The Crown’s Viral Power Grab

Ian Fantom — March 25, 2020

The usually bustling streets of London. All but deserted during the ‘lockdown’. Click to enlarge

They used to call it ‘martial law’; now they call it ‘lock-down’. They don’t need soldiers on the streets, but the effect is the same. Yet within hours of my writing those introductory words, the mass media were reporting that there were to be soldiers on the streets in the UK guarding hospitals. And a few days later, California was prepared for martial law. And as I come to the end of this analysis, virtually the whole country is under house arrest before the enabling legislation has gone through Parliament. Much of the Western world is under house arrest, too. Why?

Bigger than Boris 

Country after country is now succumbing. Whatever the cause, this is happening in a world which has become more and more fearful over the past two decades of just such a situation. The realisation that the governments’ story on the 9/11 terrorist attacks could not possibly be correct, eventually gave rise to the 9/11 truth movement. The scare stories that followed 9/11, giving pretexts for wars and for draconian powers by governments, together with attempts to silence those who were raising serious questions, by name-calling, closing down meetings, censuring their output, and targeting individuals, have widened the scope of the 9/11 truth movement into a huge network of individuals and small groups, sceptical of any scare story, and attempting to call governments to account. Keep Talking is one such group, and has a key position, in that it aims to keep the flag flying in London. At our March meeting we discussed the CoronaVirus story as it had unfolded so far, but we also discussed attempts to close down our meetings by a fanatical Zionist group called ‘Hope not Hate’, which had been closing down meetings by freethinkers of all sorts. Now they needn’t bother; we’ve all been shut down.
This is the background situation in which the CoronaVirus story is being spread. My own immediate reaction on hearing of CoronaVirus on Channel 4 News was “I don’t know how much of this to believe”. The most compelling reason to believe there was an emergency situation in Wuhan was the images of people wearing masks in the street. We know from past events that the mainstream media are quite capable of falsifying such events by showing old video, or video from a different location. In any case, we all know that Chinese cities are heavily polluted, and so there was immediately a question in my mind of whether those videos were genuine. It also struck me that of all places for a major epidemic to break out with enormous economic implications this was happening in Wuhan, the G5 centre in China. There had been an extremely strong reaction from the US against Britain’s decision to install G5 technology from China, for political purposes. A scare story was being put about that Chinese technology could act as an espionage back door for the Chinese government, as if Western governments couldn’t possibly apply mass surveillance on their own people. No-one seemed to recognise that mass surveillance by their own governments would be more dangerous than if it were performed by the Chinese government. Whatever the medical evidence relating to CoronaVirus, the political implications are huge.
I was in a discussion a few years ago with a colleague on how tyrrany would come to the UK if it does. My own hypothesis was that a charismatic politician would become Prime Minister, and charm the country into abolishing elections. There were only three charismatic politicians, and two of them preferred to put their principles on a higher basis than any ambition to be in Parliament. The third one is now Prime Minister, and he was the one I had in mind. However, Boris Johnson had to decide which horse he would ride: the Queen’s horse or the people’s horse. He chose the people’s horse, and now has to stick to that. It still seems to me that his overriding ambition was to become Prime Minister, but he now has to complete the course. I think it’s encouraging that he has been in dispute with his Cabinet’s civil servants. It means that he is trying to break free from their tyrannical rule following a dismal period under Theresa May, who just seemed to be acting as a puppet for her civil service Brexit advisors. I think, too, that Boris Johnson understands the deep scepticism that would arise from the people as regards motives, if he were to introduce draconian measures before the people were really convinced of the need for them. In any case, the CoronaVirus lockdown is much bigger than Boris Johnson.

