Who Was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

Reallygraceful – BitChute April 1, 2020

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  1. Of course Gates is a Jew…..but like Trump this fact is never mentioned.

  2. Who’s the lesbian in the thumbnail? Oh, pardon me! Gates was smiling on CNN the other day like a grandma whose incontinence had just gotten the best her. Shouldn’t he stick to computer viruses? Despite being studied on the subject he feigned absolute surprise and bewilderment at the Covid-19 manifestation. Sure, Bill…

  3. God! I love a redheaded woman!

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  5. Miles Mathis provides added information



  6. A slimy jew and still is.

  7. This piece of human excrement is pure evil and a satanist if ever there was one. He and his kind should be rounded up and given a trial upon conviction and without hesitation shot and his body burned in public. F him his kind and the entire Rothschild family.

  8. I’m not surprised by this. I didn’t know Gates was born in a lap of luxury but I long suspected he was sponsored by some very powerful people. like the Rockefeller family and probably the CIA proprietary venture capitalists who have a knack for eyeing promising technologies that can further their agendas. Thanks for the lesson.

  9. Gates :

    “IN part 8 (latest part) of our FSF series we reminded readers that media helped salvage Bill Gates; he had a major MIT-connected scandal, which involved pedophiles. The focus on Richard Stallman distracted from this (what had happened with Bill Gates at MIT) and then Stallman was forced out of MIT (despite having nothing to do with pedophiles, unlike Gates).” http://techrights.org/category/bill-gates/

    “However, he claims he has seen beyond Malthusian conceptions of useless eaters since, he says, he has seen that by improving health and education population decreases as parents decide to have less children. Despite all his distancing from Malthus, Gates remains steadfast to the unfounded Malthusian fear of overpopulation.”

    Why keep Americans sick and living in a brain fog?
    “These news “filters” are completely one-sided, run by globalists, extreme Leftists, communists and socialists, Bayer/Monsanto, and the tech giants. Yes, at the top of that criminal racket sits Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and of course, the insidious Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

    Nearly all conservative, critical-thinking, truth-wielding media outlets are banned and flagged by NewsGuard, Poynter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nearly all newscasters are fake and just actors reading from the same exact script at all levels.” https://www.newstarget.com/2019-05-08-you-are-being-bombarded-by-fake-everything.html

    “Then he revealed that, for a time, his father, William H. Gates, Sr. was the head of Planned Parenthood.”
    Decreasing Population Through Better Health Care?

    “As did Sanger, Gates believes in the eugenist Thomas Malthus’s idea that the sustainability of the world’s resources is completely dependent upon maintaining population control. Ironically, Gates believes that improving health care, primarily through vaccinations, will accomplish this.” https://www.catholicstand.com/eugenics-in-america/

    “Ultra-rich philanthropists and their foundations have increasing influence on decision-making and are setting the global health and agriculture agenda in developing countries, according to a major study (pdf).

    Using their immense wealth and influence with political and scientific elites, organisations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and others are promoting solutions to global problems that may undermine the UN and other international organisations, says the report by the independent Global Policy Forum, which monitors the work of UN bodies and global policymaking.” https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2016/jan/15/bill-gates-rockefeller-influence-agenda-poor-nations-big-pharma-gm-hunger

    David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is working hard to install his New World Order that involves mass forced vaccination to reduce the world’s population by 4 or 5 billion humans.

  10. @ Vespasian:

    Of course Bill Gates is a Jew, with his father surrounded by Jews like Soros, Rockefeller ans supporting Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Movement and the Planned Parenthood’ founders Abortion / depopulation agenda. With those kinds of friends what else can Bill be? And how else would he hold his crazy ideas of Vaccination, ID2020, Univdersal Micro-chipping, etc.? It takes a Jew to know other Jews, especially such sinister/Evil ones! Boy the nut did Not fall far from the tree!

  11. One thing that hardly ever seems to be discussed is how “monolithic” the NWO is. The neofeudalist Rockefellers and Rothschilds with their various lieutenants are possibly analogous to the houses of York and Lancaster during England “Wars of The Roses” IMO. They both hold we peasants in low regard, but they may have been, and who knows may still, be in a continual contest for the top seat. (Haven’t various Rothschilds and Rockefellers met untimely ends ; “Suicided” rather than had their heads chopped off ?)

    There’s a good video by a guy named “Ivan The Heathen” on the true origins of the American Glass-Steagall act. It seems to indicate a Rothschild/Rockefeller discord. William Engdahl has written how European(Rothschild) and American(Rockefeller) oil interest had to come to agreement regards their empires.

