Health chief says Britain must stay locked down until JUNE

By Joe Middleton and Ryan Fahey and Isabella Nikolic and Jemma Carr and Jack Newman For Mailonline – March 29, 2020

The deserted streets of one of London’s main shopping districts. Click to enlarge

Britain must stay in total lockdown until June to properly prevent the full extent of the deadly coronavirus and social distancing could last for months, a senior health chief has warned.

The country’s coronavirus death toll rocketed by 260 to 1,019 yesterday in the worst day the country faced yet. A total of 17,089 people tested positive for the bug.

The Prime Minister, who is self-isolating after testing positive for Covid-19, said on Saturday ‘things will get worse before they get better’ as he stressed the need to stay indoors to support the NHS by slowing the spread.

Senior government figures have been more optimistic and have suggested that coronavirus could peak in April with approximately 5,700 deaths. But Professor Neil Ferguson said Britons will need to stay indoors for a full three months.

The leading epidemiology adviser to the government told The Sunday Times: ‘We’re going to have to keep these measures [the full lockdown] in place, in my view, for a significant period of time – probably until the end of May, maybe even early June. May is optimistic.’

Professor Ferguson added that even if the lockdown is lifted, people will still need to abide by social distancing measures for months to come.

It came as Michael Gove today declined to be drawn on how long the tough measures restricting people’s lives would be in place for, and that ministers would not hesitate to enforce tougher rules if necessary.

‘There are different projections as to how long the lockdown might last,’ he told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, when asked about one key expert’s prediction of June.

‘But it’s not the case that the length of the lockdown is something that is absolutely fixed.

‘It depends on all of our behaviour. If we follow the guidelines, we can deal more effectively with the spread of the disease.’

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14 responses to “Health chief says Britain must stay locked down until JUNE”

  1. A problem for world authorities is that while it was advantageous to them to implement the lockdown globally, the resistance to it is also likely global. Although places like Britain have been in lockdown far shorter than Italy and Spain for example, once an uprising starts in any of those places that uprising can sweep the world in hours. People know the figures for the Covid-19 dead are far fewer than for the flu, so not only was this never a pandemic, it’s less deadly than flu. Therefore the response to it is fake and for very sinister reasons.

    Recession ? we are bankrupt, rothschilds loans given to us to fight Germany for him, bankrupted us in the UK.
    The loans for w w 2 which we dragged out until 1945, were finally pain back on June 6 2006, amusingly this was 666, as is Wall St New York, and also The New Labour,
    We were hoodwinked into fighting w w 32 for the jews, and they are getting us ready for the next one, i wonder how many stupid Brits will sign up for that one ?

  3. This wonderful link shows that there’s a crack in the dam:

    That unequivocal Covid-911 risk downgrade was done under the auspices of “The 4 nations public health HCID group” so it’s not just UK health experts who are pointing out the truth.

    The Emperor is naked and will have a very hard time imprisoning everyone until June!

  4. This is a Notice to all Governments. The people will have their redress one way or the other for your bungling and your injustices.

    It is clear from all of the evidence available that the losses and damages resulting from the government lock downs and restrictions against commerce and human relations now far outweigh the heath risks to the general population from the COVID 19 virus. Unless our governments revise the measures so as to apply only to the small fraction of very vulnerable and generally very elderly people in our populations who have significant mortality risks, there will be numerous law suits by citizens, businesses, and corporations for full recovery of their losses.

    Undoubtedly, there will also be major negligence and intentional-tort, class-action law suites particularly against the governments of the Untied States, Canada, and China. The governments of these nations have permitted the possession, experimentation and likely alteration of the COVID-19 flu virus, and have allowed it to “escape” either negligently or with intent. They, therefore, are vicariously liable for all damages including personal income and economic losses of the various victims, anywhere.

    The preponderance of evidence remains that, the present Corona virus in the past few years was at the Ft. Detrick biowarfare laboratory in Maryland, and from there samples went to the University of North Carolina, which publications reveal that it was likely altered and tested in their facility, and from there samples of this virus went to the Level IV lab in Wuhan, China. There is also evidence of experimentation on the same virus at the Level IV lab of the Canadian government in Winnipeg, Canada, and from last summer there is evidence of a Chinese molecular biologist at that lab taking and sending samples to the same lab in Wuhan.

    In civil law the fact that it was likely the COVID 19 virus which escaped or was released would be the basis for a claim based on negligence, against all three nations, which would be sued jointly and severally by any victim able to get standing in either the US or the Canadian courts. That fact that the virus was in the US and Canada and that there were paltry security precautions to prevent it from going to a facility like Wuhan, which had a bad record for security having allowed other viruses to escape in the past, would make all three nations liable in negligence. Also, even if the virus was not bio-engineered the probability of the exact same virus which went to Wuhan, and Wuhan being the epicenter of the outbreak, strongly indicates that it was the same virus. With the governments of the US and Canada being sued by aggrieved parties in these nations, it is conceivable that the defendant nations would “third party” China and be able to seize any assets owned by Chinese interests in these nations.

  5. “Britain must stay in total lockdown until June”…and you people there are putting up with that shit?!? What on earth happened to the British that you are so cowed, cuckolded, and complacent? You know how many people are on mandatory “lockdown” where I live? Zero. And nobody is dropping dead in the streets from this bullshit “pandemic”.

    If you allow the “authorities” to enforce this draconian lockdown for even one more week, one more day, you are willingly letting the economy be utterly decimated and submitting yourself to abject slavery. But you willingly gave up your guns, so now you’re screwed.

