Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever

Dr Thomas Cowan – YouTube March 15, 2020

In times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences, it was easier to be human. For this reason, in order to be human at all today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago. ” – Rudoph Steiner in 1917

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  1. Dr. Klinghardt gave us a lot of information, It’s a pity though he dragged in Hitler’s name with the usual ridiculous charge that Hitler was infected with some dark energy or something and that’s why he did what he did. It’s pretty laughable when a highly educated man like Klinghardt resorts to this unfounded swipe at Hitler.

  2. Ive been seeking the truth for well over two decades now, after asking the lord to show me the truth of things, If enough digging is done i think youll come up with the same result that the old man is saying, if you look at business ethics, the lunacy of the ruling class, the club they belong to, freemasons, and others, and the ritiuals they preform, allister crowley was very popular when he was around, (he wrote about doing what God forbid, and men had intercourse with one another and ejaculation happened with blood and fecies were mixed in the body it is like a portal for letting demons into the body and can control a man or woman from then on) and they secretly meet and perform these unspeakable acts. and these wealthy people join cults and worship giant cement owls in bohemian grove, nixon was impeached for watergate, but i think it was after saying “nothing but a dam bunch of gays there” , theres the temple of Baal gates all over now that were 3D printed so theyre exactly the same, videos of weird happenings during the dedication ceremonys. epstein had a bloody island, where the, so called elite went, he had tons of incriminating evidence on all, another reason why in politics everything just gets worse, heres an example, a guy gets elected and wants to do good in the world theres a party to welcome them in, “heres a drink guy” he drinks the drugged (roofie)drink ends up having sex, finds out he was on video having sex with an underaged minor hes their bitch for his life, its why they dont get in trouble, mayor Gullioni said on tv that he had a free pass??!! Or one is groomed in college to be in politics, like hazing only in more of an occult setting, hazing is blurring the lines id say between right and wrong, in freemasonry they love some duality (black and white together) and they worship the light, whicj is forbidden, were only suppossed to worship God. I know this sounds completely out there, but this for me is the only way the puzzle fits, for me. There are rituals in freemasonry for each level attained or degrees, the higher up, the better the stature and notoriety, wealth, what have you. Theres also a big lodge in every town, and the secretive meetings. Aand no the lower levels think its to do good for the community, and they dont know any more than they are suppossed to, theres things in the bible about knowing them from the secret handshakes, hand signs even winking. If you see the current world and think theres somthing going on there is. Ok, ,, so this is the first time ive commented, im not crazy (i hope) and have not put put it like this as its a novel, and its plenty short also as i could go on and on and on. But will be dismissed as hogwash. But Klinghardt said it correctly “good and evil” but some only know bits and pieces. I had to put this out at this time as it was time! May have a word or two different in quotes but oh well, and grammer may be off aswell, but im on a smartphone with a small screen and smaller area to comment.
    For what is to come, let it. God will protect and keep all safe that believe. Get right with him, and confess with your mouth that you believe Jesus was born of a virgin died for us on the cross was raised on the third day and ask for forgiveness as its for us more than others so our insides arent tied in knots from dwelling on it. We are here a short time what comes next, not so much.

  3. I think Dr. Klinghardt is trying to explain what he analysis through his study , that its beyond human/science capacity what’s going on. he lucks religious sight to fully explain comprehensively. their is end time religious character anti-christ , works on shadow(in different time space ) for this technological advancements . so it refers who that ‘dark energy ‘ phenomenon . alas people have left (trck_neology) thousands yers of traditions for hedonisms. now cought off guard , heading for slaughter convincingly . yes heaps of atrocities have been done by the name of religion , but its not compareple what’s been doing in the name of secularism , science , imperilisim , librslisim. every ISM. a one eyed character on a one dollar us bill, is the mother of all evil. today tulmudic Zionist opnenly proudly waitng for his arrival while enslaving the whole world except Russia and few nations.
    the attack on russia is intensified , that’s a sign that what’s left off the true traditions of Christ MESSAYA is in russia and russia prevail against all odd.

  4. Hitler : Dark energy

    Hitler was a sexual deviant who would do anything to hide his sexual proclivities from the public. This made him a puppet to any foreign country or ideology with the knowledge on him. This is known as “the wood” on a person and anyone with ‘the wood’ has control over that person. ……Hans Mend:

    The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy. Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key – by Elana Freeland

    Langer writes that Hitler was certainly a coprophile (a person who is sexually aroused by human excrement) and may have practiced homosexuality as an adult. He cites the testimony of Hermann Rauschning, a former Hitler confidante who “reports that he has met two boys who claimed that they were Hitler’s homosexual partners,

    Heinrich Hoffman, the official Nazi photographer, gained his position by using information about Hitler’s perverse abuse of his (Hoffman’s) daughter to blackmail the future Fuehrer (Igra:74). Heiden relates another story in which Hitler bought an entire collection of rare political writings to regain possession of a letter to his niece in which he openly revealed his “masochistic- coprophil inclinations”

