The Coronava Carnival

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News March 18, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

5 responses to “The Coronava Carnival”

  1. Superb….Bro Nat… notch.

    Speaking of the Chinese communist “social credit” system.
    If I’m not mistaken something along these lines is ALREADY being introduced in NZ.

    For example…..I had my licence taken off me (the actual licence) by a cop.It had expired and my cars road warrant had expired.I was hit with a massive fine….above normal in my opinion….
    Come the time to renew my licence I am told that I have to have a passport as a form of identification since I no longer had the physical licence…..taken illegally from me by the cop.BUT my passport has expired….first that has to be renewed…..turns out handing in my old passport with an updated photo is not good enough….you have to be identified by someone who has known you for some time…..just to prove that the old passport with photo is actually me.

    Since the police are interfering with my renewing my driving licence…..they dont want me on the roads…I suspect I will be having all sorts of impediments placed in my way getting a new passport which will enable me to get a new driving licence!.

    So this stuff appears to be a well disguised version of the Chinese Social Credit system.
    The govt has just taken to seizing NZers access to firearms and armed police are showing up at gun owners addresses (with concealed arms)

    Of course the globalist pawn Jacinda Ardern who once worked for Blair in London is doing what Blair did to Britain…… opening the gates on third world immigration…..and given the chance she will stifle free speech…..”for the benefit for all New Zealanders”.

  2. Spot on Brother Nathan and well said Vespasian, they need to destroy the old system before they bring in the new one. They are already screaming for Universal Basic Income payments, yeah yeah and attached will be a micro chip and vaccine, no chip, no payment. Simple, they will be queing up for it.

  3. Nicely said, Brother Nathaniel………Resisting NOW!!

    What we all suspected is reality and right now in our faces; at least we have the time to do something about it I suppose………and time means time to think; which no one has had – it’s a bit freaky realising the reality, but once you do at least you realise also what you’ve harboured as possible fact is actual reality; and not only in your own mind and life but worldwide; now that really IS something; the vaccines, chemtrails, banks, vulture funds, cuckoo funds, homelessness, displacement, immigration / sorry invasion; food, water, lgbt, cinema (?), media, gaming, IT, AI, and of COURSE, 5G…….what a menu !

    Thank you Br Nathaniel; it is good to hear your voice……….

  4. Forgot to mention; noticing the police patrolling to stop gatherings…….martial law is becoming the norm; we will be incarcerated indefinitly in our ‘homes’……and only when the lads say it’s ok to go out will we have permission to breathe a couple of minutes of ‘fresh’ air; it somehow makes you think of Blade Runner, has all the hallmarks………

  5. We all love Brother Nathaniel and his words of wisdom
    My daughters school sent a letter home to say the children would all be taken by coach
    to a Holocaust memorial to be given a lesson by a Rabbi on the jewish holocaust.
    After talking at the schools gates not one parent thought this was appropriate
    i saw the headmaster who said he himself was not keen on the idea, but jews were pressuring the education board and it was they who ordered it
    I said then let the jewish schools take their kids there, this is a christian school why would we go to a jewish propaganda lesson.I told the headmaster Solzenitzin said up to 110 million Christians were murdered by the jews in russia, two world wars caused by the jews
    who brag about how many christians died, these folk tortured and murdered jesus
    and you want to take christian children to be brainwashed by this filth?
    The headmaster said look if you feel strongly keep your child off school and send me in a note.
    Over half the children stayed home that day and my nephew who is age 8 has had nightmares and cant sleep at night from going to this crap holohoax lecture