Is the Coronavirus a Chinese-Chabad Co-Production? — March 17, 2020

Could the real story be secret US-China collusion? … After all, there is a ‘Chabad hotline’ between Beijing China Chabad, and the Washington DC Chabad attended by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

by Brabantian — (

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The Covid-19 coronavirus plague underway – hinting at a repeat of the 1918-20 ‘Spanish flu’ which killed between 1%-5% of the world population – is arguably a bio-weapon, perhaps designed to lower life expectancy in Western countries to not much more than the retirement age.
This is possibly one of the major goals of ‘Project Covid-19’, along with setting the stage for more draconian political controls, and accelerating the implementation of a New World Order.
As to ‘who’ launched this bio-weapon, you can take your pick amidst the ‘sides’ in global politics.
China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted that, “it might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”, and Veterans Today agrees, recalling how in October 2019, the US brought hundreds of so-called ‘military athletes’ and other personnel to Wuhan China for the World Military Games.

There are 13 ‘Chabad Houses’ in China. Click to enlarge

Or, you can delve into the story of Chinese corona virus researchers Dr Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Dr Keding Cheng, who had been affiliated with Canada’s top-level National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, linked to other researchers from places in China including Wuhan. Some suggest these ‘Chinese agents’ could have transported a deadly weapons-grade virus to the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.



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3 responses to “Is the Coronavirus a Chinese-Chabad Co-Production?”

  1. In 1950 Rothschild emissaries went to china and backed a little known rebel leader called mao ze dong. They told him to go and take Tibet as the many monasteries there had valuable ancient artifacts and much gold, he said the world did nothing when armed Jews took palestine in 1948, and they will do nothing over Tibet.
    It seems paradoxical that wealthy rich jews should espouse communism, but as
    De mentiev said ” communism is for the people not us because we are the elite”
    so Communism was devised as a way to get the money and power into the hands of the few, socialism is the soft road which also leads to communism and slavery

  2. The ONE man who this virus is helping more than anyone is Benjamin Netanyahu

    “Bibi Netanyahu is going to get out of his trial because of the Coronavirus.

    The trial to put Netanyahu in jail is supposed to start March 17th. All of a sudden the entire country has basically given him immunity, without officially doing so. Such a sad state. I am sure Israel and Bibi have figured out who they needed to flip to get this desire.

    Cui Bono?

    How can it be anymore clearer?

    There are only three empires.

    The American Empire and its allies.

    The Chinese Empire and its allies.

    And the Israelis. They are the hidden empire that wishes to control the entire world.

    The virus first went to China and Iran, Israeli’s “fake” enemies.

    Then it went to the US, it’s true enemy.

    Then it came to Israel so they could shut down their whole country and use their spy tech on all dissidents to kill off. They are already using their full anti-terrorist technology to track all “coronavirus” patients aka dissidents.

    China has killed off their dissidents. Israel is about to do the same.

    Will the US follow suit?

    Realize what they are trying to get you to do USA! Do not fall for their plan.

    Be your own country! Do not fall for Bibi’s plan. He is the one who is benefiting the most!

    Gantz better step up to the plate with Liberman and stop this man from staying in power!

    If Trump dies, it is none other than Benjamin Netanyahu who gave the order. …”

    I think the state actors behind the bioweapon are Netanyahu, Trump, and Pompeo

  3. Strange that with all the help China supposedly received from the tribe, it continues to support Iran. Strange also that Iran and Italy (the first EU country to sign up for China’s BR) have been the worst affected by this virus (other than China itself). Try again, Henry.