Part Three: There are Two Kinds of Expert

Kevin Boyle – March 26, 2020

Part TWO: Update on CoronaVirus : UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Part ONE: CDC leads US in a war against an enemy it ADMITS might not exist

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

2 responses to “Part Three: There are Two Kinds of Expert”

  1. It’s not a war against Covid-19, It is a war against people and society. I’ve had more arguments with sheeple in the last two weeks than I’ve had arguments in the last 20yrs. We have sheeple, many are graduates and phd sheeple, but they are totally thick. 99% understand the 2m rule, but they can’t rationalise why it’s been set at two meters. The answer is because our rulers know that moronic sheeple can’t do 4 to 6 meters, which is much more realistic, given that covid is airborne. Observations: they have turned off the weaponised weather. We now have a total cessation of daily fronts of heavy rain. It stopped like a switch was flicked. We’ve just had the most settled weather for over 20yrs. So the UK went from flood the economy to keep the bankrupt economy afloat, to covid bailouts.

  2. In 1938 while the UK and USA was talking peace it was secretly preparing a war with Germany, the FBI paid an actor Orson Wells to run a broadcast called “War of the Worlds”
    about aliens landing in the USA. The purpose was to assess scare tactics and how to frighten the people into join the military ” to protect their families”
    Hitler loved the Arian race e g Germany and England and would never have declared war on us, so the people had to be frightened into joining the military
    The Book Lies in wartime by A Ponsonby lists in detail the government lies to get folk to fight its wars for it, and every war its the same pack of lies
    We were told we dont want to be ruled by Germany lets have a couple of nice wars,
    then after the wars government says, we need to swamp the country with outsiders and
    then we can be ruled by Germany in the EU
    Scaremongering was used brilliantly in the corona virus just as in war of the worlds
    its time we gota real government of real people, not the rothschild zio cut outs we have now