The Banking Crisis 

I’d just written the above subheading when I switched on RT’s Keiser Report, and Max Keiser began by saying more-or-less what I was about to write, but much more eloquently, more authoritatively and followed by much more detail. His opening words were: “Hi, I’m Max Keiser. This is the Keiser Report. The Pandemic edition. Special times require special reporting. Of course, the Keiser report has been anticipating so much of what’s going down around the world. It’s not a big surprise for those of you who’ve been watching us for so many years”. It’s not just his followers who were anticipating what is now happening. However, Max Keiser follows the financial markets, and has been going into fantastic financial detail week by week.
The economic crash was going to come about, irrespective of CoronaVirus. He had said some time ago that the total amount of debt in the world was more than could possibly be paid off, and sooner or later there was going to be a crash. The general view amongst economists seemed to be that this crash would be more devastating than the one of 2008. And of course there is a widespread view that the crash of 2008 was brought about intentionally by top bankers in order to consolidate power. I first heard about that shortly before it happened from people I’d never met before in Trafalgar Square during a demonstration. I was at first incredulous, but then it happened, and I learned all about it in 2010 from the film Inside Job.
Over the past few years I had been expecting them to hold off that crash until they could blame it on Brexit, but the economic part of Brexit hasn’t happened yet, and so another pretext would be required. Debt would reduce the demand, and CoronaVirus will reduce the supply. CoronaVirus would then trigger the economic crisis, rather than be the cause.
Reduction in the price of oil by Saudi Arabia will put other oil suppliers under strain, particularly Russia and the US. In the US the fracking industry will find that its profits are less than the interest it has to pay on its debts. In 2008 it was defaulting on mortgages that brought the system down – inevitably, because there was widespread loaning of money to house purchasers who would not be in a position ever to pay the mortgages off. Now it looks like the collapse of the fracking industry in the US. Max Keiser made a point that the total amount of energy retrieved from fracking is less than the amount of energy required to supply the gas. I have to wonder whether that was foreseeable, too, right from the beginning, and whether, possibly, that was the intention.
So are governments going to react as they did in 2008 by taking money from the poor to give to the rich? Are they going to bail out the central banks? It was a double whammy of course, because not only did they bail the banks out, but they ended up borrowing from them and paying off lots of debt. It may be that the British government by exiting the EU has avoided paying its part in the bailing out of EU banks, such as Deutsche Bank. But will they stand up to the big international banks, as Iceland did later that year? Or will the British government again invoke anti-terrorism legislation? They did against Iceland, to the shock of the Icelandic government, and that probably sealed the fate of the three Icelandic banks that then collapsed.

The crazy banking system

It is now widely understood that the present system of central banks in crazy. Why should private banks have the authorisation to create the money supply out of nothing, and then charge even governments interest on that money. Why can’t governments themselves be responsible for regulating the money supply? Or perhaps Parliament? The Bank of England was nominally nationalised after the war, but it’s so secretive that that doesn’t mean much. I’ve been following an organisation called Positive Money since just before it was created by Ben Dyson. Their website home page states “Making money and banking work for society: We campaign for a money and banking system that enables a fair, sustainable and democratic economy”. They organised lectures throughout the country and produced videos and other materials to educate the public on how the banking system really works. I was impressed at their work over the first few years. But one thing puzzled me: How did they manage to set up a staffed office in the centre of London so quickly? I had to wonder who was financing this. Eventually, Ben Dyson left Positive Money and moved over to the Bank of England, and the circulars from Positive Money changed their emphasis to campaigning for the climate change lobby. This was crazy, because they were actually asking the Bank of England to create more money out of thin air and give it to the climate change lobby, an activity which would undermine what they were fundamentally campaigning for. I wrote to them about this a couple of times, then eventually made my point as comments under one of their web page stories. At least this brought about some fierce debate, even though the staff at Positive Money ignored the whole thing.
One of the others amongst the comment writers was – I hope – a future speaker at Keep Talking, by the name of Justin Walker. He is active with the New Chartist Movement, and he recently posted an article on the Bradbury Pound. He explains: “In August 1914, at the outbreak of the First World War, to avoid the imminent collapse of the private banks and the Bank of England itself, Parliament passed a Bill through Parliament in two days which authorised HM Treasury—not the Bank of England—to create, issue and control money that was debt-free and interest-free because it was based entirely on the wealth and potential of the British nation. The high-street banks reopened within days …”. Justin wrote to me: “This is extremely serious – please read and then make sure you send out to as many people as possible this article I’ve just written concerning the collapse of the global economy that appears to have just started care of coronavirus. A proper debate about money creation must now happen to prevent this ‘reset’ of the global economy that will surely lead to the fascist Green New Deal and Agenda 2030 to ‘Save the Earth’”. When I heard that Jeremy Corbyn had supported the Bradbury Pound before becoming leader of the Labour Party I realised that his support for the people of Palestine may not have been the only reason for his being targeted by the Zionist lobby.

How much is true?

