Corona: the case number game

Jon Rappoport – No More Fake News March 26, 2020

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In this episode of public health bureaucrats go crazy, let’s look at their numbers. Let’s accept their reality for the moment—the reality they claim to be working from—and trace the implications. Buckle up.

Start with Europe and just plain flu. Not COV. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe [1], “During the winter months, influenza may infect up to 20% of the population…” That’s ordinary seasonal flu.

The population of Europe is 741 million people. This works out to 148 million cases of ordinary flu. Not once. Every year. EVERY YEAR.

According to [2], “As of March 23, 2020, there have been 170,424 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the whole of Europe since the first confirmed cases in France on January 25.”

I urge readers to roll those comparative figures around in their minds, and realize that ordinary flu has never been called a pandemic, and has certainly never resulted in locking down countries.

If we take the COV Europe numbers I just quoted, which cover a period of two months, and multiply by six, to estimate the number for a year, we arrive at 1,022,544 cases. Even if you want to build up this figure by claiming it’s accelerating, do you really believe it’ll reach 148 million for the year, the number of ordinary flu cases? And again, 148 million is the estimate for EVERY YEAR. Every year—and no mention of a pandemic. No lockdowns.

Let’s go to Italy. According to [3], “Italy has the highest amount of confirmed [COV] cases in Europe with 59,138…” That’s as of March 23. If you multiply by six, to get the annual figure, you arrive at 360,000 cases. You want to blow that up, because of acceleration? Go ahead. How about a million cases for the year? Two million. Three million.

Now let’s look at ordinary flu cases for Italy in a given year. According to [4], “In the winter seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17, an estimated average of 5,290,000 ILI [influenza-like illness] cases occurred in Italy, corresponding to an incidence of 9%.” That’s 5 million plus each year. Not just once. Was a seasonal flu pandemic declared in Italy? Ever? Was the whole country ever locked down as a result? No.

Finally, let’s look at figures for ordinary flu, for the whole planet. A study published in the journal, Pharmacy and Therapeutics [5], states, “Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness that is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality. Approximately 9% of the world’s population is affected annually, with up to 1 billion infections, 3 to 5 million severe cases, and 300,000 to 500,000 deaths each year.”

A BILLION cases EVERY YEAR. Is this called a pandemic? Is the whole world locked down every year? No.

Feel free to track the purported number of COV cases as time passes. As I write this, the number is 392,286, and deaths are 17,147. Let me know when the COV case number reaches A BILLION for the year and the number of deaths passes 300,000. Then keep me posted on how the one billion COV cases are repeated EVERY YEAR with at least 300,000 deaths annually.

And that concludes this episode of public health officials go crazy and wreck economies and lives in the process.

There should be a tracking “world-o-meter” providing live updates on THOSE figures.



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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.



9 responses to “Corona: the case number game”

  1. The problem with this is that its like comparing apples and oranges. Seasonal flu kills 1 to 3 people per 1000. Covid kills 3/4 people per 100. Now, I’m not a statistician, I can’t be totally sure these stats are right, but it’s a huge mistake to think of Covid-19 in terms of seasonal flu.

  2. The COVID-19 virus was bio-engineered in the US. No question now. Dr. Rashid Buttar –

    Next. The proof that this is a planned psyop to control us by utilizing our control-freak, lying and oppressive governments is that the vulnerable segment of the population has long been identified, and yet to date they have not announced and publicly recommended any special or exclusive measures to protect them, while they unnecessarily keep over 98% of the population whose lives are not threatened under their draconian lock-down.

    If our Western governments will allow and coordinate their agencies with the other stooges of the ruling cabal and cartels and pull a 9/11 on us (which they did), they would have little hesitation in allowing the same crowd to spread an engineered virus about for them to do their bit and keep us under lock-down, while they and their cronies collapse the Western debt bubble, seize as much booty as possible, freeze and reset all finances and holdings, usher in their universal currency, and confine us as long as possible in preparation for their totalitarian rule and resulting economic impoverishment.

