Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon

Prof Francis Boyle – YouTube March 17, 2020

5 responses to “Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon”

  1. Yep, plenty of evidence pointing at China, but this started in Fort Detrick. The fact remains, China had nothing to gain by releasing this corona. If this was a nut job in the lab that managed to get this out, to take revenge on his own people, surely they would go to Beijing and then onto Shanghai? This didn’t happen. If the US had all the parts to make Covid-19, then the UK probably had it in Porton Down. When you tick all the boxes, it is the UK who gains the most in a post-Brexit world. And another point, there is a vaccine or treatment for Covid. You don’t design a biological weapon without a fix. This professor is still alive – go figure.

  2. Another smoking gun is the Chinese government hamming it up with incredible fake-news footage – people keeling over in the streets, government people in Hazmat suits spraying everything, etc., etc. They gave it a good send off after it was deliberately released, all with the planning of likely the US authorities. The Chinese did their bit in the movie and then back to business as usual. Even before the virus got to Russia their government overplayed their part. When it got to Italy, we have according to Makow, people who were vaccinated with a Meningitis vaccine a few months back, who for some strange reason are immune deficient to this virus, and the governments and media in the West on queue ramp up the panic for every Western nation to high contagion proportions.

    China is back to work. They have played their bit part as has Bill Gates, but for some strange reason when we know of the exact very small sector really at any serious risk, we see Trump ordering out the National Guard, and our governments shutting down virtually everything, with plans for this to go on for months. Trump is now finished and the banksters are supreme.

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  4. What was the motive for creating such a virus? It’s a world WAR 111 war declared on the whole world. For the first time is the world shutdown. Its unspeakable.

  5. Suspected Wuhan CV ‘Patient Zero’ identified: