Pope Francis breaking bad

Irish Savant – March 17, 2020

People bow to Pachamama during pagan rite in Vatican Gardens prior to opening of Amazon Synod, Oct 4, 2019. Click to enalrge

Some time ago I asked ‘is the Pope a Catholic?’. My answer was an emphatic ‘no’.  And in the meantime he’s been a busy little Anti-Christ. Fresh from beating up a well-wisher he has now driven Conservative Catholic clergy (i.e. Catholic clergy) up the walls over the worship of pagan fertility god Pachamama during the recent Amazon summit in the Vatican.
Around 100 priests have written asking him to repent publicly and unambiguously. The Pope used the Synod to push his theme of greater inclusivity within the Church but the priests claim that he worshipped the Pachamama on the Vatican gardens and allowed the statues to be placed in a church.
Worse again, and this to my mind confirms his demonic nature, he has permitted the erection of a giant statue of Moloch at the main entrance to the Coliseum as part of an exhibition, called “Cathargo: the immortal myth”. Moloch has become a byword for Evil, especially child-sacrifice on the part of his worshippers. As a recent archaeological study confirmed. “Just as ancient Greek and Roman propagandists insisted, the Carthaginians did kill their own infant children, burying them with sacrificed animals and ritual inscriptions in special cemeteries to give thanks for favours from the gods.”

Statue of Moloch. Click to enlarge

Understand that the Vatican, and specifically the Diocese of Rome, has owned and operated the Colosseum since the Middle Ages when it took control of the facility from the Frangipani Family. The exhibition, called “Cathargo: the immortal myth” could not be held there at all unless permissions were granted at the highest levels of the Vatican.” So this demon (here it is in action) now holds a prominent position on Vatican property.
Some philosopher once said that the need to publicly display their symbols represented the Luciferians’ Achilles Heel.
Hopefully. Either way, every day that passes convinces me more that we’re approaching some kind of cosmic denoument.


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  1. Look,let’s cut to the chase,The Pope is a crypto jew infact the Catholic church is full of Marranos.

    When a TV personality or a political representative says he or she is a catholic….be very careful because they are likely to be crypto Jews.
    Bono and The Edge are good examples….”just by sheer chance” BOTH THEIR WIVES ARE JEWS.

    For some reasons Jews produce some of the ugliest specimens of all time…..
    Weinstein is like a brute out of an horror movie.Miriam Margolis the lesbian jewess actress….actually looks like a hideous troll…..in the old meaning of the word.
    The popestein is a weird character….the Catholics NEED TO ELECT A NEW ONE.

  2. The last secret of Fatima was that the Church would be smashed by the homosexuality of its priests, i went to catholic schools, i saw the perverted barbarity of the nuns,
    none of them actually believed in god, if they did they would not have treated us children the way they did, ALL the priests we saw were homosexuals, small boys were abused
    all the time by both nuns and preists.
    The sooner the church closes down the better.

  3. @ Vespasian

    The Catholic Church was always an institution specialized in protection of oligarchic Jewish interests. Just study Sicut Judaeis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicut_Judaeis).

    I believe that Mr Pope gives us signs, he wants to tell us that Lord Jesus had not resurrected and Pachamama is a real goddes in contrast to this jinn on gallows from Palestine promoted by RC Church. Mr Pope fights with Catholic superstitions.

  4. Chris Trotter a committed tribesmen left wing journalist…..(hes always being invited onto the Jewish dominated TV “news” shows in NZ)…
    Has just suggested that the NZ General Election in November of this year……be postponed until next year……
    This is a serious development….what’s to stop the NZ government….in the meantime…..to introduce another crisis….in order to further delay the election….and since BOTH sides of the NZ government are dominated by Jews…..they COULD decide to have a coalition govt…..in order to “protect the people”…..well that’s what they would tell the public anyway.
    This would be the beginning of the end of democracy in NZ.

  5. Guess where the Vatican keeps its money, yes, you guessed correctly. The bank of the Red Shield family!

  6. I mean, what’s next!? An icon of a half naked man with nails through his feet and hands? You’ve been bowing to a “kosher kill” for quite some time now.

  7. Folks, look at everything from proper perspective.

    In the very centre of Roman Catholicism, st. Peter’s Square in Rome there is Egyptian monument, the Obelisk, boner of Osiris, from Memphis I believe.


    So what is wrong with Pachamama and Mr Pope?

    @ eddie – money at Red Schield bank since 1830s?

  8. Nothing has changed at the Vatican.

    It is still the location for worship of the underworld as it was initially designed.

    Mons Vaticanus : The sacred site of Mons Vaticanus and its giant serpent

    Known as Mons Vaticanus, meaning ‘hill of prophecy’, the site then became a sacred mound marked by a standing stone to honour the earth mother goddess Cybele. In mythology, Cybele ruled over fertility, mountains and fortresses. Her crown was shaped like a city wall (cf the Empress card in the Rider Waite tarot deck). Her followers called her ‘Mountain Mother’ and offered sacrifices to her on mountain peaks. Cybele became the official protector of Rome from the beginning of the Imperial Period (205 BC). A temple known as the Phrygianum was built on Mons Vaticanus in her honour.
    But what, you may ask, is a basilica?

