowd.

President Reagan fared no better than NBC. In 1987 the President circulated an urgent recommendation to every Republican governor that they do all that they could to stop the AIDS epidemic. Reagan wanted mandatory AIDS testing. The gay lobby leadership swung into action, and the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Everett Koop, personally went to those states with Republican governors and lobbied hard among local and state authorities, urging that the President’s appeal be ignored. He persuaded them that mandatory AIDS testing was not necessary to control the epidemic.

When an honest history of the AIDS plague is written, it will be recorded that a small number of people and groups-with billions of dollars at their disposal-were able to persuade the public that mandatory AIDS testing was of no value-and perhaps harmful. Among those listed will be Dr. Koop, the Gay Lobby, the ACLU, the media, the National Organization of Women and Dr. David Axelrod.

Dr. Axelrod is typical of the gay lobby’s allies in hindering any progress toward stopping the AIDS epidemic through mandatory testing. With no special qualifications, he was given the position of New York State Health Commissioner-which he owed to his supporters in the Council on Foreign Relations, an Olympian group. One of his first actions in his new job was to forbid doctors from performing routine HIV tests in their offices.

Axelrod gave no reason for his dictatorial edict, which stated that “henceforth all HIV testing shall be done only in special laboratories, those with blood and tissue banks, state, county and or city laboratories located in hospitals affiliated with medical schools, the American Red Cross or New York blood programs, or research laboratories doing public health work under contract.”

There was no sound reason to prevent doctors from testing for the AIDS virus in their offices, but Axelrod forced them to send their patients elsewhere at the cost of time, trouble and expense. Why? Intelligence reports say that the gay lobby, itself influenced by the Council on Foreign Relations, was determined to slow down or stop HIV testing.

Dr. Axelrod’s other contribution to the epidemic was his anonymous testing program. At least three hundred thousand samples were to be collected from hospitals all across New York State, but no names were to be associated with the samples. If a sample was positive, the infected individual could go right on infecting others.

How did Axelrod justify his policy? “We need more accurate information about the numbers and distributions of individuals already infected with the virus,” he said, “to plan the necessary medical services and to do extensive anonymous testing, to gather the statistics, but not to stop the epidemic.” That was a preposterous statement from a doctor sworn to save lives. Of what value was anonymous testing? None.

But Axelrod was not alone. The medical profession was equally committed to preventing mandatory testing. The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association both ran a concerted drive against it. Both of these prestigious medical journals made the false claims that widespread testing would give too many false-positive results, causing public panic. The American Medical Association, without the slightest proof to its claims, argued that the false-positive results would “alarm” the public.

Dr. Axelrod and the gay lobby — and the medical journals — simply swept under the carpet the impressive work of the U.S. Army in eliminating false-positive HIV tests. In June 1986, the results of the Army’s mandatory testing were released to the Second World Congress on AIDS. The false-positive results were so low as to be statistically irrelevant.

Colonel Donald F. Burke was the officer in charge of administering the HIV tests to recruits. His meticulous record keeping has never been questioned, nor the credibility of his report that there was only one false positive test per 130,000 recruits. Even more striking was Colonel Burke’s report that by 1983, the Army had developed techniques that cut the rate of false-positive tests to one in a million.

Why have the gay lobby and the Olympians gone to such lengths to prevent mandatory testing? Because they want the public kept in ignorance about how widespread AIDS has become. Mandatory testing would reveal to the public that AIDS is much more widespread than now believed. The Olympians do not want AIDS slowed down by informed public demands for proper epidemic controls.

There is no merit to the argument that a law requiring mandatory AIDS testing would lead to the violation of gay civil rights — or that gays would become the target of an incensed population. The U.S. Army has shown that testing for HIV can be made simple, non intrusive and highly accurate. The idea that a fatal disease must not be identified in a carrier because it might lead to a deprivation of his civil rights is simply bizarre.

Yet the gay lobby persists in its destructive course. The International Gay Alliance has grown bold enough to ask for “observer status” at the United Nations. A number of U. N. delegates, including the American delegation, are acting as “ex-officio” representatives for the International Gay Association, thus making AIDS even more of a political issue-rather than a fundamental life-and-death matter of epidemic control and public health.

