Satanism, Savile And Battling Darkness: Wilfred Wong

Shaun Attwood – YouTube March 30, 2020

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    The closure of Britain’s Psychiatric Hospitals began in the 50s
    The government was concerned at the cost of running these big Victorian buildings.
    The Asylums were packed with traumatised men from the war, including two members of my own family
    who had seen the real horrors of Government wars, and never recovered from it.
    These sprawling great buildings were on valuable land, and the mass influx of foreign nationals flooding in meant land for housing was a priority, and Government wanted to steal it.
    All the inmates were cast out, the people will look after them they said, lets call it “Care in the community” this did not exist and one Minister said it was couldnt care less in the Community.
    Many of these were ex servicemen then became tramps living on the streets, or gentlemen of the road
    as authorities liked to call them. Enoch Powell the minister whose epitaph was “the greatest Prime Minister we never had” claimed casting all these folk out onto the streets would be a catastrophe.
    At the same time, anyone who had improper sexual desires or thoughts could get a referral through their family doctor, to see a Psychiatrist specialising in sexual matters, and many a crime was stopped, and many homosexuals were brought back to normality.
    The BBC always had an employment preference for homosexuals, and several members of staff
    were sent to Prof. Ruth Seifert or Prof Henri Rey at the London Maudsley Hospital.
    Ministers decided that all sexualities were to be considered normal, and psychiatrists were told they must not treat anyone at all with improper sexual desires. Baroness Barbara castle the long serving Minister said quote” we cannot legalise Homosexuality and keep pedophilia a crime, as one so often is part of the other”
    Grevile Janner the head of the Board of British Deputies, or the government behind our government
    sometimes called the Deep State is on record as saying, “we the jews control Britain, therefore your laws must fall into line with ours, and its OK for us to have sex with children”
    Government white papers over the last decade issued to lawyers senior social workers and judges say that the term “sexually child oriented” must be used not Pedophilia and it will be down graded as a crime before any criminal connotations are abolished.
    Tony Blairs New Labour, which was little more than a Mossad front Org. financially supported PIE
    the Pedophile group, they also supported possibly 6 homosexual magazines which showed naked under age boys, John Prescott the Deputy Prime Minister under Blair joked many times he was the only sexuallly normal minister in the party, and he criticised Tony Blair for D noticing Operation Ore the Nene report
    on homosexual abuse in 16 London boys homes and the Longford papers, on Lord Longfords many interviews on child sex criminals in UK prisons, as a prelude to implementing it as a non crime.

  2. The queen and the duke of Edinburgh have as far as i know not slept together for many years, the sex urge is so strong in men that it is a basic need, there have been rumours
    about the Duke for years, he has a very toxic mindset, with this i dont believe he is ” normal”
    When the truthseeker first broke the news of Jimmy Saville, my cousin worked for the BBC he said they went into meltdown, and tried to say Saville only abused girls, but people who go for kids dont mind what sex it is as they want the bottom, this is what homosexuals do, all BBC employees where warned not to talk about it, mail was opened and read
    phones tapped and emails watched, it was awful, and all to protect a pervert

  3. Why can’t they be named for legal reasons no satanist would dare sue

  4. Trump and Q Anon are exposing and ’rounding’ them ‘up’ like weeds starting with SRA April fools day 2020

  5. Trump? You mean the one trained by Roy Cohn and supported by Ophray so often on her show and all the liberal media until he won the election? remember his ‘success’ in business was dependent upon a bailout loan from DB and going into bankruptcy court 6-7 times…. those little facts never make it into the elections do they? And Biden? from the corporate friendly state of Maryland? Another puppet like the rest…. all being outed as their masters take down their OWO in favor of introducing us to their NWO… global police state… which they want installed before Mother Nature arrives to ‘clean house’ in her cyclical manner… they aren’t calling it the 6th Extinction for nothing.

    Here in the States, the real breakdown of the state institutions was under Reagan if I remember correctly… and much like today, the excuse was for the patients sake.. to allow them to go into society… same excuse to help us today by lockdowns etc… in past decades the same excuse was used to ‘mainstream’ kids with various issues… as they wanted to cut the position of the special ed teachers…. save money…. etc… OR, done on purpose to pervert the system… to ‘out the OWO’… not that the puppets/pawns need to know, greed alone will lead the way…. and gravity takes care of the rest…. ‘momo’ trade they call it on WallStreet… but that can go either way… as is seen today with the latest Fort Detrick gift of bioweapons testing.

    Satanism… like any mafia, many can join, but only the ‘select’ become Chosen…. some have been that way for eons… the Chosen People of Satan….. but most are pawns used to run the program… of controlling the masses/goyim/sheeple/zombies. Of course, it all goes on ‘in the dark’ but also in plain sight… as only those ready to ‘stay the course’ are promoted… same in the Church, based in lies from the beginning… those telling the truth had to be killed off or scared off… as with the Cathars, right? leading to the Inquisition then and the one we see unfolding today.

  6. The past few days I keep getting the name of a song popping into my head…due to the CV bullshit.
    That song is ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’ by the Manic Street Preachers (but there’s a story within that band too). Not my kind of music, but the phrase certainly strikes a chord at the moment. And watching this interview, it’s highly relevant to this. Let’s just get the bastards.

  7. In the 1980’s….I worked on a Polo Pony stud farm with a bunch of crypto Jews…..although I didnt know it at the time…….
    Anyway several employees asserted at the time that Prince Phillip had a regular girlfriend….which Mrs Windsor knew about as did the press.They reckoned there was an unspoken agreement not to mention this “arrangement”…..
    The Aristocracy are quite blase about all this stuff…anyone would be a fool to dismiss the power of the Windsors….they’re as ruthless as their ancestors…although however much the prick Phillip would like to decapitate Fergie, it’s no long possible….however car crashes can be arranged….well actually the whole Windsor family is a car crash….and they have allowed Britain to be overrun with hordes of invaders… much for their duty to protect the realm.Halfwit Harry’s decision to decamp to Nth America may prove to be a sensible decision….or a Windsor scheme.

  8. Lots of interesting information from Mr. Wong. He also displays his ignorance of Churchill and WW2. Stick to your specialty Wilfred.