Confirmation from China of the CoronaVirus story suggested it was real. However, the use of facemasks in Chinese cities has been primarily to protect against particulate pollution in the air. There is controversy in the UK over whether they play any role in protecting against CoronaVirus. I understand that Chinese people are known for spitting in public. It seems likely then that wearing face masks will reduce the pollution breathed in, and thus reduce the spitting, and so reduce the transmission of the virus. All that makes sense to me, but it wasn’t explained when the videos of Chinese citizens wearing face masks were shown on television.

Wuhan. Click to enlarge

I came across a video by Brasscheck, in which the commentator described Wuhan as “the most polluted capital in the most polluted country in the world”. He states that in 2012 the US State Department was warning that pollution was so bad that visibility was noticeably reduced, and you could smell burning, on a daily basis. “In fact, you can see photographs of Wuhan with the streets filled with people wearing masks, years before this virus appeared”, he continued. This is exactly what I had suspected. “Tell me”, he asked, “How is this not a relevant part of this story?”.
It’s not unreasonable to think that there was an outbreak of flu in Wuhan, but were reports in the Western press exaggerated? A German Pulmologist, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, believes it is, and he has explained this on his website. Under the tab ‘End Corona Panic’ he gives several links, and an embedded video, in which he explains this (in German with English subtitles). He says that every year we have new variations of viruses out of around 100 virus types. He cites a study in Glasglow, in which they track viruses, and report that around 7-15% are normally of the Corona type. Virologists in Hunan identified a new variant of Coronavirus, and put it on a world database, and virologists in Berlin worked on developing tests for it. A test was submitted to the World Health Organisation by a Mr Drosten, and it was accepted unusually quickly. It had undergone only an in-house test at Charité (Universitätsmedizin Berlin), but because of the panic, the WHO didn’t validate it. But such a test will not tell virologists how dangerous the new strain is. That has to be done by epidemiologists testing samples of the whole population, and looking at death rates. Amongst those who die one would expect 7-10% to be tested positive for CoronaVirus. So, he says, if you look at Italy, you have to ask where and how have these few available tests been used. If that was only in hospitals, then that would bias the statistics. Normally the death rate from flu is about 0.1%. So now we have to see whether this number is increased because of CoronaVirus. In previous years in Germany they tested all hospital patients for CoronaVirus, but this year that hasn’t happened. “Apparently it is the case that virologists have created something very sensational here”, he says, “and with their creation they really impressed the Chinese government as well. The Chinese government made something really big of this. All of a sudden, face recognition was installed everywhere at the airports, fever was being measured. The clinical thermometer controlled the traffic on the Chinese streets”. This led to a network of disinformation, making it very difficult for critics to say, “Stop. There’s nothing wrong”.

Questionable testing

An article in Nature confirmed part of the story on the Drosten test: “The lab of Christian Drosten, of the Institute of Virology, Charité University Hospital, Berlin, along with academic collaborators in Europe and Hong Kong, published details of a real-time PCR (RT-PCR) diagnostic test and workflow on 23 January, which detects SARS-CoV-2 and distinguishes it from SARS-CoV. The group verified the test in the absence of SARS-CoV-2 isolates or patient samples but confirmed its specificity against 297 clinical samples from patients with various other respiratory infections. This formed the basis of shipments of 250,000 kits, which the World Health Organization (WHO) dispatched to 159 laboratories across the globe in recent weeks”.
I know through private correspondence that a Freedom of Information Request was put by a James McComiskey to the National Virus Reference Laboratory at University College Dublin on the testing for the virus. He referred to three papers: Isolation of a novel corona virus from a man with pneumonia in Saudi Arabia, Ali Moh Zaki Md PhD et al, New England Journal of Medicine November 8 2012; Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, Huang C et al., Lancet. 2020 Jan 24;A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019, Zhu N et al., NEngl J Med. 2020 Jan 14. In none of these tests was the virus purified, he says. “Thus, the three scientific papers cited above do not prove the existence of the Novel Coronavirus”, he concludes. “I am looking for a scientific paper, which demonstrates how the Novel Coronavirus was purified? Surely, if the NVRL is able to detect the Novel Coronavirus, it should also be able to demonstrate how it is purified?”, he wrote. He also asked about the current situation. The reply was a non-reply.

