Walter Veith & Martin Smith – Religious Freedom, Persecution & Coronavirus

Amazing Discoveries Africa – March 11, 2020

3 responses to “Walter Veith & Martin Smith – Religious Freedom, Persecution & Coronavirus”

  1. This is another example of the homogenization process being conducted by the globalists. All of the major wars at least for the past few hundred years have not been religious wars. That is a false premise to force religious neutralism and to submit to the secular state. Religious groups have been incited but always really at the behest of some potentate after something material. For instance, the Muslim Brotherhood was militarized by the British for insurgency and terrorist operations. From there we have our Western nations recruiting, training, arming, and deploying groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS.

    Veith and Smith correctly describe what is going on. We are heading for global slavery under totalitarian governments. As a Catholic I totally oppose what the Pope and all the leading prelates are doing. They are nothing but shills for the globalist international banking cartel and have in my view abandoned Christ and the true faith.

    Our religious views in the West have already been banned from the public square, and confined to very private circumstances. They can never really conflict with those being imposed by the secular state except in some carefully regulated way.this process have been going on for at least 100 years. It is only by being able to participate in the open air of public forums and the public market place of ideas that both good and evil can be exposed regarding all deeds and beliefs, such that we can make meaningful choices and changes in our lives. It that were to be allowed the people running things would be out on their asses in very short order.

  2. What is being done in UAE can only be a local experience, it can hardly have a global impact. Furthermore it requires all these religions to remove “problematic” parts of their books and beliefs. It can be used as a platform for global interfaith debate and discussions only. There is no way people should let go of their power and sovereignty, unless if they have none to start with!

    This is already what liberal democracies tried to do at a much more encompassing way. All religions can coexist under a liberal democracy as long as they accept the tenets of liberal democracy and give up their claims on power this is religious castration!

    Please note that I am saying giving up their “powers” instead of their “freedoms” because one should not be fool himself.

    Being generous and not including all the different sects, we can imagine a Church of Satan and a Christian Church and a Synagogue and a Mosque and a brothel and a casino all in a small area practicing their ways peacefully, so a gay parade is happening and all those others should just suffer it. Children born in such a liberal society will not be raised by their fathers’ creed, rather by the creed of the state. This gradually weaken all other beliefs. If they are allowed to have their own schools, then such a society will always be a powder keg. This is an artificial coexistence for this reason any religion first and foremost must seek to secure land and become powerful. The issue of power is very important, nothing else matters, don’t be fooled, Zionists and Deep State and evil forces grab all the power while they invite the rest of the world in a useless interfaith gathering/party!

    A “living” religion needs to shape the world around itself, at the very least should have control over its own land, needs to be sovereign and that can’t happen without leadership and governance systems. Earth is not spacious enough, there is no more free land for grabbing, one has to pay in blood to get some!

    I invite you to read “The ethics of secession” ( by Paul Treanor

    And finally we have trinity! Just as the three branches of government are named Father, Son, Spirit, almost in every dimension of western developed knowledge we see triads, for instance: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Even in Physics… read “Jesus Christ – Quantum Physicist” by Dirk Schneider. “All the great philosophical ideas of the past century—the philosophies of Marx and Nietzsche, phenomenology, German existentialism, and psychoanalysis—had their beginnings in Hegel”. So as you see judging by the worldwide failure and the “End of History” claimed by Francis Fukuyama. How can anyone trust anything except raw technology from the west that by the way is based on binary dualism! Everything else specially all humanities branches of knowledge have to be reworked. If religion is a divine design that has to be implemented, I wonder what else is there to derive from bible that has not yet been tested. Islam has its duality and quads and specifically Muslims are commanded by Allah in Quran not to base their thinking and knowledge in triads (Quran 4:171) and duality too has a false side in mind. The subject is massive and for another time.

  3. It’s planned about 50 years in advance