ADL Wants Bailout Money to Protect Jewish Supremacy

Kyle Hunt – Renegade Tribune March 25, 2020

Anti Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt. Click to enlarge

The ADL has been pressuring Congress to give them lots of bailout money. In order to not seem like stereotypical greedy jews, they lumped themselves in with a group of other non-profits. Of course some of those non-profits holding out their hands for American taxpayer money include groups like Agudath Israel of America, Haddassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. These jewish supremacists are going to live like kings on the backs of the “goyim” of America.

The petition reads:

Today, Congress is negotiating a legislative package in response to the health and economic crisis related to COVID-19. ADL has added its voice to a letter (link here) signed by a coalition of over 200 national non-profits urging legislators to include $60 billion in emergency stimulus funding to support our work and our employees, and keep 12 million people employed across the country. This federal relief is critical to ensuring that non-profit organizations continue our work during this time of crisis and need.”

The ADL has $92 million in net assets, but apparently that is not enough. To be honest, it’s never enough for these supremacists.

They will take American taxpayer money to then turn and use it to defame, ban, threaten, and harass American citizens.



2 responses to “ADL Wants Bailout Money to Protect Jewish Supremacy”

  1. Isn’t it strange how so many who consider themselves part of some master race so often appear least able to sire one.

  2. There are these days a lot of rotten apples in every barrel of influential and controlling groups and organizations, whether they be Jews, Masons, the International Banking Cartel, my Catholic Church, political parties, governments, or the media. The ADL and other ruthless Zionist groups do not exist to protect a persecuted few but rather they are there to suppress all exposure and opposition to the rotten apples in their exclusive barrel, likely to further virtual monopolistic control over fiances, the media, and major political systems. For the common good of everyone those rotten apples have to be exposed and be accountable for their abuses of their wealth and power like every other group or organization.

    Honest people inside and outside of my own Church are working to expose the corruption and abuses of all of the rotten apples in high and low places. We have no equivalent of an ADL or powerful lobby groups trying to suppress that exposure. According to universal standards for truth, justice and trust we are trying to purify the organization with the exposure. On the Jewish side of the issue of absolute rottenness in all high places, there are heroes like Henry Makow, Brother Nathaniel and many others trying to do the same for their people and the common good.