Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/20

Vigilant Citizen – March 23, 2020

In this edition of SPOTM: Tom Hanx (no typo) and his creepy glove, Lady Gaga infecting the world again and Madonna’s symbolic Eurovision performance.

As soon as Coronavirus hit global mass media, Tom Hanks became its “spokesperson”. To announce that he and his wife were infected with the virus, he posted a picture of a single glove in a trash can. Due to the creepy nature of Hank’s past Instagram posts, the picture raised some eyebrows

Lady Gaga was recently featured in Paper magazine and it couldn’t be more symbolic. On the cover pic, she is depicted as a robot that is connected to wires while being monitored by dozens of cameras. Her brain is all electrical wires. In short, this is all about Monarch mind control (linked to an article on the topic by VC).

The message: Your “entertainers” are actually bots programmed by the elite. Click to enlarge


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4 responses to “Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/20”

  1. They are laughing at us.
    Nothing could have been more ridiculous that the teenage punker fad,
    people thought punks were hilarious, but you aint seen nothin yet. !
    Walk down your High st, you will see teenagers wearing ripped up jeans
    their shirts hanging out, half their head shaved like accident victims, and lumps of metal in their faces.
    Like the one eye fad, teenagers now have one arm tattooed and one leg also
    they dont know they are celebrating the illuminati who plan their slavery.
    Metal piercings and tattoos are signs of self hatred, i feel for the afflicted
    but it will get worse, much worse, i can already hear the laughter

  2. To James Dillon,
    How right you are, I remember when the Fad first came out, I saw a young Girl with the Knee’s right out of the Trousers and I felt so Sorry for her that I Offered her five pounds to buy herself a replacement pair at the local Car Boot Sale, she gave me a very Odd look but she took the Five pound note Anyway.

  3. Tom Hanks and Lady CaCa….does anyone really give a damn about two useless Americans?

  4. Lady Gagastein is of course a tribe member….but the thing is in real life she is an ugly troll….ghastly.
    Pink the fat Zio-Freak is also quite horrid.
    Just think…young kids are influenced by the abhorrent jewess who are taught that they are cool….naturally or unnaturally these two jewesses promote homosexuality via their pop videos.

    Remember Gagasteins “meat dress”……that was a good indicator of just how sick these Jews are…most likely Gagastein borrowed this idea from the Beatles….some may recall the bizarre album cover with dismembered dolls.
    All of the Beatles were or are Jews….McCartney is now married to an “open jew”…..his previous wife was a crypto jew….
    So is it any wonder the nasty Stella McCartney works in the rag trade….top end of course.The ludicrous Victoria Beckheim is a jew….along with her moronic heavily tattooed husband……she is very careful to hide her ethnicity…..she has had her tattoo in Hebrew removed from her back…..probably under instruction from a religious jew…..