Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Interview

Journeyman Pictures – March 26, 2020

6 responses to “Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Interview”

  1. Actually Italy has more icu beds per 1000 than many other countries including usa and half of the Italians in icu are under 60.

  2. The cure is worse than the disease.

    This is an ongoing pattern of modern medicine.

  3. More than excellent interview and discussion with Dr. John Ioannidis. The important point is……RELIABLE & SCIENTIFIC DATA !!!!
    The mass media has not really helped but has blindly ( or by direction ) created unfounded FEAR PORN most welcomed into the laps of the Globalists for their agenda………………………………………………..I wish Dr John Ioannidis had a high position in the U.S. Federal Government under President Trump.

    My opinion ( barring any data suggesting strongly a World Wide Ending Pandemic ) is that this Corona Virus scare is just an acute seasonal flu blown way out of ….and I mean way out of proportion by a series of events or by design. In any event let me express my concern and sympathies for those that have been seriously affected as well as those that have died.

  4. Ioannidis is now trying to sound more politically correct because perhaps his job is now on the line.

    There is no valid denominator when you have about at least 30% of the population who have the virus but have no symptoms, and so many others with just mild symptoms who do not report anything and who are not tested. So what we are hearing is hype to overestimate by decreasing the denominator to those who generally complain of symptoms. This gives us a higher death rate.

    On the Diamond Princess there was no one in the 3,700 compliment under 25 years of age. The 7 deaths were among the 700 infected, i.e. an alleged mortality rate of 1%. 14% of the US population is under 25. Hence with the reliability of the 1% number is exaggerated. Secondly the mean age was actual 62 with those who actually died, all of whom had serious pre-existing health complications and who were quite elderly and relatively frail.

    Regarding the Italy data, Dr. David Katz has provided a most lucid view:
    “One very large portion of our population is at monumentally lower risk of severe infection and death than another. We are, I think- as I have thought all along- massively over-protecting one group and thus causing all kinds of damage by means other than infection, while under-protecting the other.”

    We are now in a huge media/government manipulated psyop perhaps to reset world finances, but more than likely it is an effort to scuttle the US economy before the US elections in order to get rid of Trump and to clear the way for the globalist agenda.

  5. He’s talkin through his ass. You CANNOT spread a virus. It is defined as,an “obligage INTRAcellular parasite”. A virus is also inert. The ONLY way you can get a virus is intravenously. The real virus,will be in the covid vaccine.

  6. @ Fred B and nr:

    Fred B is rational and accurate and hits many Bullseyes on the different articles including this one!

    NR, you are an idiot or Moron. Viruses like colds and Flus spread mainly as moisture droplets (which contain thousands/ millions of Viruses and virus particles). These water droplets, smaller than a needle pin, are from your mouth and nose as you talk, breath and cough, which then are in the air to be deposited on other people and objects. So cough/sneeze into your elbow, do not touch your face, wash your hands for more than 20 seconds with warmer water and soap, do NOT touch high traffic surfaces like door knobs and stairwell railings. Do these things and you will be safer. And yes stay at least 2 m/ or 6 feet away from others. But that is not even enough as there was a case on a bus where someone with Covid-19 gave the virus to someone that was at least 4.5 meters away and they sat behind the Covis-19 individual! People like you give the truth seeker website a bad Name. I would rather put up with Yukon Jack because at least his rants make SENSE. Vespasian and Fred B ass well. You, nr, are full of NONSENSE! Probably a Zio-troll! The only smart comment you made was that the Expert was talking through his arse, probably as Fred B says because he is protecting his job for fear of MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT REPRISAL! Its NOT easy to be a Doctor, or even a LAWYER as the JUDICIAL ESTABLISHMENT pressures you! Coincidentally, both groups are CONTROLLED by International Jewry (JEWS)!