    If they would do all of this (and they are doing it this right under our noses), then next time around they will most certainly cooperate with the directives and machinations of the omnipotent cabal when a more lethal strain of this virus or some other is released upon us, in order to accomplish that which their minions have already expressly agreed to do, which is to radically and intentionally reduce the population of the world. A world war is too messy and there would be nothing left for them.

    These few have succeeded to their places of imperious dominance over us by concentrating and consolidating all real wealth and power into their grasping hands, mainly through stealth, plundering, exploiting the weak, insider trading, heinous crimes, making money out of nothing and then lending it back to us, debt rigging of nations, unjust wars, the fake global warming crisis, the fake pandemic crisis, fake science, fake history, fake news, anti-family and anti-life polices, and their totalitarian control of fiances, the media, our politicians, our governments and all major electoral processes.

    They are now preparing us for the slaughter. First will be the economic one. Then they will round up those they have identified as dissidents. Then they will follow the path of their Nazi and Communist exemplars and exterminate all those they deem useless.

    The most expendable whom they deem are draining our health-care dollars are at the top of their hit list, and are already being systematically knocked off with recent euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation in our nations, and now this. Look who is getting it and where is the exclusive and special protection for them in the midst of this virus which is really killing only really them? Oh my goodness! They just happened to forget that while they continue to tighten the screws more and more or everyone else.

    A radical internet blackout or purge of everyone exposing them is next on their agenda. “We have found the enemy and he is us.”

  3. I agree

  4. Plus there’s no proper test for Coronavirus anyway – which makes all the wiseacre claims that you “can’t compare Coronavirus with ordinary flu” complete bunkum. You can’t compare it with anything – because the test isn’t a proper test for a properly defined disease.

  5. Article – “Coronavirus: Pandemic To Police State”

  6. Response to Carl Jones. Thanks for your entry. In any event: “Seasonal flu kills 1 to 3 people per 1000. Covid kills 3/4 people per 100.” is an assessment so far given to the public……but I am willing to bet the farm that the 3/4 per 100 may actually be closer or exceed the seasonal flu of 1 to 3 per 1000. That’s because there is a multitude of people infected that show no or mild symptoms. In other words the final figure may be difficult to ascertain or is not quite out yet if it ever will be shown for one reason or another. If this be the case then we have, considering all elements of this scare, one of the most extreme and bizarre responses ever made to a flu epidemic in view of the multitude of flu epidemics we have had in the past.

  7. Fred B: it might have been made in the US, It might have been made in the UK at Porton Down. The US (officially) does not benefit from the corona. You could argue that it dumps Trump, but will there be an election? Will the democratic heartlands turn out in November when the 2nd viral wave takes off. The country that wins, wins, wins is the UK.

  8. Joel: yep, all the balls are in the air… airbourne (pun intended). It’s not flu, it is weaponised.
    We don’t know how many waves of Covid we will get… assuming it behaves like a typical coronavirus. Usually 2 or 3 waves. I believe its weaponised, will it mutate into something worse? Will they release another weaponised virus? Two ways to look at this. Is it simply a way of bailing out the sheeple and the bust financial system, or, is this a serious attempt at population reduction? Remember, lots are dying because of corona, not from it. If we lose 4% on this wave, the next wave could be 6% and the next, another 4%, that’s 14%, but another 6% could die because of redirected resources or no resources. We have no idea how many in Africa or South America will die, probably many more than in Western counties. My guess is that this is both financial stimulous and a human cull. We could have years of this.

  9. Looks Like Jon Rappoport doesn’t know about the exponentiality.

    It doesn’t double like that but exponentially. It will double in a number of days depending on the spread value, also called R0, which determines how many persons one infected one infects on average, (which is now greatly reduced due to the lockdown)

    If it doubles in 6 days the numbers look like this:

    day 0 59,138
    day 6 118,276
    day 12 236,552
    day 18 473,104
    day 24 946,208
    day 30 1 892,416

    In NYC it seems to be doubling every 3 days now.

    Also the influenza is said to kill something 0.1% or so whilst ncov-19 seems to be much higher.