Reports of “Unusually High” Russian Naval Activity in the English Channel

Royal Navy sends NINE ships to shadow seven-strong Russian warship fleet active in English Channel and North Sea amid fears Putin is trying to take advantage of coronavirus crisis

Raven Saunt, James Tapsfield – Maul Online March 26, 2020

  • Royal Navy has deployed to counter ‘unusually high’ levels of activity by Russian ships in British waters
  • Russian warships were monitored for a week using state-of-the-art radar, surveillance cameras and sensors
  • The operation by nine Navy vessels was supported by Merlin and Wildcat helicopters as well as NATO allies
  • In a message to Moscow the Navy insisted it will not lose focus on security amid the coronavirus crisis in UK
  • There have been fears Russia is behind a wave of disinformation about coronavirus designed to panic public 
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The Royal Navy has deployed to counter ‘unusually high’ levels of activity by Russian ships in UK waters as the country is gripped by the coronavirus crisis, it was revealed today.

Nine vessels, along with helicopter support, were tasked with shadowing seven Russian warships in the English Channel and North Sea over a week.

The Navy said ‘every movement’ of the vessels was monitored, amid fears Vladimir Putin could try to exploit the turmoil over the spread of the killer virus.

Concerns have also been raised that Russia is behind a wave of disinformation about the disease seemingly designed to foster panic among the public.

In a stark message to Moscow, Lieutenant Nick Ward, HMS Tyne’s Executive Officer said while the Navy would be helping the coronavirus response in the UK, it would not lose focus on the ‘essential’ duty to protect national security.

HMS Tyne shadowing the Russian corvette, Steregushchiy. Click to enlarge

Nine Royal Navy ships have intercepted seven Russian naval vessels in UK waters. Click to enlarge

Type 23 frigates HMS Kent, HMS Sutherland, HMS Argyll and HMS Richmond joined Offshore Patrol Vessels HMS Tyne and HMS Mersey for the operation.

They were accompanied by RFA Tideforce, RFA Tidespring and HMS Echo, and there was support from NATO allies.

Lieutenant Ward said: ‘As the Armed Forces are helping the NHS save lives in the UK, it’s essential the Navy continues to deliver the tasks we have always performed to help keep Britain safe.

‘This is very much part of routine business for HMS Tyne and represents one of the many roles our patrol vessels perform in support of the Royal Navy’s commitments.

‘This is our core business and represents an enduring commitment to uphold the security of the UK.’

The operation, believed to have finished last week, was supported by Merlin and Wildcat helicopters of 814 and 815 Naval Air Squadrons.

Royal Navy sailors and aircrew both monitored the Russian ship activity using state-of-the-art radar, surveillance cameras and sensors which allowed them to track their course and speed as they passed the British Isles.

Three Steregushchiy-class corvettes, two Ropucha-class landing ships and two Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates were observed during the operations, plus their supporting auxiliary ships and tugs.

Portsmouth-based HMS Tyne spent more than a week working in the English Channel, in often challenging seas, keeping a close eye on the Russian vessels as they pass the south coast.

HMS Sutherland, fresh from a demanding period of Arctic training on Exercise Cold Response, watched over the Russian presence as part of her duties with NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Group One – a very high readiness task group made up of frigates and destroyers which patrols northern European waters to provide a reassuring presence.

The Devonport-based frigate’s Merlin helicopter carried out a number of intelligence-gathering sorties over the Russian ships as they passed through the Channel.

Seven Russian Navy vessels, including two Admiral Grigorovich class frigates like the one pictured, have passed through the English Channel recently.

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5 responses to “Reports of “Unusually High” Russian Naval Activity in the English Channel”

  1. “Concerns have been raised that Russia is behind a wave of disinformation about the disease designed to foster panic among the public.”
    What a ludicrous comment. Just look at the corporate media headlines over the past few weeks and you will see that no help was needed by Russia to stoke fear among the public.
    It is clear that the media was primed and ready to go full on psycho from the get-go.
    It is still doing so today, even though the British Government has officially announced that Covid 19 should no longer be classified as a “High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID)
    Global psyop in play maybe?

  2. Do you know why the Russians do this? Because the Russians know that in the Royal Navy, it takes a huge amount of box-ticking and paperwork to get the authority to fuel these ships. The navy’s fuel cards are now maxed out. I can’t remember the exact year, but it was recently, that none of the UK’s frigates left port, not one of them for over a year and most naval personnel have never been to sea. The Russians know this, so it’s just a bit of fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cheaper to keep Russian naval ships at sea than mothball then like the UK. I remember the story where the British Army only had 28 battle tanks in war-worthy condition. You can’t make it up.

  3. The British “forces” consisting of dick-beating jew-porn addicts..their state-of-the-art radar..- they could turn it 180 degrees and see if it can detect the pedofile rings that are eating their future away, from the inside out, at a breath taking rate. We can safely assume, the “forces” are way too brain dead for that.

  4. At this stage virtually ALL nations are controlled by the Khazarian mafia/Chabad. The giveaway is those who are rolling out 5G. They all know its part Direct Energy Weapon and surveillance platform which is lethal to all life.

  5. The comments on this piece are priceless and spot on!

    As for the story itself, pretty funny what the Russians did there, just too bad they didn’t sail a lot closer to the Isles. It would have been very entertaining if the Russians also included more than just two landing ships…throw in a few dozen landing ships to really make the Brits shit themselves. Hell, if the Russians really want to do the world a huge favor, fill those landing ships with actual troops, land ’em on that migrant turd mound England has become, and have them march on the City of London, burn it to the ground, and slaughter every criminal banker in sight. They could then sail back off into the sunset knowing they did humanity a huge service.