AMG: Vaccines are Being Used for Mass Depopulation and Sickness

Medeea Greere – YouTube Jan 17, 2020

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  1. US Army General Whistle Blower Reveals Facts of 9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks

  2. I said it before, and I guess I need to say it again, “No matter whether you are provably right or not, if you are not supporting or at least going along with the official narrative, they not only will not listen to anything you say but will arrest or injure or kill you.”.
    First; This pandemic is a hoax. It is being sold using “crisis” actors and mainstream actors who have always been a boon to governments because if they don’t perform when told, they lose everything. Most of them are total Illuminati puppets, anyway. The politicians “self quarantining” are acting to insure the acquisition of power (and Jewish pay-offs). One big, dangerous HOAX!
    Second; It’s the flu.
    Third; They have a vaccine all set to roll out and everyone is going to have to take it whether they want it or not. A vaccine that is not going to have to go through the usual eight or ten year testing and evaluating phase because a Jew lab stumbled on it accidently a couple of years before the outbreak of the viral pandemic which, of course, this vaccine was serendipically (if I can even do that to the word serendipity) tailor made for.
    Fourth; Apparently no vaccine protects anyone unless EVERYONE takes the vaccine. Herd immunity is a thing. No, really, it is, but it doesn’t work like they’ve made everyone believe. Simple nursing 201: Herd Immunity is developed by tribes who get the actual disease and the survivors pass their resistance on to next generations over centuries and each successive generation becomes stronger and more resistant until, voila!, tribal or “Herd Immunity”. It takes a long damned time. It doesn’t happen overnight. They are trying to make it look like if everyone gets their shots then it will happen.
    Fifth; The big fly in the ointment with that is the introduction of lab vaccines which always carry “live virus” among a poisonous cocktail of adjuncts and results in a slough off as infectious communicable diseases that are not really related to the “wild disease” and, although the vaccines never did really work, they are especially useless, now. The man made virus that has vaulted off of the vaccine becomes a whole new creature on its own. Vaccines don’t cure anything nor make you immune to anything and they do not contribute to Herd Immunity. Actually, although vaccines could be concocted to protect humans from some diseases for awhile, the object is not to protect us from anything but to add dangerous fillers and adjuncts like mercury, cancer, DNA/RNA destroyers &etc, etc, etc, and keep the sheep sick and dependent on Big Med and Big Pharma. Not a joke, folks. I was a nurse for nigh on forty years and I guarantee you that no doctor really cares what is in anything he prescribes for you and he will virtually never study anything beyond the Merck Manual which is published by the companies making the drugs. All your doctor knows, or wants to know, is what the drug manufacturer tells him. That’s why the drug reps are almost always pretty, curvaceous women and handsome young men.
    Sixth; The doctors and drug makers are vested in the treatment of diseases, not the cure. All of these philanthropist organizations such as the American Cancer Society, The Diabetes research groups, All of them, too numerous to name, mean entirely nothing. The only cures will be for the overlords and whoever can pay for them. But, that’s redundant, isn’t it. For, only the rich and powerful could ever pay for it. If cures were ever released, these people would be reduced to having to get jobs to pay their bills and to eat. That they never want to happen!
    True narration: Many years ago I was OJT’ing (on-the-job training) at a very large, prestigious military hospital. Let’s call it Walter Reed Army Medical Center just for the purposes of continuity. While carrying on with a group of senior physicians the conversation turned to the latest cancer treatments like the chemo and radiations. Senior male nurses who got in with some of the physicians were kind of invisible and conversations continued as though I wasn’t even there. It turned out that these guys were not only fully aware that these treatments were for the most part deadlier than the cancer, but they thought it was funny because there were cures already made for virtually all cancers and, to make this long story short, they were certain that they were slotted to receive the cures if they ever got the diseases because they were in on it, and they kept their mouths shut. They were already looking forward to very lucrative private practices after retirement. It never occurred to them that they were only useful idiots. Not a lie nor a fabrication. Arrogance rules!
    Here’s the point that needs to be made: If vaccines really worked then anyone taking the vaccine would be safe in the presence of those of us who choose not to take them.
    We would not pose a danger to them because they were IMMUNIZED!
    But, the pseudo scientists say not so. They say that all must be vaccinated because, “Herd Immunity”. They have somehow made people believe that if everyone has been vaccinated then the “Herd” is immune. If the vaccines worked, that would be true, but as free critically thinking people some of us choose to take our chances with the disease and refuse to take the vaccine, it should stand that the ones who were inoculated have nothing to worry about and can shout “I told you so!’ at we foolish dolts as we catch the virus and get sick. Problem is, the vaccines don’t really work and since they have made everyone believe, “Herd Immunity” they can blame us.
    Those of us who have not been vaccinated are in more danger of catching the new man-made virus spin-off than catching the real virus, but so are the vaccinated (but they’ll blame that on us).
    If the vaccines really worked, it would make those of us not immunized want to say we were wrong and rush to get our shots!
    They know that the vaccines won’t work. The object will be to infect everyone with the vaccine.
    The toll in lives will be obscene. The medical profits will go through the roof. Those who just manage to pull through will require lifelong healthcare to take care of the consequences of surviving, and those who suffer only mildly will be re-vaccinated every year to insure Big Med and Big Pharma get bigger.
    The sheep will cry for the New World Order just like they’ve always been programmed to do: “Oh, please Mr. Guvmint Man, Please make some laws. Please take care of us! Please be a good parent to us.” Did you really believe they were going to ever loosen the restraints? Did you really think you were free?
    Eyes wide shut!

