Coronavirus Psychic Predictions and Naadi Prophecies

Craig Hamilton Parker – YouTube March 31, 2020

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7 responses to “Coronavirus Psychic Predictions and Naadi Prophecies”

  1. I predict any one who is still sitting in front if this video longer than 5 min is probably asleep and any one there at the end most likely will have passed away.

  2. I really like this guy, hes sincere and shares what he knows
    and i agree after this virus the people should wake up to whats been done to them

  3. I haven’t bothered even listening to this spook. Why didn’t he predict the coronavirus in January? What a con merchant. That was him that performed a “live” show with the spirit/ghost of Princess Diana. Lol.

  4. I’ve tried watching this guy. Why doesn’t he get to the point more quickly? He’s the sort of guy when you ask him the time, will tell you how to make a clock.

  5. How many psychics predicted out current predicament? Zero.

    How many psychics are predicting what is going to happen next that will turn out right?

    Here’s my prediction based on the current trend and my cynacism:

    Let’s see who get’s it right, Swami Propagandi or Yukon Jack.

  6. You go down there Yukon!

  7. It seems we are all forced to stay at home now and all watch tele simultaneously waiting for the next Corona update.Perfect opportunity to roll out a global mass trauma based mind program. This will be the biggest mass trauma, global mind conditioning project of all times changing the global phsyche to accept the NWO orghistred by the beloved Rothchilds.
    There will be no covert 19 vaccine rollout as yet. We need to be mind altered first.Conditioned for the New World Order.Something big is coming.So big it will change your life forever. Watch your tele and prepare yourself for trauma mind control conditioning.911 on a scale of one million.You need to receive the light of Lucifer first as a prerequisite to enter the unholy New Order of the World.Pray I’m wrong but I doubt it it’s too good of an opportunity to be missed.