    Heinrich Hoffman, the official Nazi photographer, gained his position by using information about Hitler’s perverse abuse of his (Hoffman’s) daughter to blackmail the future Fuehrer (Igra:74). Heiden relates another story in which Hitler bought an entire collection of rare political writings to regain possession of a letter to his niece in which he openly revealed his “masochistic- coprophil inclinations”

    Hitler’s grandfather was most probably Solomon or Nathan Meyer Rothschild. Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Schickelgruber, was a maid in the Rothschild’s Vienna mansion when Hitler’s father, Alois was conceived “in fear” in a satanic ritual rape. The Rothschilds could only marry within their extended family so they had illegitimate children who functioned as anonymous agents. [2]

    Prior to being chancellor of Germany, Adolph Hitler was a street cleaner and a gay prostitute.
    Rothschild’s son, Alois Hitler’s third marriage was to his niece, Klara, who became Hitler’s mother. His father was abusive and his mother over- compensated. Hitler became destitute at age 18 when his mother died, and he lived in a Vienna men’s hostel that was a homosexual haunt. Hitler Was A British Agent, Greg Hallett

    An important fact which has been obscured by the Zionist crusaders, including those in the Council for National Policy, is that the plan for the State of Israel was formulated in the secret societies of Great Britain. The Council For National Policy Part II the British Eugenics Establishment [A1]

    Greg Hallett’s book “Hitler Was A British Agent” (2005) depicts war as a ghoulish illusion conjured by occult magicians in order to degrade and eventually enslave humanity in world government.

    Hitler firmly believed that Odin and the other Nordic gods were watching over him so that he could save the German people, and at the same time, part of him also believed that the God of the Christians favored him as well.

    Hitler soon became quite familiar with the work of the journalist Guido von List and the occultist Helena Blavatsky. Guido was a German writer who took Blavatsky’s mythos and made it his own.
    Guido used Helena’s ideas to create his own set of myths based on Nordic traditions. In so doing he transplanted the Aryans from Persia to Northern Europe. He then declared Germans to be the master race, envisioning blonde-haired blue-eyed super-humans.
    In 1938 when Hitler was elected as the new Chancellor of Germany, the Nazis held a huge Pagan celebration in his honor.

    For most of his life, Hitler was predominantly homosexual.
    From the outset of the war, he enjoyed a sexual relationship with fellow dispatch-runner, Ernst Schmidt which lasted almost six years. The relationship was not exclusive, however, and Hitler is believed to have had “sexual relations with a senior officer”. US intelligence later discovered that Hitler was never promoted during WW1 because of his “sexual orientation” and that he was arrested in Munich in 1919 for “pederasty and theft”.

    By the early 1930s, the homosexual ethos at the top of the Nazi Party was so evident that one anti-Nazi newspaper called the political organisation “The Brotherhood of Poofs”.

    Hitler in the Revelation

    Not very well-known, but very true is that Hitler was an Occultist. To develop such a deep hatred against the Jewish People, he had dived deep into the Occult — and taken a wrong turn or two. As mentioned — the Jewish People are no Angels (at least not currently) — and there were certainly also those amongst them that have used ‘satanic’ practices. But it is for sure not true that the Jewish People ‘pray to the Devil’.

    Hitler himelf ‘summoned’ the Spirit of the (evil) War-God WOTAN — or so he was convinced — in the mirror and by offering himself as ‘host’, using drugs like Methamphetamine (Magic Mead). He regarded himself as Saviour and certainly tried any MAGIC he could imagine to effect Victory for the German troops, Divination as well as ‘Witchcraft’. Among British troops, there was also talk about the Germans ‘bewitching’ them — they believed that GREMLINS, folkloric mischievous creatures, sabotaged Allied aircraft & other machinery.

  5. Dear Truthy1,

    your perverse, scat ridden tale of myth took it’s form in the )ewish mind and was breathed into life by talmudic shills across their presses.

    There is a reason that he is demonized relentlessly pushing 100yrs after the fact.

  6. @ HDNW

    Kanzler Hitler was not a demon. I agree. Winston Churchill was a demon for sure. But Kanzler Hitler was not a Messiah.

    Here is Auschwitz III, Monowitz:

    Enormous IG Farben factory. Do you know who controlled IG Farben? New York family, name starts with “R”. Construction of this factory was financed by Deutsche Bank. Have you heard of this bank? Seems to exist to this day.

    German National Socialism was not on war with International Jews. Kanzler Hitler wanted to be a partner of International Jews. He never attacked Switzerland, Gnomen aus Zurich. as Kanzler Hitler used to say. Hitler wanted to be a partner of reptilians but remained just their tool.

  7. Do you guys in Tel Aviv not get bored regurgitating your fairy fiction tales? Wow an entire factory was owned by a company…I mean….what an absolute revelation.

    I’ll just leave this steaming turd to speak for itself.

    “German National Socialism was not on war with International Jews. Kanzler Hitler wanted to be a partner of International Jews.”

    Complete and total inversion of the facts.