    Further, I wonder whether one element of WWII was a Rothschild/Rockefeller proxy war, bearing in mind that Rockefeller supplied oil plus oil technology to the Third Reich. (See Antony Sutton). Then of course Israel was a Rothschild project from the beginning. I realise this whole topic area is multifaceted; just putting it out there.

    So, an ongoing area of interest for me is whether Rockefeller(dynasty) is a competitor of Rothschild(dynasty) or a sort of Frankenstein’s monster that the latter has lost control of. Here is a link on the two Rs:


    Gates is clearly an errand boy like Henry Kissinger.

    I would really love to be a fly on the wall when this demons get together and decide who calls the shots. I can’t believe they agree on everything, as we lot certainly don’t !


    A further question arises for me: if there are potential whistle blowers towards the top of this pyramid who would like to be “good” people, but feel they can’t because of reasons of them being surveilled and harmed etc., what could “we” as individuals do to try and expedite their journey to the forces of “good”?

    We don’t know if there are few who just need a little more courage.

  12. These facts from Reallygraceful are highly relevant regarding the present virus psyop. They show all our government authorities in bed with big pharma and the likes of Gates, are really part of the problem. Fauci, who is seen in one of the photos with Gates, will most likely (in my view) use his control over Trump to ensure the lock down is imposed long enough to ensure the Gates vaccination becomes mandatory in place of the lock down – a vaccination “recently’ developed in Israel, and which has likely already been manufactured and stockpiled China.

    At the Event 201 “simulation” last October, the rep from the Gates Foundation which organized the event and was most central (together with the paid stooge from Johns Hopkins U and big pharma rep to produce the vaccination) spoke on the high level of coordination to be needed between the various heath-care providers, pharma, and the Gates foundation for the coordination, delivery and administering of the vaccines for some allegedly fictitious strain of “Coronavirus”.

    Why do they have such simulations and exercises before such events and even during them like with the exercises going in during 9/11? They do that for cover against leaks from or observations by decent people of meetings, activity, great concern, coordination, overhead conversations, etc, before the events or hen observed performing some related function during an event like in 9/11. The cover is that they can always say they were just doing a simulation and that they do them all the time, that just such a thing as happened was totally predictable, and they had to take steps to get ready just like in preparing for an earthquake. Or if observed to be directing fighter jets away from a certain zone while a certain buildings are being targeting by some remotely operated air planes, they can say they just happened to be involved in an “exercise” at that time, and it was just coincidental, because like earthquakes, exercises are needed in case of anenemy attack. They always have an open cover for something really really big.

  13. And now for something that Atheists will hate and Christians like myself and Fred B, Truthy1 will Love. E. Michael Jones and his new Book “Logos Rising” with a review by Jonas E, Alexis puts the REASON of LOGOS as the Eventual winner in the End. And the likes of Bill Gates and The Deep State be damned! Checkout link:

    Enjoy! And Adios to Vespasian and Yukon Jack and their kind! Though pray for them!

  14. “And now for something that Atheists will hate and Christians like myself and Fred B, Truthy1 will Love.”

    Hey Snorin’ Norman, there are many other types of people in this world besides Christians and Atheists Tabarnak!!

    If being a Christian makes you unable to acknowledge and give credit to other contributors who don’t give a flying fuck about your Christian delusions, superstitions and blatant idiocy, take your prayers and shove them right back up where they came from.

    I’m sure Vespasian, Yukon Jack and many other decent folk have no use whatsoever for your impotent “prayers”!


    Voltman Plutonymus Rex

  15. Thanks for a great video! I always felt Gates was a demonic xxxx-stain on the fabric of humanity, so it was rather enlightening to be exposed to his background and upbringing…it blew my mind to see his old man hanging with some of the worst pieces of xxxx humanity has ever puked out, e.g. the Rockefellers, Soros, etc.

    skipNclair certainly have the right idea in their comment above on how to handle the situation. I highly recommend that course of action as well.

  16. You failed to mention how Bull Sh*t Gates got to be rich by tricking a poor soul into selling him DOS and lying about it. He got lucky in many instances whilst building MSFT. It truly was, as they say, “accidental empires” in the tech world.

    Or were they guided by Satan’s hand? None of them really knew what they were doing. They just knew their “stuff” had to be out there like fishing hoping to catch something big. Some of them did get lucky. BG was one of them.

    Now he knows how to fish and is really trolling.