Rockefeller Blue Print For Police State Triggered By Pandemic Exposed

Spiro Skouras – YouTube March 22, 2020

3 responses to “Rockefeller Blue Print For Police State Triggered By Pandemic Exposed”

  1. People are asleep, they aren’t gonna wake up, unfortunately. So God has to step in or the nightmare would have no end.

  2. Henry h,

    I’m sorry to have to state but God’s not stepping in. To me, it’s very much a case of God creates the sand box and let’s everyone live their lives. He gives everyone free choice and from what I can see, if the Jews are going to control society, it’s because of the willful ignorance of the non Jews, to do nothing about it and continue to believe the lies, courtesy of not, because they’re not bothered to, joining the dots.

    If you really want to know what I truly think – we’ve been here before and we never learn.

    Is the bible real? Well, it’s been rewritten, over and over, with passages changed. We clearly know that the Jewish religion is a wicked cult of self worship, supremacism and racial hatred. People do not want to accept this, EVEN THOUGH IT’S PLAIN TO SEE BY ALL, if they only cared to look, but instead, they’re more than content to just live their selfish lives, doing their jobs, acquiring wealth and not giving a damn about their nation, while it goes to hell in a handcart.

    Do I think the Jews will win? Yes, I do think they will, but only up until the inevitable*. I think they’ll build their Greater Israel. The west will come under total Aldous Huxley reality, within the indigenous population, but the Islamic one will continue remaining faithful to its faith. And they will grow, surpassing the indigenous and taking control. By that time all Jews, throughout the west will have moved to Greater Israel. They’ll have inevitably been forced out by the complete Islamisation of the west, other than former Soviet Block states in Eastern Europe. Russia will have a 1/3rd Muslim population and China still Chinese. However, Israel will have a problem with the west and the rest of the world which will be Muslim – Africa, Indian Sub Continent, Asia (bar China), North, Central and South America. In Israel destroying the west, they will then find themselves, hemmed in. And this will be when they’ll start threatening the rest of the world with nuclear weapons, or biological warfare. The result will be the destruction of Israel.

    Israel will be obliterated, but at a heavy cost – the complete destruction of the western civilisation and most other world nations, to fall under the control of Islam, which happened as a direct result of Jewish control of the west, through mass immigration, government legislation and msm and academic indoctrination of whites and the demonization of them.
    If the west, doesn’t act now and create civil war with this Covid nonsense, then I guarantee that my vision will be the reality.

    Jesus isn’t coming back. He did exist, but he was no ‘son’ of God. He was just a man, that pissed off the Jews and they murdered him for doing so. And this game has been played ever since and long before, by this wicked cult that mesmorises all populations it lives within, or should I say, parasites off of, until it destroys them and moves onto its next victim.

  3. Rockefellers blueprint exposed video by a Vlogger that no one will ever see. Yeah you’re right @Henry h. If nothing else this whole fake pandemic has shown that using FEAR is the ultimate psyop to control and manipulate people. Winter flu stats are being relabel led as Covid. When the side effects of 5G start manifesting, they will say its CoVid, because 5G has many lethal side effects which can relabelled as Covid. The CDC/NHS or whatever healthcare organisation will insist and make it mandatory to be vaccinated. This will contain the REAL virus!!