    A little research reveals that the word ‘basilica’ is derived from basilisk, a mythological snake, known as the king of the serpents because its Greek name ‘basiliscus’ means ‘little king’. In the Harry Potter books you may remember that Basilisk was a giant serpent. https://livingnow.com.au/sacred-site-mons-vaticanus-giant-serpent/

    The Name Vatican And the Etruscan Goddess Vatika Of The Underworld – What Is The Connection?
    The Great Goddess and Mother Goddess went by different names in different locales but Cybele was unique.

    The personification of this goddess was the largest iron meteorite known in the ancient world. It was a 16-feet-tall conical object worshiped as the “Simulacrum of Cybele” and weighed several hundred tons. Worship of the goddess and her stone that dropped from the heavens included believing her priestess had the gift of prophecy. They could see into the future. What would become Vatican hill was selected as the place to house it. A 200-foot-long temple was planned. It would be built over the catacombs that existed for centuries. It took 13 years to build her temple, and it was dedicated on April 11, 191 BC.

    Cybele and her meteorite [ now known as the Kabba stone ]had already proven her power even before the temple was complete, although skeptics might give more credit to the Roman General Scipio Africanus and his successes against the Carthaginians on their own soil forcing Hannibal to be recalled from Italy. The ability of Cybele to see the future gave birth to the word Vatican. https://web.archive.org/web/20170226075942/https://atlantisrisingmagazine.com/article/goddess-in-the-vatican/

    Vatica (Vatika) — The Etruscan. Goddess of the Underworld who guarded the city of the dead on Vatican Hill in ancient Rome. The Etruscans did not bury their dead inside the walls of their cities and for that reason, on a hillside slope outside the ancient city that was destined to become Rome, the Etruscans established a very large cemetery. The area, which is now St. Peters Basilica, thus became known as the “Vatican“. Vatika had several other related meanings in ancient Etruscan. It was the name of a bitter grape that grew wild on the graveyard slope, which the peasants made into what became infamous as the name of one of the cheapest (and worst) wines in the ancient world.

    One observation that I have heard is that the portion of Vatican City with St. Peter’s square actually suggestively shows a women committing fornication. From certain high vantage points in Vatican City, it does look like the area has two breasts, wide hips, and with the obelisk (a phallic symbol) in the midst of the lower region, so that certainly can be implied. Since Bible warns about a compromised women associated with seven hills/mountains committing fornication with the kings of the world (Revelation 17), this is another aspect of the Vatican which should give all who do, or will, pledge some type of allegiance to is pause. https://www.cogwriter.com/news/religious-news/vatican-city-information-on-its-origins/

  9. Yes, the Pope is the recent version of the False Prophet and AntiChrist. Also when the final Antichrist comes, viewed by Jews as their Meschiach, the Jews will acknowledge him. Thus the Antichrist is a Jew, so that the Pope is indeed a crypto-Jew! To that end, the first Pope was a Jew called Simon Magus the Sorcerer, who by his name used his name’s similarity to the actual Simon Peter, Peter the fisherman. Simon Magus the Sorcerer, was the one in the scriptures that tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit and also the laying on of hands to cure illness, from Jesus’ disciples. Simon Magus was into Babylonian Mysticism/Talmudism, which is also the real foundation of the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican. Thus Roman Catholicism besides being infiltrated by Jews and Jewish beliefs is also a False religion. Other Christian offshoots like Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses are also false religions. The original Protestantism of the PROTESTant Reformation was the closest thing to following the teachings of Jesus Christ like Orthodox Christianity. The modern versions have all been infiltrated by their Jewification and thus perversion. The POPE is prima fascia a False Prophet and Judeizer. No doubt about it!

  10. Hi Eddie yes the jews run the catholic church when the Salvation army went to the bank to borrow money to start the church, the proviso was that they all wear a badge carrying the rothschild name, this is why the salvation army have a red shield shaped badge/
    The mormons i was told are similar and the jehovah witneses are just jew run crackpots

  11. Pope Apostate

  12. “In 1743 Moses Amschel Bauer had hung a red hexagram sign over the entrance door of his business, a sign depicting a Roman eagle (Apollyon “Beast from the pit” – Revelation 20:1-3) on a red shield similar to that of the infamous Templar Knights and Nazi Iron Cross. Upon seeing this Mayer Amschel immediately understands its significance and changes his name from Bauer to Rothschild, “Rot” is German for, “Red,” and “Schild,” is German for, “Sign”. The red hexagram or sign over Moses Amschel Bauer’s shop signified ‘The Mark of The Beast’ 666.”

    Walt Disney, Fidel Castro, and Bill and Melinda Gates are past recipients of the Order of the Aztec Eagle.

    Mexico Awards Jared Kushner “Order of the Aztec Eagle” Created By Freemasonry In 1933, Linked To Satan and Human Sacrifice

    Below are 137 Instances of Treason and Subversion Committed by Jews Against The United States of America as well as crimes against humanity


  13. Whatever next? A Piss Christ in every church?