Corona FAKE crisis !!! Medic against media There is no dangerous corona pandemic

HJ Dijksterhuis — YouTube March 29, 2020

Original upload by Rolf Fising.

6 responses to “Corona FAKE crisis !!! Medic against media There is no dangerous corona pandemic”

  1. Excellent video!

    Normally, Youtube would take this down.

    Time will tell and we shall see…

  2. When I read the name FAUCI, I am getting very alrmed % suspicious.
    Refering to his statements and proposed actions, or reactions, from the beginning of the “start” of the flu. With his President Trump besides him.

    He is at the moment IMO “THE medical terrorist” of US Inc.
    The world should check his connections with Big Pharma.

    Compare it with a former US general Breedlove who declared “Russia was invading Europe”, but you man general had good connections with the Military Industrial Complex.
    As soon as he was retired his chair at MIC was waiting for him.
    No Russian invadion and yer man is working for MIC.

  3. This is one incredible video, exposing everything. The Germans are meticulous about numbers and stats. Here we also see an empty ER with all the needy disappearing for the fake pandemic.

    What is happening in Canada is that uncountable small businesses are being destroyed and only able to get government loans while the larger corporations get government grants. With those grants they will keep going and because the loans to small business are so paltry, like $40K, at the end of this debacle those with the capital will pick up the bankrupt small businesses and franchises for a song.

    We can understand PM Trudeau who is really of socialist at heart and a globalist shill, wanting to go in the direction of centralizing everything in the hands of the state and corporate monopolies, but Trump in being such a wimp and “having to to along” with all the creeps like Anthony Fauci pulling his chain, turns out in the final analysis to be nothing but a shill of the big corporations, big pharma, big agri, and he becomes the biggest disappointment of them all.

    Russia playing wisely looking two moves ahead in the game by adding to the hype will once again come out on top. Putin, no doubt, could clearly foresee what the hype and media-generated hysteria would do to the US with the resulting lock downs, and which nation would be the big loser. He knew that the US penchant for Hollywood drama and mass bullshit is their Achilles heel. He also knew that in the US, a nation so prone to sacrifice the facts for political expedience and monetary gain, that an issue like this would never turn on the actual facts, but be blown way way out of proportion, especially by the globalists and the snow-flake majority. Too bad Trump for not waking up. You just lost the election. Welcome to the Rothschild brave new world.

  4. It would not surprise me that after this so-called pandemic is over, 5G has been fully installed in the West and is ready for use. Knowing full well the Wests opposition and resentment of 5G.