Rabbi: “Coronavirus is for the Goyim [Non-Jews]”

Zionist Report – March 28, 2020

Actually, despite what is said here, the Jewish community has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus:

Community is just 0.3% of population, yet nearly 5% of UK virus dead are Jewish


7 responses to “Rabbi: “Coronavirus is for the Goyim [Non-Jews]””

  1. Because of so much inbreeding and other factors
    jews are very unhealthy, this is why reports of them killing palestinians for their organs
    and even killings to order in world trouble spots, are so common.
    In Israel there are so many body organs even dead babies kept in deep freeze for body parts. Jews have low Immune systems and it is these people and the elderly who are vulnerable.
    Most virus labs and drug companies are owned by Rockefeller Org, under various front
    companies, Rockefeller is a branch of the Rothschilds.
    Poetic justice jews getting this virus woudnt you say ?

  2. Friedrich Nieztsche (who I’ve not read a lot of and have read more about) said because the Jews tend to marry other Jews they are probably a more pure race than others. He said of his ubermensch or superman race, it should be bred from amongst the best of all European races and not from the Germans alone. But this applies to the Jews too, who after thousands of years and hundreds of generations must be susceptible to damaging inbreeding before this millennium is over.

    I think inbreeding finished off the Pharaohs (as well as burying all their society’s wealth with dead elites, that skint them), and I think if the Jews are hoping gene-manipulation can keep their bloodlines healthy, they are taking a big risk that Mother Nature won’t recognise her own (ie.non-GMO) and introduce a blight that kills off all GMO strains.

  3. This may be true as a statement/video about Jews destroying non-Jews (Goyim). However, the Jews that state this in this video are NOT real Jews. They are pretenders, fake crypto-Jews. These guys’ ancestors were Khazarian (Khazaria, a region between the Black and Caspian Seas north of the Caucasus Mountains, which is Georgia, Soviet Union and Ukraine today). These Turkic Mongels, ruler Sultan Bhutan in 8th century AD, mandated that they convert to old Judaism (Talmudic Babylonian (Black Magick/Money magic as practiced in Babylon and by the Pharisees in Jesus’ time) Babylonian Mysticism as a matter of convenience to prevent invasions by Christians from the west and Muslims from the south, to facilitate better trade relations (money middleman). These Khazarians became the Jews of eastern Europe from Germany westward. By the way, Ashkenazi, means Jews from Germany eastward! Badum! Bada bing! So, what these guys in the video are NOT saying, but do mean, is that these Fake Jews are also killing the REAL Jews. The real Jews were the ones that stayed in Palestine since Jesus’ time, which would be those Jesus Jews and probably even Palestinians. Thus the fake, crypto-Jews, are using real Jews as pawns and it is these fake Jews that want to establish a Jewish (as cover) NWO, where their king is Satan/the Devil and represented by the AntiChrist. This is the reason religious scholars say the AntiChrist mus be Jewish, because Jews (real and fake) will declare him their Meschiach/Messiah! Remember, the Jews, with Roman help killed the real Messiah, Jesus Christ! So the Jews are waiting for the Messiah, but he will be a fake until Jesus Christ comes back!

  4. “Coronavirus is for non-Jews” Yes, according to these two FREAKS. I’m getting the vibe that these two have been recently excavated after 2000 years in the ground and do not know what planet they are on. The white-bearded Creature on the left is doing his Yiddish smirking thing believing he is from the Chosen Tribe (only in his own mind). I have a feeling CORONA is going to visit the white-bearded creature and shut/lock him down for another 2000 years and provide some social distancing for the rest of Humanity. This pathetic loathsome Golem (white beard) is about to get a reality check from CORONA. I notice his sidekick (Translator in the BIG BLACK HAT) a throwback from the Pale with a slight English accent is not Socially Distancing himself from the CREATURE. Well, Carona is very Democratic and the “Chosen People Nonsense” is just a Delusion of the CHOSEN. Perfidy and Racism is a character trait of the Chosen. CORONA is FOR JUSTICE and cleansing the Chosen from their Delusion, Perfidy and Racism.

  5. I service a very nice car owned by a merchant banker
    in conversation he told me that he saw the Jews were dumping their stocks like mad.
    he said they get told to do these things at Synagogue, he realised something was up so sold his stocks too, he said damn glad i did is it was days before the crash.
    He told me he had studied the 1929 stock market crash, and the jews bailed out of that one too !

  6. There is NO such thing as “Jews”. The Khazarian Chabad control pretty much all governments at this stage. They invented all that “chosen people” shite and then use the “holocaust” to portray themselves as victims in order to stop any opposition to their depopulationist and NWO agenda to wipe out the “Goyim”.

  7. Ultimately, nobody knows what is going on. Nobody knows how we got here, why we’re here, and where we’re going. NOBODY. And then you die.