How Corona Could Backfire

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News March 24, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

7 responses to “How Corona Could Backfire”

  1. And I should trust this dude, why?

  2. I opened this to watch the video of Nathaniel, which appears to be missing. Not overly surprised. I went to my blogsite to make a post only to discover that I no longer have a blog. No matter what I do, I have no blog anymore. Is this just a glitch with Nathaniel or does he also no longer have a website?

  3. By the way…black print on a navy blue background is virtually illegible.

  4. @Mr S.

    You don’t have to trust him or anybody. Apply your own knowledge on whether you think that he is trustworthy.

  5. Yep…they’ve nailed my blog on wordpress….no longer accessible.
    Attempted to make comment on “Aangirfan” blog…no longer possible.
    How long before truthseeker website no longer functions??.
    The former Tony Blair employee and Freemasons scholar Jacinda Ardern and PM of NZ has just pushed NZs “state of alert” (to Corona virus stuff) to level four meaning almost completely locking down the country.

    Sorry….with Arderns background it is impossible to trust one word she says….

    It does leave the possibility that there is a “second shock” in the pipeline….
    Suspending the general election in November has been “tested”….perhaps to see the reaction.THIS would be a very serious step…..a threat to democracy.

    NOTE….So far….not a word about the spread of the virus in ANY African country,nor the Indian sub continent……this is very strange indeed…..unless…..

  6. It seems the NZ Police have followed up on the gunshots routine outside my dwelling (×2) just recently…the neighbours must have complained OR publicising this incident in ANOTHER country may have had an effect.
    Keep in mind these gunshot “scares” happened at least a dozen times when I was parked outside the town boundaries and nothing was done.
    SUGGESTION…check the Aangirfan website which provides evidence that this virus scare is FALSE.

    Surely the Jewish leaders of Western countries (that’s most of them)….or should it be said CRYPTO JEWISH leaders…..dont have the audacity to think they can suspend democracy without a fight….all those hard earned traditional freedoms erased with a pen.

    Thomas Jefferson said it would eventually come to this…..Gorbachev actually stated that Soviet communism would move west…..

    Once again the fact that American still have the right to bear arms proves the foresight PARTICULARLY of Thomas Jefferson……
    He also stated that unless the nations banks and money were controlled by the people…..the govt…Americans would end up bankrupt and penniless on the street.