Swedish Report That Lumps Anti-Feminism, Climate Activism With ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ Gets Ridiculed

Sputnik News – March 27, 2020

According to the recent report by the Swedish security service, the threat of Islamist extremism has been waning, as opposed to that of right-wing extremism. The latter, however, has been expanded to include, among others, anti-feminism, animal rights activism and climate activism, which raised many eyebrows.

In a recent annual report by the Swedish Security Police (Säpo), the internal “right-wing extremism”, whose definition has been greatly expanded, has been identified as a major threat.

In its new yearbook, Säpo claimed that the terrorist threat from violent Islamists is waning across the Western world, as opposed to that from right-wing extremists, fuelled by “influence campaigns” from Russia and China. The “extremists” are said to be radicalised by violent propaganda on the Internet and in social media.

“It is a development that is supported by foreign power and which serves to increase polarisation in our society. Several individuals are radicalised via the Internet on the basis of racism, xenophobia and other conspiracy theories”, Säpo chief Klas Friberg told national broadcaster SVT.

Säpo accused Russia of intelligence activities against Sweden and using economic means, such as strategic purchases, in order to increase polarisation in society and undermine it. Russia was also claimed to have “extremist groups” in Sweden, who work as proxy agents to convey its message. A major emphasis in the report was put on unfounded allegations, such as that Russia has interfered in other countries’ elections.

China, by contrast, was alleged to carry out advanced cyber espionage to promote its own economic development and to develop its military capabilities.

“What we have seen lately is how the Chinese intelligence threat has increased and is now on a par with Russia’s,” Säpo senior analyst Kennet Alexandersson said.

In the yearbook, Säpo also took the initiative to broaden the definition of “right-wing extremism”. According to senior analyst Ahn-Za Hagström, the values of “violence-promoting right-wing extremism” are much broader than “racism and xenophobia” and allegedly include nationalism, resistance to LGBT activism and criticism of feminism.

Furthermore, Hagström lambasted internet free speech as a major problem. According to Säpo, the digitalisation of society has facilitated the spread of what it considers “extremist” propaganda. An example of such messaging is that society has changed, with phrasings like “the country we once knew is gone” and “politicians have lost their grip”.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of the internet for violent extremism. New digital platforms provide completely different conditions for communication and opportunities to find like-minded individuals. This is where they are inspired and express their affiliation and allegiance to the leader, movement or vision,” Hagström noted in the report.

This is not the first time reports by Swedish security institutions, such as Säpo or Military Intelligence and Security Service (Must), feature Russia and China among alleged threats. The “Russian threat” was also utilised by the Swedish top brass, including Defence Minister Peter Hultquist to justify a spate of military beef-ups, including a massive budget hike, a re-militarisation of the Baltic island of Gotland and a return of conscription.

Säpo’s report raised eyebrows, especially the catch-all definition of right-wing extremism.

“So climate issues are now violent extremism?” journalist Mattias Albinsson responded to Säpo, attaching an image of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“Are you pulling my finger? Anti-feminism is a sign of violent right-wing extremism? Animal rights activism and climate issues are also signs of violent right-wing extremism? Well, this is how you become a right-wing extremism all of a sudden”, another user tweeted.

“Säpo, now a proud member of the activist government left”, another one scoffed.



3 responses to “Swedish Report That Lumps Anti-Feminism, Climate Activism With ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ Gets Ridiculed”

  1. The globalist rhetoric is all over this piece of their free speech.
    The vehicle that is terrorism will be reduced in torque while they start to ridicule the climate activists because they weren’t doing a good enough job and the Virus had to take over like a 2019 Ferrari taking over a 1960s Morris Minor. Of course the industrialists always set out to diminish the climate activists just incase they went to far and started inflicting on the transnational capitalist class in any meaningful way.
    Both terrorism and the climate debacle will be kept on the books that is assured, you never know when you need a fall back guy.
    The only foreign power sapo needs to be concerned with is the one they answer too. That would be the same power in control of all the factions sapo is mentioning it wants a war on. Nice try keep on trying on we will endure no matter what label they call us no matter what paddock they herd us into no matter how hard they “Ban” us.

  2. The brain dead swedish people have ONE enemy: the jewish free masonic lodge organisation. The entire “Government” structure consists of goalie’s, dictated by the satanistic masonic group at the top, in their sick power structure of HIGH TREASON. All the Swedish retards need to do, is to start exposing this and it will come down like a ton of bricks. The entire “justic” system is total scam, consisting of agent’s with a forign alliance to the jewish BAR: British accreditation regency. Look up the word “regency”. The military and säpo, is controlled by psychopaths, members of the treasonous lodges. The “Swedish police”, just like the courts, are private businesses with ZERO authority. Its all a play on words, “myndig” in Swedish, means to be “of age”. Myndigheter is their word for “authorities”, i.e., these ” Myndigheter” rule thoes who aren’t of age to manage their own business. The Swedish people have been conditioned over many generations, to be fearful. Fearful of nothing. A Swede will piss his pants, if you ask him, who he woted for..

  3. SWEDEN ???????????? Say no more !