  3. We need the decent people in the military, those who still adhere to the time tested moral standards or right and wrong, which gave us some measure of trust and freedom, to unite with the decent people sharing those same standards, to take back control of our nations and to bring all of monsters running things to a very swift and final account.

  4. Oldranger: You know the Truth, and those who know the Truth will be prepared. In the late Fall of 2019, I came down with something like a Flue. I never went to a doctor and treated myself the old fashion way. I can’t remember ever having anything like that, I am in my late seventies. I do know, that the body has the ability to heal itself, given the proper treatment. It took three weeks to get over it. I discovered later, there where numerous other people during that time period, who also had the same symptoms of a Flue/Pneumonia attack, but living in totally different locations. I believe, this virus was already in the Air, even in areas that are hardly populated. This virus is a air-born virus that seems to be added into our atmosphere by what ever means.

  5. “The drugs, vaccines and treatments are safe from the standpoint that they are not killing people… we’re not going to have that…so…a lot of great things have been happening…”

    – President Bullshit, accompanied by the less than useless Vice Dictator, Mike Dense.


    The Head Exterminator is from FARMA. Federal Armed Regiment of Medical Assassins.
    He’s on hand in case one of the cameramen decides he can’t take this shit anymore, and runs up on stage with a baseball bat or something… Nahhhh…Just dreaming again… The cattle have succumbed to BOVIN-HS (Bovine Hemorrhagic Stupiditas).

    We’re caught between a rock and a cement wall; on one side: laughing hyenas, salivating pit-bulls and wild zewz from the Ferengeti; on the other side: herds of oblivious bovines,
    ostracizing ostriches, and sheep with the wool pulled over their eyes.

    Looking for Quarantine Advisors? Call Quentin Quarantino

    Caught on camera Walking around with no flu shot

  6. Thanks Oldranger! That was very well summarized!!

    It’s too bad so much time needs to be expended in explaining things that should be obvious to normal people. Unfortunately, most people are badly raised children; their behavior is worse than domesticated animals. I hear hockey and ball games were cancelled… That’s good. I’ve been hoping to see empty stadiums for decades…

  7. Maybe this is what forced vaccinations will bring –

    Terrible and painful sores appeared on those who had the mark of the beast and on those who had worshiped its image. Rev 16:2