The Coronavirus and the Culture War

E Michael Jones – Culture March 24, 2020

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3 responses to “The Coronavirus and the Culture War”

  1. This crisis has certainly caused Mr. E. Michael Jones to sharpen his focus.

    This is an excellent presentation.

    If it can be said that the zewz have created their specific egregore over time, it can also be said that courageous, knowledgeable and inspired Christians have created their own egregore as well. That, to me, is what constitutes the basis of the enlightened, benevolent dimension of what is commonly referred to as “Christian Culture and Civilization.

    I postulate that this benevolent, idealistic and universalist egregore was brought about in spite of the religion, its institutions and its “holy book”. It exists because of a desire in all normal people to improve their life circumstances through intelligent and fair cooperation trusting that the outcome will be good for all involved . Abiding by universally understood principles is a better approach than becoming a cheerleader for a particular guru to the exclusion of the many other sources of wisdom.

    Whatever Jesus was, it is a story in your head; and that story is different for each person. The same could be said about Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, etc… None of them are here today to explain and clarify matters and it doesn’t matter since there are plenty of people ALIVE TODAY who can explain and clarify many matters; the biggest problem is the fact that packs of hyper criminal control freaks, who own everything including the minds of the masses of “believers without a cause”, are doing their damn best to prevent those masses from learning from real teachers… Instead, they are trained to believe in utter nonsense.

  2. Who are these oligarchs, Jones?

    Who protected and fed them for long centuries?

    Turn another cheek. If not enough, bow down and offer your a$$hole.

    Jones is morally bankrupt to me.

  3. Even though E. Michael Jones (EMJ) makes very good points and he is right in his premise about Good and Evil and Free Will and Man’s fallen Sin nature and uses the Example of Joseph and his 11 brothers, who sold Joseph into slavery in Eqypt, as the way God works, that even Evil can be used for Good or that Man would NOT know Good if Evil did Not exist. Yes ultimately God is in control, but in terms of this battle and culture war, EMJ, forgets to add the Bible’s Book of Revelation, which symbolically shows the progress of man in our time, known as the Last Days or the Endtimes and that the Oligarchs are winning and achieve their NWO by their machinations, but Jesus will destroy them and allow hunble, God-fearing people to survive into the next realm, a temporary heaven on Earth and then the real Heaven in the outer world beyond Earth. EMJ forgets that the Book of Revelation also shows that the Oligarchs/Globalist Elite/Khazarian Mafia Central Banksters use all forms of manipulation via shock/chaos and even incrementalism, like the frog in the pot of water where the water temperature is slowly increased to the point of boiling, that the frog (people) do NOT notice.

    Next concerning this Coronavirus pandemic, both China and the USA are playing the blame game. From this you would think they are on opposite sides in this NWO game of American unipolar hegemony vs. Chinese Eurasian Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) multipolar alternative. You would be wrong, because NO Matter who the king/Antichrist will be there will be a NWO, probably Rothschild Central Bankster Jewry. IN China vs. USA over the Coronavirus pandemic, I predict that China will win because China and Russia are now helping Italy, Europe and the World eventually to fight Covid-19, while the USA is being monopolistic, exceptionalistic (exceptionalism), arrogant, selfish and greedy (like Trump is personally) toward everyone else. Thus the nations will hate America and its partners, the UK and Israel and will gladly join China/Russia in their NEW SILK ROAD venture fro a powerful Eurasian Landmass Land power. This Eurasian Landmass includes a reformed EU and Africa, where a 2 faced Israel will be the HUB on a bicycle wheel. Thus the worlds power-base is shifting East away from the Atlantic corridor. which was the Sea power of the Anglo-American-Western European-Israeli Alliance. So human intervention/protest movements like Trump Nationalism or Boris Johnson Brexit, the Yellow Vest or Hong Kong Color/Umbrella marches can take place , but the NWO oligarches will still get their way, a NWO. The only question is which faction or type will it be: International Jewry Central Banksters Communism, reformed EU Holy Roman Empire Vatican Fascism or Russia/China Totalitarianism.
    PS: Notice American Hegemony Billionaire Crony Capitalism Tatalitarianism is NOT listed. This is so because America is not mentioned in the Bible. All world events in the Bible relate to Jerusalem, Israel, the Mediterranean Sea (the Great Sea) and within 2000 Kilometers of Jerusalem and the Mediterranean Sea. America is a fly speck splattered on the windshield! Thus America and its greatness is only temporary!