Lincolnshire photographer captures huge comet hurtling towards Earth

Kiro Evans and Peter Hennessey – Lincolnshire Live March 26, 2020

A Lincolnshire photographer has captured a comet which is hurtling towards the Earth.

The comet, called C19, was pictured by astrological enthusiast by Jamie Cooper and will become visible to the naked eye in the coming weeks as it gets closer and closer to our planet.

It is reported to only be a few kilometres wide but it’s atmosphere has grown increasingly larger, and is now about half as wide as the sun.

Strangely, the comet has been linked to coronavirus pandemic, as the frozen rocks are historically seen as harbingers of doom.

The comet, full name C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS), is pictured (BLUE DOT) glimmering in space. Click to enlarge

The coincidence was noted after the comet was first spotted on the December 28, only days before the first reported cases of coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

Mr Cooper said: ”Comets have been feared throughout human history as harbingers of doom.

“I managed to photograph the comet approaching on Sunday evening through a small telescope.

“The comet has a similar orbit to the Great Comet of 1844, leading to speculation on whether C/2019 Y4 is a fragment of the same parent body.”


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  1. CometContagion.
    I call bullshit.
    That is all.

  2. The Bubonic Lifestyle
    By Diane Harvey

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  3. Hear our prayer, we beseech thee. We pray for a microchipped population, pestilence, starvation, and disease. With fevered heatts we pray for the arrival of the anti-christ in fulfillment of thy holy word.

  4. It’s surprising how much ancient wisdom has been lost. The earliest thinkers were astronomers, and yes astrologers as well. The rising of a particular star on a particular day eg Sirius in alignment with the Sun and the three stars in Orion’s belt heralded the start of new cycle. With no TV and karaoke, the night sky was a wonderful thing. That the Sun drove the seasons and the moon the tides, it was natural that human being might look for other correlations between the celestial sphere and events on earth.

    The above video if slowed down gives a text of the observations. Were the people of ancient times stupid ? In so far as celestial observations became the Greek myths say, and the astrotheological aspects of Christianity became the Nativity, should we judge the ancients who meant them as parables negatively or the modern mind mind out of touch with nature who invests in the myth/parable and not the underlying truths they represent?

    Likewise if comets were regarded as harbingers of dread should we consider the possibility that those recording the occurrences would have been the scholars of the time; they were the readers of the Sun and not “Sun Readers” 🙂
    (I’m trying to track down an alternative book list for the origins of viruses. Can anyone help please ?)

  5. @ John Poot

    Yup, did you catch the call # C(ovid)19, what a coinky dink … eh.

  6. You should pay attention to to Covid 19 comet, uh I mean C-19 …

    Seriously a women who like in Britain 500 years ago foresaw the future, Mother Shipton, has a amazing series of prophecies

    Where is 2020 on the Prophecy Timeline?

    “Apparently Mother Shipton’s comet, which is due now, is the same. She says “A fiery dragon will cross the sky” after the century is over. Well it is 20 years after the century is over and the Iraq war is over. Mabus (Bush senior) is dead. The comet is the next big event! I’ve been writing about this for some time and with the end of Iraq occupation near, the comet is due next!”

  7. Rothschild is the anti christ
    At every meal in the Rothschild mansion we are told an empty chair and place is left in case the devil should come

  8. Bullshit. We live under a dome.

  9. Dear nr,

    I am so thankful for your in-depth analysis and your convincing arguments.
    I was lost and now I have found the truth: we live under a dome. Thank you.

    Those who appreciate your in-depth analysis are also apt to benefit from your gifts of eloquence, clairvoyance and seemingly unlimited scientific knowledge.

    Thank you for your unparalleled contribution to this comment section.