Reflections on our Current Shared Predicament

Mark Devlin – YouTube March 23, 2020

3 responses to “Reflections on our Current Shared Predicament”

  1. Russians say that many political leaders in Iran had already died, possibly attacked by this disease. This COVID-19 may be a hybrid weapon, real bioweapon plus weaponisation of flu and cold.

  2. If planned, then perhaps it is for downtime for a big reset that we won’t like, intended by the international banking cartel and the globalists. As for vaccinations they will have a hard time forcing that on people anymore, because the drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are now being used very successfully – when properly administered.

    In Canada the death toll is 26 so far for a population of about 30 million. There have been about 2,800 people diagnosed. However, 10 of the deaths occurred in a cluster of frail elderly patients in the Lynn Valley nursing home in North Vancouver. Very few of any of the victims were not elderly. The hype is now wearing off a little because everyone realizes that the real risk is with the over 75 crowd with significant health risks, and that if anyone gets really sick the hospitals now have better treatment protocols. Not so many will die. Trump has also announced that the US will open for business by Easter.

    The evidence that I am aware of is that no one as of yet has published any reliable evidence to say this flu bug did not come from an animal, or did not mutate somehow from former strains of the corona virus. However, that does not mean that it was not discovered in some animal or some other place, and then nurtured in a lab and used in a number of experiments to see how lethal it could be if someone wanted to start a controlled pandemic, in order to control the public for some other changes they would find very unpleasant, like they were suddenly impoverished. If so, then the prime suspect would have to be the international banking cartel so keen on a world financial and currency reset, and the only cabal which would have such universal power to ensure global cooperation from the various governments. Then there are all the establishment death merchants who may want a trial run to see how well the authorities control the masses in such a pandemic.

    Without more evidence it is difficult to speculate that a bunch of likely very elderly central bankers would want to approve of a controlled pandemic which would put them in the highest-risk category just for some more money and power. Yet, their safety would be assured, and they may have been convinced it was “necessary”, just like 9/11.

  3. If Holland has opted out and allowing people to congregate then it looks like this is not a psyop to bring martial law down on us. Nevertheless, with all of the false flags and deceptions of our governments, and the EXPRESS intentions of the establishment to cull the herd we have every right to suspect every single global event which occurs and to keep investigation. Then again, perhaps Holland, which is the most densely-populated nation on the plane, is being set up. What if the “herd immunity” plan does not work?