Politicians’ Statistics

One of our Keep Talking people, Mark Gobell, has been recording reports of CoronaVirus deaths in the UK. His latest figure was 36 when The Sun announced it had jumped to 55, and reported that all victims were still being reported as having underlying health conditions. Mark wrote: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to track the announcements by each NHS trust for each day’s figures because : 1. Not every NHS trust announces each of their deaths 2. At least one NHS trust has deleted a URL for a previous death 3. Many NHS trusts are using the same URL for subsequent days, thus overwriting previous announcements 4. Many deaths from previous days are being reported in the total for the ‘current day’”. He says that the media are converting the carefully worded NHS Trust announcements which at best are simply saying that a patient tested positive and at worst are stated as being “Cornovirus linked” into “died from coronavirus”. In fact, on 22 March, The Sun excelled itself with a headline ‘TAKING ITS TOLL: Boy, 18, becomes UK’s youngest coronavirus victim as UK death toll hits 281’, and then quoted the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer as saying, “They had also tested for COVID-19 on the day before they died but this was not linked to their reason for dying”.
The Mail Online reports: 99% of patients killed by coronavirus in Italy had existing illnesses, new study finds. Author Jon Rappaport describes a similar situation in the US. The cause of death is not specified, he says, and someone comments, “The one thing in all of this madness………..Not one person who has died, has a name…….Who died????”.. So why are all the fit and well over 70s being told to stay at home? The investigative journalist and film-maker John Pilger is quoted in an RT article as saying: “The Johnson govt is to launch a ‘wartime’ attack on Britain’s elderly by forcing people over 70 into isolation for four months. A 2012 study showed isolation killed the elderly. Having destroyed state social care, extremist UK governments are now culling the expendable. Fascism”. Indeed. The report is titled Loneliness in Older Persons: A predictor of functional decline and death.
Nick Kollerstrom found a Public Health England report Surveillance of influenza and other respiratory viruses in the UK Winter 2018 to 2019. He wrote: “Tell me if I’ve got this right. Weekly flu-related deaths winter over past five years is around ten thousand: Scroll down to Figure 37, on page 51. Then Table 7 on the same page seems to show about twenty thousand flu-related deaths a year, rather less. We’ve had say 55 CV-19 related deaths so far: That is somewhere around 0.2% of UK flu deaths per season. Nobody is bothered about the flu deaths: just old fogeys popping off etc. But now all UK schools are closing this week until September, pubs are shutting down for a month etc. and we old fogeys are told to stay at home, ‘self-isolate’”. I wrote back, “That looks about right. If we integrate the deaths per week in Figure 37 do we get to the figures in Table 7? … It may be that CV-19 is particularly contageous but particularly benign. That would fit in with the Patent of Bill and Melinda Gates (a weaker form of CoronaVirus)”.

The Patent

Yes, United States patent US 10,130,701 B2 on ‘CORONAVIRUS’ was filed on July 23, 2015, and published on 20 November, 2018, by The Pirbright Institute, in Woking, UK. The abstract states: “The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavirus … The coronavirus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject”. So they’re not only proposing to manufacture the stuff, but to vaccinate people with it, too!
This patent was discovered on 16 March, 2020, by a group calling themselvesAmericans for Innovation, whose mission is to “fight abuse of the constitutional right for authors and inventors to enjoy the fruits of their inventions, as a matter of basic property rights and sound public policy”. They state: “If we do not speak up, impeach derelict judges and imprison corrupt attorneys, we cannot possibly hope to start fixing the current ills in our society. Without justice and respect for private property, democracy has no sure foundation”. Their discovery of the patent was announced on 16 March, 2020, when they stated: “This is one of the most important posts we have ever released. In the last 48 hours—just as the Coronavirus lock down was occurring in the US—researchers uncovered the likely culprits behind the Coronavirus bioweapon”.
I see that in September 2007 the Pirbright Institute was implicated in an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Egham, ten miles away, according to a BBC report. The same report states, “The Pirbright facility, near Guildford, is shared by two occupants – the government’s Institute for Animal Health (IAH) and Merial Animal Health”. Americans for Innovation state: “We have shown that just a four-hour drive from Wuhan is Nanchang and the Merial Animal Health Institute manufacturing vaccines for The Pirbright Institute. The decision by The Pirbright Institute (Wellcome Trust) to move their Merial Health vaccine manufacturing plant offsite was taken after a virulent foot and mouth outbreak at their Merial plant”. So they just transferred the problem from England to China!
The team at Americans For Innovation continued this research, discovering a network of companies and societies. The Pirbright Institute takes its name from Baron Pirbright, who purchased the land, having inherited the money in 1893. Today that land houses Ministry of Defence facilities associated with British Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), including The Pirbright Institute, essentially controlled by the Wellcome Trust, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – two key funders of the Pirbright Institute – along with U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and Cobbett Hill Earthstation, that are both adjacent to the Army Training Centre – Pirbright land acquired by the Army in about 1875. Just south of Pirbright is QinetiQ Group Plc, which, they found has a 20% holding by The Crown, who also holds a ‘golden share’, which gives The Crown effective control. QinetiQ brought together the various technical projects.
However, ‘The Crown’, like many terms to do with the British constitution, is ambiguous. It is generally understood to refer to the Monarch, but constitutionally it refers to the committee of financiers that rules the City of London, and The City of London is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. The British Empire was an empire of Crown Colonies. I think the United Kingdom still is.

