Coronavirus is Another Live Drill – May 12, 2020

There is no question that this is a simulation gone live, at least In the West. C’mon folks. They’re telling you to your face! Pompeo referred to it as “a live exercise.”  He refused to deny that it was a hoax!  They want us to know.  That’s why Google relaxed its censorship. They want us to be complicit in our own enslavement.
Right   —Colleen Smith MD – Virus spokesman is a simulation expert. They rebranded the common flu. Flu claims tens of thousands of lives every year. This is a simulation gone live.

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Colleen Smith, M.D.. Associate Program Director, Elmhurst Academic Interests:
SimulationMedical Education, Wellness. Academic Interests:  Simulation …
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Anatomy of a Pandemic — from March 29

by Henry Makow PHD

9-11, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Paris, Nice, Aurora Co., San Bernardino, Orlando. We let them think they could get away with anything.
 Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth  demonstrates that the Coronavirus is a massive drill gone live, which if true, exposes the entire ruling class as liars and traitors.  
Last week The New York Times and ABC News  ran a terrifying story about the virus:
“In a 24-hour period this week, over a dozen coronavirus patients died at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, as multiple medical workers inside the public hospital told ABC News they are overwhelmed, treating “hundreds of COVID-19 patients.”
Colleen Smith, left, an emergency care physician at the hospital, described the area where the COVID-19 patients are being treated as “a parking lot of stretchers.” As one emergency care physician told ABC News plainly, “this is ground zero.” The city health department sent out a release on Tuesday, calling the 545-bed hospital in Elmhurst “the center of this crisis.”
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A sad commentary on the state of the press that no reporters thought to visit “the centre of the crisis.”  This was left to a lowly youtuber, Jason Goodman who wandered around the building for 40 minutes and found it dormant. (See his video below this article.)
There were ten ambulances parked around but none coming or going. Crickets.
No sign of the “refrigerated truck at Elmhurst Hospital to be used for holding deceased bodies.” He spoke to some paramedics who were clearly following  a script. Doctors were tight lipped, afraid to say a word.
You’d think that a time when the nation was supposed to “pull together”  people wouldn’t act as though they would lose their jobs if they told the truth.
Isn’t that how Communism works? Throw everyone out of work. Then you don’t have a job unless you parrot the party line. 
He points out that Coleen Smith is a simulation expert. Her claim that the hospital was running out of respirators was contradicted by the city hospital board, indicating they hadn’t got the memo. He wonders why the ambulances are idle after Smith claimed the transfer of the 30 patients to other hospitals was “a bright spot in the long fight.”
He questions why the NY Times filmed her in front of a restaurant called “A Taste of China.”



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10 responses to “Coronavirus is Another Live Drill”

  1. All the world’s a stage and we are but actors.

  2. Once you reach the depths of depravity and evil , there is only one way to go -upwards.
    We are going to overcome the dark ones and create a positive timeline for humanity.

  3. I suppose all those people who died were all willing acting! All those countries around the world which are reporting deaths from this virus are acting?

  4. Here in NZ the govt has just announced today that ANYONE who sneezes, has a runny nose or coughs will be labelled as having Covid-19 unless proven otherwise! Agh! (Gotta be careful not to use a Kleenex in public!) God damn these Baal-minded bullies!

  5. The fudging with the numbers is mainly coming from the viruses getting into nursing homes and hospitals, or to others with other serious health disorders who are vulnerable, and then likely the bean counters attributing the deaths to the COVID virus.

    However, the actual proof of the psyop is the fact that after all this time since December, all the evidence has been that it has been only those who are very frail, with serious health compromises, and particularly those of very advanced age who are at any real risk of dying, as they are with any bad flue going around. The South Korean stats used as the basis of most of our modeling in the West showed no real risk of death for the young, and until you got to the over 70 or 80 crowd did you get stats of a 5% or 8% mortality rate. However, even those figures were skewed to exaggerate because such percentages were based only on those who had symptoms serious enough to go to a clinic or a hospital. There are at least 30% of people infected who do not suffer any really noticeable symptoms, and then the vast majority of those with symptoms are mild and if more severe, then not life threatening. My view is that it will be in the highly politicized US, and other debt-rigged and corrupt nations, where you will now see anomalies with younger and healthy people dying and their deaths attributed to the virus. The reason for this is that the past three weeks many critics, ourselves included, have been hollering that the Emperor has no clothes, that their is no reason for a general lock down at all, when all we have to do is to protect that very easily-defined, vulnerable, and very small fraction of the population actually at risk of death, and it is totally unnecessary to shut down everything. As soon as that became apparent to more people in the public, just over the past few days do we start hearing about other segments of the population which could be ‘at risk of death’ all coming from the psyop managers down through their chain of command.

    The people in our systems will do whatever they are told, never questioning what the “authorities” deem as necessary even if it means freezing the economy and eventually our finances leading to chaos and terrible violence. By participating in the psyop not only are they accomplices to any harm which ensues, but they are inflicting on everyone the plague of total mistrust which most certainly will entail martial law, widespread unrest and violence. In the interim and in their elitism they are now demonstrating that we are in fact their prisoners, and they can lead us about to do or to refrain from doing anything they want.

  6. @boto

    It’s all lies, you moron. People like you do no research and have no mental ability to reason, and so they take you in with lies.
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State . Goebels

  7. What a scam all this scaring propaganda! Why don’t people pay a visit to the emergency unit and see by themselves that it is practically empty! This is a psi-op with the purpose of more deep state control on the population – nazzi/communist style.Say by by to your freedom…, and you are complicit for your enslavement. Wake up people!

    According to the propaganda of the scammers, people would drop as dead flies. They are not! They forget that the great majority of us, we have what we inherit from our ancestors – an immune system defense. And, according to the true figures, the virus is a joke! Stop the scam, intended to serve the totalitarians, that want to bring on us a totalitarian nazzi/communist stile world. If this is what you wish, go ahead with this madness!

  8. Molecular Geneticist & Science Advisor, Professor Dolores Cahill, Debunks Scamdemic.

    This is worth watching for the content and explanations lacking in the MSM.
    She has a warning about RNA vaccines also. Excellent interview IMO

  9. @boto: No one said they were acting. The scenes do add up to what being reported. Quit reading into things.

  10. 40 years in healthcare! Let me be frank, this is the biggest scamdemic in my lifetime! Birdflu, swineflu, sars, mad cow, HIV, to name just a few, and here we are. I understand that the media hype scared everyone with their non-stop coverage but I am appalled at the healthcare industry of which I have been a part of for 40 years. I never turned my back on a patient in need but it is now acceptable to turn those away who aren’t a promising Covid patient to pad the numbers. Of course people are dying, they died every year by tens of thousands! Nobody noticed! And nobody cared until the invisible bogeyman showed up in their neighborhoods. So now what? Wait for Covid-20? 21? If you are afraid of the underwear bombers, anthrax mail, terrorists and your own shadow, then stay home wearing your mask and you can peep out the window at the rest of us who want to get back to living our lives!!! Enough already of all this! Fact: people die, young and old. So let’s get back to living while we are still alive and quit fearing the inevitable we all face. This country was founded by men of courage and integrity not the mousy, afraid of everything populous we have now. Freedom was earned, don’t just give it away for the promise of money or vaccines. There will always be a new terrorist/ bogeyman/ killer virus around the corner!