The gay leadership wrongly — a fatal mistake — believes it has the sympathy and protection of government. Undoubtedly that is true of many compassionate people who work in government and are as unwitting of the real cause of AIDS as anyone else. But the truth about some of those powerful enough to manipulate government at the highest levels — The Olympians — is exactly the opposite.

To the gays, I say this with my deepest conviction, after years of researching the AIDS epidemic: government is your enemy, not your friend. Relatively useless laws passed to protect gay civil rights are nothing but a red herring to draw attention away from the real problem. The real solutions to the AIDS epidemic — for everyone — do not lie in the current policies. Much of the leadership of the gay community does not appear to have grasped this nasty truth. A government that has targeted them for death is duping Gays.

To those who would ask: “Is that even possible?” I would say: Look very closely at what the top virologists and microbiologists in the world were secretly discussing with each other at the Banbury Conference in the spring of 1985.

On April 28-May 1, 1985, the Banbury Conference on Genetically-Altered Viruses and Environment was held at Banbury Center Laboratories. Banbury Center is the former Eugenics Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. The old Harriman laboratories, which began in 1904 with eugenics experiments designed to create a “perfect” white race and worked for the destruction of blacks and poor whites during the pellagra scourge and opened its facilities to German Nazi scientists during the Thirties, hosted this event. (See footnotes 1)

The world’s foremost molecular biologists and virologists assembled for a conference on: the epidemiology of viruses altered by man. While ostensibly held under the auspices of the Cold Spring Harbor facility, the gathering was carefully supervised and monitored by the U.S. government. At the instruction of several U.S. intelligence agencies, the proceedings deemed sensitive were held under conditions of strict secrecy.

The official sponsors of the conference were almost all multinational corporations — or their private foundations – with close links to the Olympians. The roster was as follows: IBM. The Grace Foundation Inc. Texaco Philanthropic Foundation Inc. The Chevron Fund. The Dow Chemical Company. Exxon Corporation. Phillips Petroleum Foundation Inc. The Bristol Myers Fund Inc. Rockwell International Corporation Trust. The Procter and Gamble Company.

These organizations all donated large sums of money for future research. The U.S. government also contributed a substantial amount of money, although the exact amount could not be determined. Letters of inquiry about this use of taxpayer funds, addressed to the General Accounting Office, went unanswered.

Other corporate sponsors who donated various sums of money were mainly drawn from the Olympian network, and for this reason, they are significant: EL. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Hoffman-La Roche. Monsanto Company. Agrigenics Corporation. Beckton Dickinson and Company. Ciba-Geigy Corporation. Genetics Institute. Johnson and Johnson. Schering Plough Corporation. Upjohn Company. Genentech Inc. American International. Biogen S.A. Eli Lilly and Co. Pall Corporation. American Cyanamid Company. Cetus Corporation. Pfizer Inc. CPC International Inc. Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc. Smith Kline and French Laboratories.

Nearly all of the above are top companies in the pharmaceutical industry or leaders in genetic research. All are connected in one way or another with David Rockefeller, the Harrimans and the Morgan Banks.

In the spring of 1985, the American public was not yet concerned about AIDS. The President of the United States had never spoken the word publicly. It was still regarded as a curse upon drug addicts and homosexuals. Most Americans believed that their odds of infection were about the same as hitting the lottery. Rock Hudson was still alive. It was his death that October that shocked the national media – and the public – into asking serious questions about this thing called AIDS. The notion that it was created by human hand was nothing more than a sick fantasy.

Fact or fantasy? You decide after reading E. D. Kilbourne’s paper “Epidemiology of Viruses Altered By Man” presented to the Conference. Kilbourne went into great detail about what he called a “maximally malignant monster virus,” (MMMV) which he stated could be created in spite of the difficulties that would be encountered in synthesizing it.

His paper was, in effect, a mere confirmation, although he posed it hypothetically: “Because we know the primary structure of many viral genes and have the technical capacity to synthesize both genes and gene products, it would appear that planned design of friendly or unfriendly viruses is not too remote a possibility. If the latter should be the perverse goal of our paranoid society, can we construct a virus worse than rabies virus with its 100 percent fatality rate or influenza with its pandemic potential for twenty million deaths worldwide? Hypothetically: yes.