It started with British Concentration Camps

“Lord Pirbright also bankrolled Henry Wellcome’s meteoric rise in the pharmaceutical business as well as Sir Henry M. Stanley’s expeditions to Africa to collect new cures and poisons for Henry Wellcome, as well as secure west African mining rights for Belgium King Leopold II, the British South Africa Company and his protégés Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Winston Churchill and John Buchan, among others”, the Americans For Innovation page states.
This brings me back to the beginning of my researches. I had been pilloried by certain Establishment people for talking about the great English journalist W T Stead, whose memory I was attempting to revive as the most influential figure promoting Esperanto at the beginning of the movement in the UK. I couldn’t understand why, until I found that he had been conned by Cecil Rhodes into recruiting influential people to his secret society, under the illusion that the purpose was to bring ‘home rule’ to the countries of the Empire, and so contribute to world peace. Eventually Stead told Cecil Rhodes face-to-face that he should have been sent to prison for his role in the Jameson raid, a false-flag attack on the Boers, designed to set off the Second Boer War. When Rhodes died, Stead was still beguiled by “the magnetism of his personality”. Stead led the ‘Stop the War’ movement, as well as foreseeing the cause of the Great War. Stead died with the sinking of the Titanic, together with Lord Astor and other opponents of the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which was established the following year. The Americans For Innovation page states: “Rhodes established The Round Table to promote this ‘English-speaking’ hegemony over the the world”. I know that Stead even reported Rhodes as talking about “the English-speaking race”. Stead had to be silenced, and airbrushed out of history.
The Americans For Innoviation account is detailed, and probably hastily written, since they were trying to get this information out as quickly as possible, but they have downloaded and archived many documents to back up their claims. A more easily digested video appears on that page (Bookmark: #coronavirus-bioweapon), in which Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss their findings.
They found that Lord Pirbright and Cecil Rhodes were in the Privy Council, advising the Queen, though they kept quiet on this. “And in those meetings one of the things they did is they cleared the way for the establishment of the British South Africa Company to be a privately run operation that would manage the colony in South Africa”, stated Michael McKibben. He went on to say that Pirbright was funding Wellcome “to look for new poisons and viruses and cures in the African ‘dark continent’, as the propaganda called it, and that they were helping each other to extend this plan to dominate not only the pharmaceutical business but the propaganda business, but they used propaganda to create these fanciful stories about these English explorers who went about these deep dark places, who supposedly were civilising the natives, but as you say I think the real agenda was they were observing how these viruses and vaccines worked on different population types, and they were specifically at that time looking to depopulate the areas of the world that they wanted to dominate in the mining area”.
“So here we have Henry Rothschild de Worms devising the strategy for the Boer War … – we know there was a concentration camp. Over 60 000 people were killed. They were experimented on with vaccines from Wellcome, and that it was Henry de Worms [Lord Pirbright] who conceived of this”, he said.

Predictive Programming?

