Sanity Amid The Madness, Acquiescence And Sheer Stupidity (DEVASTATING information)

David Icke – YouTube March 27, 2020

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    I see myself as a real Christian and since
    my job was taken away and given to foreign incomers
    i do various charity work.
    My Church like several others has hired a transit van and we have
    a large tea urn in the back, and a small pile of donated blankets,
    we are part of whats called the Rough Sleepers project.
    Volunteers take turns to drive round and give out mugs of hot soup and a third of a
    french bread stick to those sleeping rough.
    What shocks me is the growing numbers of these people, usually men
    often in their 50s some are ex servicemen thrown out of their homes,
    after fighting the people of Iraq, but a growing number are teenagers,
    and almost all are UK subjects, they are the most vulnerable to this corona virus so
    how can this be happening ?
    Some of these people are kept alive by our charity.
    The council men come round on patrol in the early mornings to see are there any dead bodies to be swept away and they also confiscate any blankets
    or bedding these men have, but luckliy one of the council men snitches back some and we then pass it back to those sleeping rough, he is not a Church member, but a Black ex gang member who
    risks his job to help us.
    Rough sleepers cannot claim government money as they have no permanant address,
    they are cast out on the streets to die, several schemes are in the pipeline to help
    but they are not implemented.
    Please give a thought to anyone you see sleeping in shop doorways.

    Today as i was leaving my house i ran into the postman
    i asked him, “that lorry outside with Openreach on it, is that parcel deliveries ” ?
    He replied No Openreach is British Telephones, so i asked why dont they call it that ?
    He said the General Post Office was abbreviated to the GPO, then just The Post Office, then Royal Mail then Consignia, back to Royal Mail, then while it was beong changed to EU Mail, we began trying to get out of the Europe Lockdown, and its back to Royal Mail, with each change comes van logos paperwork uniforms etc which cost many milions ever time, but it makes work for bureaucrats.
    I said this is madness, why when its so cold are you shivering here in shorts ?
    he said he wanted to show off his tattoos.
    More madness.
    The postman said many had not shown up for work, he called it “Virus Mania”
    So i went shopping at Aldi, the only non jewish supermarket i know, the shelves were almost empty
    and the place was absolutely packed, i asked the girl on the checkout, and she replied ” its panic buying we have had to break up squabbles with people fighting over stuff, many delivery drivers have not shown up for work, its been Bedlam”
    People are terrified of catching Corona, Its only jewish supermarkets that remain open,
    and people have to stand six feet apart, while coughs and sneezes can travel over 30 yards/
    More madness.

  3. David Icke is right on. The people ( sheeple) have bought the mass media ( controlled ) version lock stock and barrel. Easier to flip a T.V. switch on then getting unto the internet to check real opinion which may have a logical explanation. What we have is fear porn instigated by the powers that be creating a reaction where this power can then present the awaited solution which was their aim in the first place. In this regard I almost see no resolution to these types events being abated in the future as the sheeple it seems have no will of their own. It is so frustrating when you KNOW THE TRUTH but yet people of good intelligence but who have been brain washed see you as a conspiracy nut.

  4. Isaiah 66:4
    I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  5. ” And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion,
    that they should believe a lie: ”

  6. A lock-down is to separate people from each other, but also from their church, synagogue, mosque and temple. The reason is, that the beast is behind this to get more power. So, don’t give up your Religion, and stay in ‘contact’ with the Divine. Just stay believing in the good, because no one can take your believes from you, as long as you don’t allow it…