“But if the creation of MMMV is unlikely to the point of absurdity, we must also appreciate that in the proper setting single base changes may be sufficient to significantly influence viral properties, including virulence.”

Then in an amazing revelation, Kilbourne seemed to come close to admitting that AIDS was indeed a created retrovirus, although he did not actually name it: “The more imaginative vistas of genetic engineering are concerned less with the modification of existing viruses than with the segregation and manipulation of single virus genes. Perforce, the epidemiology of virus genes in new environmental or even different temporal context must be considered.”

In other words, the creation of new retroviruses was what appealed to the most advanced microbiologists. Kilbourne then issued a warning that the freezers of most laboratories “are potential if unlikely sources of new pathogens . . . Manipulation of the genes of viruses capable of genetic reassortment must not be undertaken without awareness that these viruses comprise an extended genotype or gene reservoir available for interspecific viral gene transmission.”

Research of this nature was precisely what was done at Fort Detrick and Los Alamos and Cold Spring Harbor. One of the most telling admissions during the Conference came when it was disclosed that the purpose of genetic tinkering with the envelope of the HIV virus was to broaden the range of target cells for infection.

Dr. Robert Gallo, the head of AIDS research for the National Institutes of Health, attended the Banbury Conference and felt safe enough to admit, in a moment of spontaneity, that deliberate genetic tampering with viruses had created new, unnatural lethal viruses. In the discussions that followed the presentation of a paper, “Genomic Variations of HTLV-III/LAV, the Retrovirus of AIDS,” co-authored by Beatrice H. Hahn, George Shaw, flossie Wong Staal and Gallo himself, one of the delegates, H. Fields, asked the following question:

“If you took the HTLV LTR’s or the region involving transcription and put it into other retroviruses or other viruses, would you have any concern about it in terms of the hosts or the environment?”

As if unthinkingly, Gallo blurted out: “It is already being done.”

In plain language, what Fields was asking was: “If we made dangerous new viruses, would you be worried about it?”

Fields followed up by asking: “what would be the nature of your concern, considering everything you have done?”

As a scientist regarded (wrongly) as a world-class microbiologist, Gallo was supposed to be doing everything in his power to stop the march of AIDS. He answered: “I am not overly concerned about attaching the HTLV-llI LTR to the genome of other retroviruses because there is much evidence that the cytopathic genome of HTLV III does involve the need for specific regions of the HTLV genome. I would be concerned about doing things that broaden the range of target cells for infection or if something we’ve done to alter the envelope gives it greater capacity for survival. I would be concerned.”

In other words he was saying if something we’ve done to alter the envelope gives it greater capacity for survival. I would be concerned. He went on to say: “Incidentally even HTLV-I is spreading in many parts of the world because it has a very long latency period and only a 1:100 disease-to-virus infection ratio. It is much less evident, but I suspect HTLV-I is going to be an increasing problem 10-30 years from now. In summary, I would evaluate each planned alteration carefully.”

“I would evaluate each planned alteration carefully.” Gallo’s own words can lead only to the conclusion that the alteration of the structure of viruses was ongoing in 1985, and already far advanced. At a closed session of the proceedings, discussions were held about the research of a group of British doctors who wrote a paper stating that they had found the answer to why certain people appear to get AIDS more readily than others. It was in the genes.

Doctors Lesley Jane Eales, Keith Nye and Anthony Pinching found the method of isolating the right gene that resists AIDS and the gene that does not. This should have been an important landmark in AIDS research, qualifying the doctors for the Nobel Prize. But instead of world-wide recognition for their astounding achievement, Dr. Pinching, leader of the team, was forced to withdraw the group’s findings on the specious grounds that “an error was subsequently discovered and some of the data was flawed.”

