The CDC Started Looking for Quarantine Advisors Last November, Before the Coronavirus Crisis

Kyle Hunt – Renegade Tribune March

This is not fake news. This is not taken out of context. This clearly shows that the CDC was planning a quarantine program before the coronavirus “pandemic” and actively began recruiting for positions on November 15, 2019, well before the first case of Covid-19 was even known about.

This is a screenshot of the job posting:

Screenshot. Click to enlarge

The screenshot was taken directly from

If this listing gets scrubbed, it should be available on, but who knows anymore. There is more to the listing, but you get the general idea. The representative for the quarantine program is there to “develop and present training to various governmental agencies and local partners on emergency response protocols, communicable diseases and quarantine activities.”

Just so we’re all on the same page regarding the timing of this posting, here is the timeline of the “outbreak” as put together by Axios.

Click to enlarge

It seems the CDC was well aware of what was coming, just like Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum, who put on Event 201 on October 18, 2019, simulating a deadly coronavirus pandemic.


4 responses to “The CDC Started Looking for Quarantine Advisors Last November, Before the Coronavirus Crisis”

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  2. Does this prove that the evil us. laced the world with this virus through “Chemtrails” ?
    Note the countries that do not have it to those that do !

  3. This article is more evidence that Covid is fake, just another cold bug, no more harmful than other variants of the common cold.

    Different pieces of evidence on lots of jew-wise sites when put together clearly show that the corona virus is another Jewish bankster scam.

    This fake pandemic is being instigated by the same PTB who oversaw the immigrant invasions, transgender madness, wars for Israel, USS Liberty Attack, 9/11, global riots, government overthrows, and Jewish incited tribulations.

  4. This CDC document is a huge smoking gun. The October 2019 Event 201 simulation was over.

    The so-called “pandemic” is looking more and more like a very elaborate psyop orchestrated by the international banking cartel, which has been meticulously planned for years. It is beginning to show similar fingerprints to the 9/11 operation. Also, if they would inflict a 9/11 terror show on us to make us go to war and to justify their increased surveillance of us, they would have no qualms in having the same or similar psyop assets orchestrate a carefully controlled-pandemic for deflection, scapegoat purposes, and for people isolation and lockdown purposes, especially in the Western debtor nations to be hit the hardest by any financial takeovers and resets.

    Listen to Greg Mannarino. The top 30 corporations have just been bought out with trillions of fake money generated out of nothing by the Federal Reserve (the International Banking Cartel – i.e. the Rothschild cartel). He is a market guy and is trying to wake people up. It is a complete takeover of all major assets by a debt-rigging cabal which has been concentrating and consolidating wealth and power into their hands past 200 years. This is simply the beginning of the end for us.

    Lets use South Korea as a bellwether to see what is really going on. According to many epidemiologists South Korea has the best data so far on the virus and unless we are to believe that we are in the same risk sector as people over 80 with serious at-risk health problems, then there is no rational reason for the lock downs and severe restrictions of our populations in our nations.

    The death toll in South Korea is 126 for a nation of 51 million people. The so-called “pandemic” has been totally under control for some time now.
    The stats breakdown according to age for mortality rates is as follows:
    0 – 30 0%
    30-39 0.12%
    40-49 0.09%
    50-59 0.38%
    60-69 1.37%
    70-79 5.27%
    80+ 9.26%
    South Korea did not shut down their industries. They were careful not to cause too much economic imbalance or panic.

    “Commitment, transparency pay off as South Korea limits COVID-19 spread
    South Korean authorities banned large gatherings, shut down educational institutions and other public spaces – such as parks, sports facilities and daycare centres – and cancelled all major sports events soon after discovering the first major eruption of disease in the country, in the southeastern city of Daegu.”

    There is no justification for a nation like South Korea which had only about 9,500 cases of this flu to react by blaming a coming global recession on the virus which the fake media is clearly trying to do with the Korean people.

    “South Korea Braces for Global Recession”
    “Seoul is preparing a stronger fiscal stimulus to deal with the economic shocks caused by the coronavirus outbreak.”

    The people doing this, the elites, have expressed their intentions regarding a world digital currency and a world government. They have expressed their intentions to cull the human race to get rid of most of us. They have replaced God by themselves acting as our omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent masters, with their own controls everywhere, brainwashing us day after day with their constant deceptions. We have to rise up and take back the control of our nations, our finances, and our lives, for if we do not then we will be their slaves until they kill us. Their evil means reflect their evil ends and reveal exactly who they are. They have supplanted God and all goodness by themselves and they have to go.