  6. @Fred B “…there will be numerous law-suits”

    Aren’t you aware that “they” OWN THE COURTS and that – in the New “Normal” – any thoughts of “law-suits” will get you ONE WAY Ticket to a place you’d rather not be?

    I suggest you brush-up on your George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Solzhenitzin… take your pick

  7. what is obvious is that the only ones who seem to have a handle on it at present is Russia, so what is wrong with a little connection and Maybe a little help, it is times like these when we got together During the Last World War, or are we going to Carry on Listening to Russo Phobia And Bullshit, and Continue being the “American Circus Pony Show,” I think we all know which Country is Putting Themselves out There and are giving help and Aid and Advice to those that need it, Instead of continuing to pat Themselves On the Back and congratulate Themselves about what a great and exceptional country they have got, It is well past time for us All to recognise just who is the Enemy and put out the Hand of Friendship.

  8. Will I ever see my wife again? I’m disabled and was in a strange town the night Bozo the clown banned all “non-essential” travel. Now we’re separated, only having the telephone as a means to stay in touch and with no way of knowing how long zog intends to maintain this flunacy (flu+lunacy).

    I may be crippled, but if that bastard came to my door he’d go away with his clown face rearranged.

  9. High time people started to realise that ‘the authorities’ are of the opinion that the people are at the same time: 1.)Stupid slaves, 2.) Cattle for profit, and 3.) The ENEMY, if they wake up. Because people started to wake up, they get treated as the enemy. Slaveowners do not like the slaves to become too clever.

  10. Umbra, I think David Icke got his idea of people being now sheeple from the British people all around him, so used to all the free stuff, and believing the constant brainwashing of the media and the entertainment industry, while being herded around by all of the crooks, staffs, and dogs of the government. Canada is the same, but the only difference is that the British MP’s who represent this new race of sheeple which has evolved over the past 50 years have transmuted their assents from the “here, here” noise to something which sounds more like a “baaa, baaa”.

  11. The powers that be are all public sector, not those in the private sector who pay for this destructive PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE. The public sector will get paid come what may, and those who work in the private sector will be financially ruined.

    Why do we allow them to put us under house arrest?

  12. The Brits have been dumbed down for years I am sorry to say through the usual sources of proper gander, and political correctness. [self brain washing by self assessing what on can say and cannot say] There appears to be a Pys Ops going on trying to bring a division between the young and old people and men and women. Some people can see these very slight of hand techniques others do not. I am very sceptical of what I see, hear and read in the main stream media. I therefore research further if something appears to be odd and intrigues me by looking at various other sources of information on a particular subject. Then make my own decision. As I go out to the shops I find most people are scared to even speak to each and say hello. [at the stated two meter distancing] I have spread the word as best as I can re:the GOV UK down grade of the Covid19 disease on the 19th March, to get them thinking about why they are being imprisoned in their own homes. Most people will not believe this and accept the Gov narrative, a few do and start to think outside the box and question whats really going on in Britain and why the drastic measures when the Gov as down graded the virus to a ” no longer considered a high consequence infectious disease”. A lesser threat to humanity. When people are scared they do not think rationally and some susceptible to panic. Hence the mass raiding of the supermarkets etc. When the British people do wake up the Lion will once again roar against the corruption and misconceptions that have put fear into their lives. I fear this scenario will be the new control mechanism and used again in the future. The new draconian laws that are being passed to combat Covid19 will not go away and will be used to lock us down herding us like sheep into the pen in the future and isolation and contact from others. This way its difficult to communicate the truth. Hard currency will disappear too.

  13. As above ,(proud Britt), like many others who have bothered to look deeper that the government propaganda you are spot on, I agree with all you have said. From the very beginning of this virus accidental break out???. I have been very sceptical and after searching info from various websites on the subject i finally confirm my first reaction to this
    World wide political con trick that it is just that, a massive exercise in total population control by the NWO . An exercise in just how far they can push people before they rebel . It has been suggested that the people have been brain washed ,( lied to and deceived) over a long period of time and are now in a permanent state of uncertainty as to what or who they should believe on any thing. I do however feel that this whole thing could quite easily have a backfire which will result in massive civil disobedience or even civil war. If and when that day comes the Jews will be scuttling like rats from a sinking ship but may well find the gun boats waiting with fully armed marines, Let’s wait and see.

  14. “The powers that be are all public sector, not those in the private sector who pay for this destructive PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE. The public sector will get paid come what may, and those who work in the private sector will be financially ruined.”

    Well there’s an unholy alliance. The government pays public sector workers from a combination of taxation and debt. In so far as the government create debt, PRIVATE financial concerns earn interest on this debt. Debt that has to be paid from taxation.

    Much of the public sector is of course necessary; some isn’t. In fact, just like Sir Humphrey in “Yes Minister” there is pressure to keep enlarged government in this, the broadest sense. The Tories are the hammer and “New” Labour are the anvil (or sickle).

    So the private sector in terms of small/medium businesses will go to the wall. Larger concerns as well as the civil service etc will be OK. The endgame will be that those working will work for the government or financial institutions; many other folks will work for minimum wage topped up by Universal Credit. The middle class – used in the broad American sense of the word – will be wiped out.

    In this dystonia teacher will continue to teach lies, doctors will continue to proscribe poisons, and people generally won’t have a clue. Promotion and higher wages will go to those who are prepared to go along with the establishment narrative.