The three British pioneers had to be forced underground. Their findings would have caused political explosions around the world. Even the layman would have understood why Africa and Brazil and Haiti were being ravaged by AIDS, while the disease was not spreading as rapidly in Western Europe and the United States: the British scientists had discovered that the AIDS virus attacked the GC-1 gene, common to blacks and “coloreds,” more readily than the GC-2 gene common to whites. This would explain why blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. are contracting the disease at a much faster rate than whites: They’re genetically more susceptible to HIV. (See footnotes 2)

The report of proceedings at Cold Spring Harbor betrayed their true arrogance. Their conclusion was that the world would never believe that the AIDS virus was the result of genetic reprogramming. There was nothing to worry about. The public should just continue to be told that the creation of such a dangerous retrovirus belonged in the realm of the absurd. Any attempt to open up the truth about genetic tampering — which led to the birth of the AIDS virus and others yet to emerge would simply be denied and explained away. (Which is exactly what has happened ever since.)

A year after the Banbury Conference, in 1986, there was, as one intelligence report described it’ “a further gathering of the initiated at Cold Spring Harbor.” They were there to hear Professor W. Bodmer of the Imperial Cancer Research Institute, a world-renowned Oxford geneticist, speak on “The Molecular Biology of Homo Sapiens.”

Here is a quote from the intelligence report: “Behind closed doors several delegates expressed the view that population explosion was the greatest threat to the stability of the world, echoing the words of Sir Julian Huxley (See footnotes 3): “population growth is the most alarming problem and loss of genetic quality must be reversed.”

“Professor Bodmer began his address by saying: ‘Analyses of normal human variability in facial features, character and mental abilities is surely one of the real challenges of human genetics. Now, with the availability of polymorphic DNA markers, there is a well-defined approach. The DNA technology that is now available should in due course be able to answer the question as to whether indeed the genes that control facial features and certain aspects of behavior are closely linked . . . Knowledge of the total human genome sequence has profound implications, not only for the analysis, prevention, and treatment of disease, but also for the better understanding of normal variations, and through that, hopefully, making a contribution to solving broader problems of society.’

“Behind closed doors, Bodmer left his listeners in no doubt that one of the greatest ‘broader problems of society’ was overpopulation of the world by ‘undesirables,’ and population explosions among black nations urgently needed to be arrested and stopped altogether, and their populations drastically reduced. Although the word AIDS was not mentioned, the sum and substance of Bodmer’s remarks left his audience in no doubt that genetically-engineered retroviruses were the only hope of achieving the desired goal.” But the top scientists in the most powerful institutions were already hard at work on those genetically-engineered retroviruses.

(1) Cold Spring Harbor is the site of frequent gatherings of the scientific elite. In September of 1983, one hundred and fifteen virologists from around the world met there in secret sessions. Not one single word from that conference has ever been published, but according according to intelligence sources, the role of viruses was fully discussed in relation to biological warfare against the civilian population. It was stressed that an organism as simple as a virus could threaten the very existence of all human life on earth.
Here is the sketchy outline of what those virologists secretly shared with each other at Cold Spring Harbor in 1983:
HIV genetic information is filed in the form of ribonucleic acid (RNA), the opposite of most other organisms which have genetic material comprising deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA.) DNA carries the information, strung together like molecular beads, that is critical to the organism. Scientists were now finding out that molecules are made of matter, whose origin the proponents of the “big-bang” theory cannot explain; these molecules being the building blocks of the universe.
The sequence of molecular “beads” are then mirrored in plants and animals. The “mirrored” image is in fact RNA, and in it are the information codes needed to make proteins-the life-giving component of living organisms. The strings are then “beaded” with smaller molecules called amino acids. In this manner most organisms produce their own proteins, but this does not happen in the case of viruses, which are parasites and must have a host to live off.
At the Cold Spring Harbor conference, it was stated that viruses do not have a life-like bacteria; a virus is an incomplete cell, because its genetic material is incomplete and is covered by a hard shell of protein. Before a virus can “live,” it has to latch onto and invade living cells. When it penetrates the host cell, it then comes alive and begins to replicate. In the case of the HIV virus, the replication process is extremely rapid.
AIDS-HIV viruses have RNA as their genetic material. By inserting its RNA into the host cell, the cell is deceived into stepping up its manufacture of viral proteins. Part of these proteins are the enzymes needed to synthethize more viral DNA. It is from this process that the term “Retro” (backward) was coined because the host cell is deceived, like the mother bird who feeds the baby cuckoo in her nest. The host cell is blinded into believing it must convert viral RNA from the invader virus back to DNA. Ordinarily the cell would make RNA from DNA, but here the process is reversed. This goes on until the cell “blooms” or “flowers” with its packed HIV parasites, and the component parts burst out into the bloodstream, infecting it with millions more HW viruses.
When the HIV virus and the healthy cell come together, the HIV receptor fuses with the membranes of the cell it is taking over. The enzyme released is known as a reverse transcriptase. This is unique to retroviruses and is totally absent in human cells. The viral RNA then enters and integrates itself in the DNA of the cell it has taken over. Once inside, the viral DNA becomes dormant, which is the period we know as the latency period. This latency period in AIDS is known to last up to ten years, but in the case of blacks and Hispanics, the HIV virus seems to have a far shorter latency period and acts in a more virulent manner toward the host cell.( Notice that they were discussing more than a decade ago that the HIV virus attacked blacks and Hispanics with greater frequency and more virulence than it attacked whites. Have you ever seen that information in the media?)
At some time during the latency period, the virus will be triggered. Russian scientists had apparently perfected a technique using electromagnetic signals on the same wavelength as the virus, which, when “radiated” by the signals, would spring to life. A viral “Manchurian Candidate,” so to speak. More common causes are believed to be repeated occurrences of infections, such as of Hepatitus B or herpes, for example.
The manufacture of viral proteins and viral DNA — the two main components of HIV — is stimulated. Next comes the “flowering” or “budding.” At this point, the victim will be at great risk and a danger to all who come into contact with him or her. With “budding,” the HIV virus takes part of the outer fatty cell membrane and its glycoprotein (molecules of sugar) and swallows them up.
What’s most diabolical about HIV is that it prefers to attack cells in human bodies assigned the task of protecting the body from any and all foreign invaders, the so-called T-4 cells.

