A high-level government source warned me TWO YEARS AGO that US cities would be locked down

Here’s the stunning proof this quarantine was planned years ago

Mike Adams – Natural News March 21, 2020

In late November of 2017, a high-level government-connected source described to me almost the exact scenario that is unfolding now across America: Quarantined cities, the collapse of food supplies, the acceleration of martial law and other shocking details you may have forgotten you read here on this website over two years ago.

I published all the details on December 2, 2017 in a Natural News article entitled, “Nationwide civil unrest coming… and city dwellers are the LEAST prepared to survive.”

The article, with selected quotes republished here, is so incredibly accurate in describing what’s happening right now that it’s practically a roadmap for 2020. Although at the time, I believed the context for this was a left-wing uprising. Little did I know the real plan was something far more sinister and deadly on a global scale.

Indeed, the fact that I was told all this two years ago — by a source I haven’t heard from since, by the way — is yet more proof that everything you are seeing unfold right now was pre-planned, engineered and initiated to achieve exactly what’s unfolding now.

Here are some of the quotes and points from the 2017 article, which are now almost unbelievably accurate:

  • How military contractors are being told to prepare for domestic deployment inside the United States to prevent cities from being burned to the ground by raging, lunatic mobs.
  • “In much the same way that a viral pandemic must be contained to avoid it spreading, civil unrest will also be “firewalled” off to prevent its spread.” – my actual words from 2017.
  • The military manning key transportation checkpoints such as those leading in and out of cities.
  • Destroying supply hubs (ammunition depots, fuel depots, etc.) of domestic enemies.
  • “Large sections of many U.S. cities will be transformed into “war zones,” complete with arson, looting, gunfire and dead bodies.”
  • Severe disruptions in food deliveries, fuel supplies, transportation and emergency services, “including hospitals.”
  • “Disruptions in all these services and supplies will only worsen the degree of panic and desperation among city dwellers. As I point out in the following podcast, city people tend to be the least prepared of all. This will add to the panic and cause the situation to escalate rapidly…”
  • “Local law enforcement units have been told over the last year or so that when inner cities collapse into chaos and rioting, police units will NOT be sent in to deal with many situations. Instead, in some cases the strategy will simply be to “contain” the chaos and prevent it from spreading. This means manning roadblock checkpoints while allowing certain sectors of some cities to burn to the ground.”
  • “If you’re stuck in a war zone section of the city, you may very well be on your own for some time, unable to exit the city because all the egress routes are blocked as part of the containment strategy.”
  • “If you don’t have this special permission, you may find yourself literally trapped in your own city zone, unable to receive any help from calling 9/11…”
  • “The No. 1 thing you need to be working on right now is getting out of the city. The most dangerous scenario in these potential events is being trapped in the city with no escape, no supplies and no means of self-defense.”

In fact, I even recorded a podcast that was posted in late 2017 which covered all this. Remember: At the time, I believed the context of this would be an Antifa uprising and an attempted violent Leftist revolution. Little did I know the real plan was something much, much bigger. And by releasing a pandemic, globalists have managed to convince all the mobs to stay home.

The big realization in all this is that globalists have planned to exterminate humanity for many years, and they built the weapons to achieve that, then caused those weapons to be released. Now, it’s all proceeding like clockwork to line everybody up and euthanize the clueless masses with the coronavirus vaccine. From a globalist point of view, it’s so much easier to exterminate people when they’re begging for the vaccine, isn’t it? Hence the coordinated censorship of all voices that oppose mandatory vaccines…

Here’s the podcast from 2017 which explains more:




7 responses to “A high-level government source warned me TWO YEARS AGO that US cities would be locked down”

  1. I think the US has too many troops abroad to put sufficient forces into the US mainland to secure the whole country, and these plans may assume pockets of unrest here and there, not one continual nationwide event. Also, I think it likely in the event the US economy collapses many US servicemen and women abroad may be left to find their own way home.

    One area where TPTB are vulnerable is in the comm’s network of copper and fibre optic cables that run under most streets. Radio and satellite phones won’t be affected but many civilian systems such as CCTV are, while security companies monitor systems maintained by microchip control (keypad security, movements of people, alarms etc). They are all vulnerable to cable sabotage in most of our streets.

    They can’t run a prison grid on batteries and generators for long, and they haven’t the manpower to take over when systems fail because to save money they sacked too many people. I’d think extended blackouts will help us defeat their totalitarian prison grid. Take the initiative and have the military respond to events not dictate them.

  2. If you force the military to respond to your actions you can start sending troops to wherever you want them. Force their deployment, make them guard a hydro-power dam or whatever else keeps a lot of their assets out of harm’s way. Like you’ll blow up a damn? Hardly likely. But they’d have to assume you may.

  3. Check this out: The BLOTUS with Mike Dense looking as drugged out as usual and some useless goon faced shithead standing by the naked emperor.


    Don’t these goons remind you of Groveler Jerky Brown and the Camp Fire Boy Scouts when te said they had the most expensive lawyers in town… Same gangster mentality.

    The BLOTUS (Biggest Liar of the US):

    “They (drugs, vaccines, treatments) are safe from the standpoint that they are not killing people… we’re not going to have that…so…a lot of great things have been happening…”

    – President Bullshit, Mike Dense & The Pentagoons

    Yes sir, things are going GREAT
    And they’re only getting better
    The future’s so bright
    I gotta wear shades

    Because… the BLOTUS said they are not killing people…

    If we’re lucky, they will only be weakening people, sterilizing people, causing people to lose their income, impoverishing people, scaring people, causing autism, seizures and strokes, while they continue taxing people to death and sickening people to death with their viral bullshit. Maybe the BLOTUS should have said:

    “we weren’t killing people fast enough so we had to conjure up this fake pandemic to meet our dead lines…?!

  4. “….a lot of great things have been happening…” – BLOTUS

    Stay ‘Tooned’ … Next Up – “Unicorns Leaping Over Rainbows”!

  5. Mike Adams (Health Ranger) is always very informative but this time I sincerely hope he is wrong. I think the plans are there alright and many in the military are itching to implement them. However, it presumes that most of the troops are sociopaths and that when it comes to shooting their own people they are just going to follow the dictates of the chain of command. The creeps running things are no doubt killers but they always get others to do the wet work. They get their jollies exercising power and accumulating money and minions. They are first of all crooks and and do not want any army turning on them for target practice for going too far with their designs.

  6. To see the zionist plan for the takeover of the world, read the book The Controversy of Zion,by Douglas Reed, can be had on amazon.com, this is one of the most important books I have ever read.

  7. The instigator of the London riots Wayne Dobbs is often on radio talking about black issues.
    He said that the Virus is god punishment on white people for alowing the Jews to take us black people into slavery.
    Our Pastor a god fearing man said that just as AIDS was Gods punishment on homosexuals, which the Bible expressly forbids, Corona is one of the 7 plagues that
    will kill many.
    Jews teach that at the fall all the dark spirits and Angels went into dark bodies ( black people ) many of us are deeply resentful of teachings like that, they also teach that Black folk are the lowest on the human scale.
    It was jewish drug companies who experimented on black people injecting them with syphilis and other diseases, to then search for a cure,
    God will punish those who did this, make no mistake