From the above, whatever the origin of the Covid-19 virus, there is clearly a strong case that the Western mainstream media have been exploiting the situation, causing widespread fear, and even panic, amongst the populations, and that governments are now bringing in martial law and planning to employ the military to control whole populations. We also know that a great deal of planning has gone into reacting to such an eventuality.
On October 18, 2019, six weeks before the epidemic in Wuhan was being reported, there was a simulation of just such an event by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and funded by the Open Philanthropy Project, an organisation whose main funders include a co-founder of Facebook. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center for Health Security was founded in 1998 “as the first nongovernment organization to study the vulnerability of the US civilian population to biological weapons and how to prevent, prepare, and respond to their consequences”. So immediately we are into the area of biological weapons.
They called the simulation exercise Event 201, and they published three hours of videos recording the exercise, with a twelve minute selection of highlights. They specifically talk about a variant of CoronaVirus. Much of their concern is about misinformation and disinformation, and they say that such a pandemic could result in a distrust of news sources. I have to wonder why.
On 25 January a video by a Spiro Skouras was posted on YouTube, headed Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!. He presents some excerpts.
An announcer states: “Global health experts have highlighted that dis- and mis-information are wreaking havoc on the CAPS response. Health workers are under attack on a number of locations due to rumours that they are purposely spreading this disease. And response efforts in many places have had to be suspended because of concerns around violence. Pharmaceutical companies are being accused of introducing the CAPS virus so that they can make money on drugs and vaccines, and have seen public faith in their products plummet”. She says that false news is rising, and levels of trust falling, and that people stop co-operating. “Some governments have taken control of national access to the Internet. Others are censoring websites and social media content, and a small number have shut down Internet access completely to prevent the spread of misinformation. Penalties have been put in place for spreading harmful falsehoods, including arrests”, she says.
Spiro Skouras comments: “As you can see, the subject of dominating and control of information is a top priority. While I understand that fake news is and can be very dangerous and damaging, we must keep in mind that governments and the media have an extensive track record of dishonesty in selling outright lies to the public all of the time. Now in this simulation the Pandemic Emergency Board goes on to decide that a centralised source of information, led by the World Health Organisation, which falls under the United Nations, is the only way they can ensure that they can control information in order to combat fake news, misinformation and disinformation”. That means, he says, that reports that counter the official story are possible, and showing a Daily Mail article, which states, Scientists warned in 2017 that a SARS-like virus could escape a lab set up that year in Wuhan, China, to study some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world. I find it interesting that they should be advocating censuring such reports, rather than advocating complete openness, in order to bring people along with them.

The Crown, the Bank Sharks, and then a Jubilee Year

The relative proximity of the biolab to Wuhan may be one of the reasons that the outbreak would happen in Wuhan, but considering that some of the people involved in the simulation were experts in biological warfare, it may be that Wuhan was selected because of the enormous opposition to Boris Johnson’s decision to acquire 5G technology in the UK from Huawei, in Wuhan. The Chinese, on seeing cases of a new strain of CoronaVirus in Wuhan will have been aware of the simulation exercise, because they were part of it. Possibly they latched on at that point, realising that this could be a biological weapon attack, and so reacted with the measures they had been preprogrammed with. The West then reacted with fake news and exaggeration, and doing everything that they are now accusing the Chinese of doing.
It’s a little disheartening to see how the public has, over a period of a few weeks, gone from believing that politicians tell lies, to believing everything they’re being told. I think that in the UK you can’t get very far in politics unless you do tell lies. There are too many taboos, and they all seem to relate in some way or other to the interests of The Crown. I think it would be fair to paraphrase the British attitude as: “I know the government tells lies, but I’d rather believe their lies than live in a country where they kill their own people, throw babies out of incubators and support religious groups founded by terrorists”.
I think it’s clear that the UK is a Crown colony, and that The Crown is up to its old tricks. After Brexit, perhaps the UK should declare independence from The Crown, or better still, for The City to go into self-isolation. To keep out of a catastrophic debt situation something like the Bradbury pound would have to be introduced. But in the meantime we need to do what the ancients did from time to time. Every Jubilee Year they would cancel all debts. Economist Michael Hudson wrote a book called… and forgive them their debts. That’s what Jesus’s mission was about. ‘Sin’ to their thinking was a debt to society, but they were also talking about monetary debt. Under Roman rule a “den of thieves” was built on Mount Zion, in the guise of a temple, and Jesus was tortured and executed for storming it and overturning the tables. Zionism is the continued exploitation of the people by the loan sharks. It is not a Jewish philosophy, but one that exploits the Jews. It was popularised by a Catholic, born and bred, whose only claims to being Jewish were that his mother was an assimilated Jew, and that he had a crooked nose, which he didn’t. He proposed the “final solution to the Jewish question”, proposing that the Czar and the Kaiser round up the Jews and send them to Palestine.
The Bolshevik revolution was funded by the US bank Loeb & Co, and it exploited the widespread fear in the Jewish community brought about by the pogroms. “We now know, quite clearly, that those responsible are a gang of despicable thugs, who, by diverse and most dishonorable means, with widely put about lies and calumnies, have artfully created terrible hate between some ethic groups and others”, stated one contemporary peace campaigner in 1906. Over recent years there has been a campaign by fanatical Zionist groups to put fear of ‘antisemitism’ into the hearts of the Jewish communities in the UK and some other countries, and intimidating non-Jews into closing down meetings. Now all meetings are being closed down, based on the fear that we’re all going to die because of a deadly epidemic, which is ravaging the world’s population. Now the ‘den of thieves’ is intimidating whole populations in yet another power grab.
So after the CoronaVirus scare is over, we should have a Jubilee Year, and declare all debts cancelled. Perhaps nowadays we can be fairer than the ancients were, in applying debt cancellation to all debts to institutions which have the power to create money out of absolutely nothing.


Many of these links were brought to my attention by people in the Keep Talking network. In the early stages I was preoccupied with a further assault on our group from Hope not Hate (“ ‘HATE’ for short”, as I described it), whilst others were working on CoronaVirus. The first half of our meeting in London of 5 March was dedicated to HATE, and I talked about two letters I had just drafted to invite them and David Cameron to come to talk to us about why they wanted to close us down. The second half was a discussion on CoronaVirus, which kicked off further email discussion. I was puzzled why HATE had not shut us down on this occasion. Now, of course, all groups are shut down, and I suspect that HATE’s handlers may have had foreknowledge of this and told them not to bother following up their offensive by closing our March meeting down, since we’d be closed down anyway. Since completing this article Peter Hitchins of the Daily Mail has spoken out, and so have twelve medical experts.


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  1. A conversation overheard by a maid between Her Majesty, the Queen, and her darling Duke, Prince Philip, sitting in their favorite couch, with their favorite Corgi dog, Willow, in their private apartment in Buckingham Palace, in front of the tele, watching the empty London streets during the pandemic:

    The Queen: Philip dear, isn’t it lovely, so quiet and serene with all the noisy hustle and bustle and the commoners and locked away from the streets and parks into their little homes … quite out of the way, and all it took was the authority of that little pestilence being spread about.

    Philip: Yes Liz. I find it quite exquisite. You know how I feel about the population out there getting to plague proportions.

    The Queen: Yes dear but you know you shouldn’t say those sort of things to loud lest the help hear you.

    Philip: But I am really excited about it. Don’t you see that if that virus concoction that Bill Bates ..or whatever his name is America made up had just been a little stronger we could have this tranquility all of the time and we could promenade wherever we wanted without ever seeing a living soul.

    The Queen: Yes, Philip but keep it down.

    Philip: Well, quite frankly I am weary of keeping it down. Let them all hear. This is our land and there is just too bloody many of them. As I have said before, if the population isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily..

    The Queen: Surely you don’t mean we intend to make this situation permanent?

    Philip: Eventually, of course. That is the plan. This is only an exercise. We are hoping from this that more of our subjects will come to realize just how blissful things could be with far less of them cluttering everything up.

    Elizabeth: Oh dear Philip, sometimes you really do go too far. Why do you care? You may not be here for very long.

    Philip: Well dear, it is called the “Corona Virus” know “Corona” for “crown” after us, and the next model they are coming out with will be quite a bit more deadly. They are thinking of splicing some of my own DNA in it. You know how I have always said that should I be reincarnated, I would want to be a deadly virus that would reduce world population.

    Elizabeth: Oh I see …. Willow, come here to me.

    Willow: Arf

  2. The British government has been able to sow further divisions in society, this time not between the employed and unemployed but between the employed and self-employed. All through promises of wage subsidies which not only haven’t been paid out yet, but which might never be.

    The malcontents in work who complain about others getting something they might not get, or others get as well as they do, shows why there’s so much bitterness in British society towards those who suffered earlier from the wants and demands of neo-liberalism; that is, they were thrown out of work. Many will be in for a rude awakening when eventually they have to claim benefits, when they’ll find the system as cruel as they wanted it to be.

  3. This is a very high quality article. I urge enlightened readers to post to all people they know.
    ( NOT pearls to swine……..a waste of time as readers will know full well ).

  4. It’s not Martial Law ?? It’s a “Lock-down” for your safety ??
    Next we will microchip you all like cattle, for your safety ??
    After all Goyim, mean cattle ?? Right ??