(2) In addition to what we know, there is a great deal of informed speculation — too much to ignore — that Cold Spring Harbor labs are currently engaged in molecular research to develop a virus with even greater ability to infect people who have the most melanin in their skins. Black and “colored” skin has substantially more melanin than white skin. British microbiologists at the CAB research unit at Porton Downs are believed to have successfully developed a virus with a ninety percent selective capability. The means of “steering” the HIV viruses, or indeed any virus, to selected groups, is known to be one of the research programs being conducted at Cold Spring Harbor.
This suits the policies of the International Monetary Fund in forcing greatly lowered standards of living in certain poor countries, whose nationals have been classed as “defectives” by the Olympians. Remember this: most of these countries have valuable natural resources. With the IMF destroying the living standards of these “useless eaters,” and a virus capable of attacking people based on the melanin in their skins, is it any wonder that Africa is today almost totally ravaged by AIDS?
The evidence is strong enough that AIDS was designed and engineered to specifically infect blacks that in February, 1989, Samuel Evans, Chairman of the National Council of Public Auditors, called upon the U.S. Senate to investigate ethnic-race specific biological warfare weapons. That means weapons aimed at the elimination of specific groups, including blacks and other nonwhite populations in the U.S..
Evans charged that Colonel David Huxoll, who at the time was commander of the U.S. Army Research Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was allocated $60 million for research into biological ethnic weapons. Evans was apparently aware that Fort Detrick is an important MDS research facility, because he raised the roof among black Congressmen and political activists. He further charged that Zaire was targeted by the U.S. for MDS epidemics and that twenty to thirty percent of Zaire’s population became infected with the MDS virus as a result of that experiment.

(3) Sir Julian Huxley was Britain’s foremost eugenicist of the post-WWII era, who in 1947 was the founder of the “population control” program of the United Nations. In 1951 Huxley consulted with John D. Rockefeller III, General Maxwell Taylor, William Draper and others, and by 1952, a “Population Control Council” was established. In 1966 the name was changed to “Population Crisis Committee.” Since 1966, U.S. foreign policy has stressed the importance of “population control,” as has the National Security Agency, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The above was extracted from FULL DISCLOSURE by Dr. Gary Glum. Available at £13.00 per copy inclusive of postage in the UK from Dave Starbuck, 52 Lancaster Avenue, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8RQ, UK