The Coronation of Trivia and the Headman’s Axe

Reflections in a Petri Dish – February 19, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet”

What we are seeing in the world at present and especially in that Reality TV show of a nation, America… is injustice writ large. We are being gifted with a hearty fuck you from TPTB. We are seeing it in the Matt Tabbi’s article. We are seeing it in the Countrywide whitewash. Possibly the only one who will go to jail in that matter will be Angelo Mozilo’s plastic surgeon, “they made me look like a pig”! Well, it wasn’t plastic surgery after all …it was natural character development.

We’ve seen millions die from the policies of the nation that runs America through the AIPAC/ADL matrix; what Israel wants, Israel gets. We’ve seen tens of millions bankrupted by the actions of AIG and Goldman Sachs. The nations of the world are saddled with unbearable debt so that the bankers and corporate lampreys might live in baronial splendor.

Around the world we see those unable to buy food, rioting before the guns of corrupt monarchies. Whatever they are calling themselves, they are all monarchies.

Still, ignorance is its own reward and those celebrating the nuptials of well bred Kardashians like William and Kate, are celebrating the perpetuation of enslavement and penury at the hands of people whose sole talent lies in having been born in line to a reptile throne. They only wish it was them and something deep within tells them that day will come, in some far distant, future time, in a world as jaundiced and dark as the one they find themselves in today; it would have to be.

Everyone rioting around the world did not miss a meal today. Some are hungering for other things. All of them are living under the bootheels of the bankers and their favored instruments.

It’s no accident that Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne did a commercial at the Super Bowl. It’s no accident that Justin Bieber is world famous. It’s no accident that the Kardashians are either; or Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton or the rest of them. We are viewing the world wide coronation of Trivia. What church do you think Sharon Osbourne and Kris Jenner attend? The ‘why’ of it all runs a little deeper than the general attention span can accommodate but that’s showbiz! The whole thing is scripted and it’s all as sensational and glitter driven as it is, to take your attention off the most important consideration there ever was or ever will be.

Of course they’re playing with you. They were playing with you when they got you to vote for someone called Barack Obama (rhymes with Osama) just to show their level of control. They were playing with you when they brought down all those towers with controlled demolition and gave you absurd explanations for how it happened. They were playing with you when they destroyed The Gulf of Mexico and with all of the other efforts they have engaged in. So long as nearly half of you can’t chew gum and pat your heads at the same time, it shouldn’t matter what the rest of you think. Paris Hilton wasn’t an accident, none of these things are. They are tactical engagements where all that is good and noble within you is sacrificed on the altar of Trivial Pursuit. That wasn’t an accident either.

Once you can see that everything that is thrown in front of your attention is scripted, you are on the way to getting a clue. Keep in mind that the one who rules this world is merely one mask worn by the one who rules it all and that everything going on here, has to do with a single commodity, the fate of which, is the sole purpose for existence. The whole drama and your place in it have to do with how you react and adapt- or do not react and adapt- to the script.

Yes, you truly would be screwed it what you see is what you get. You would be screwed if the ones in power were the sole arbiters of the use and possession of power. You would be screwed if the ones who had the money and guns were the determinant of what happens. On occasion and for certain periods, this impression is very much maintained but these times are different. The masks are going to come off to reveal what lies beneath.

I can understand the concern of those who are very much a part of the ‘what you see is what you get world’ but who also hunger for change and a new world. I can see your concern that all of these revolutions are just more orchestrations on the behalf of TPTB. Nothing, at any time, is solely due to the directives of TPTB. They are herded just like they herd you and that’s going to come out shortly. It’s been a long dry spell as far as truth and justice go but the rains are on the way.

The Lord of the Rings was a great analogy for what’s taking place (up to a point). The betrayal of Boromir, Saruman and Denethor are well reflected in our present day. The one thing the rings trilogy didn’t bring out was that there is only one power with two main applications. Both the fellowship of the ring and the servants of Mordor serve the same force based on their understanding of what is desirable, otherwise, the good guys wouldn’t ever win. It hasn’t seemed like the good guys have won for awhile but that is because you are never seeing more than half of the equation. Half of The Mobius Strip is hidden from the physical eyes. A lot of that is about to change for this dramatic portion of human history.

There is a quotation in The Bible that they are trying to phrase out (pun intended). It goes something like this, “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment”. A study of how this line has been changed and/or eliminated over time will reap certain rewards.

Many of the religious texts have met the same fate as such temporal documents as The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is why a literal interpretation of scripture plays right into the hands of those who think they are running the show. Religious texts meet the same fate as any text, when they pass through the official filters of meaning, whether it is by way of those dressed in coffin bound glitter suits or the black robes of The Supreme Court. Those who set these principles into motion warned against the very state you presently find yourself in. This is why the Tea Party was created to co-opt the natural revolution that is inevitable when corruption has reached a certain point.

The Muslim Brotherhood is reputed to be as much of an Israeli creation as Hamas was but things change as do priorities and ones level of perception in a time of awakening.

They’re attempting to do the same thing around the world, in order to take control of what will replace the old order of things. This is why it has to be pulled to the ground and why certain terrible judgments upon the darkness in the human heart must come to pass.

It’s all going to be sorted and there must be no question about who is who and what they intend, as a prelude to what follows. The hypocrisy has to be irrefutably evident, as in the case of Roy McGovern and Hillary Clinton. It’s also got to get really bad or most people would never be motivated to change the conditions. Because humanity has gotten wide and complacent and lost touch with what it important, they must be shown how truly bankrupt all of their institutions have become. Help is on the way in that regard.

When you can’t make sense out of something it is, most likely, because it doesn’t make sense. Our, lost in the woods on the way to nowhere good, day to day, has to come up against reality and it’s going to do just that. Everything you see happening is all a part of this. The reality shows and their talentless goons; the endless commercials for useless crap, the horrible acts of government, the indifferent postures of your sold out religions, are all a part of the evidence accumulation for a moment in approach. Injustice cannot go on forever, it only feels like it.

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