Defining Satanic Abuse – Ex London Cop Jon Wedger

Shaun Attwood – March 16, 2020

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4 responses to “Defining Satanic Abuse – Ex London Cop Jon Wedger”

  1. I beleive everything i read here.
    From age 10 to 12 i was part of a group of boys who were sent regularly
    to a small hotel in Brighton, we were told to strip to our underpants and parade
    round in front of these men who would choose which one of us they wanted for sex.
    I recognised Greville Janner as a regular here, he liked his boys to wear a small bra
    and have ribbons in their hair.
    I knew boys from Elm House, they kept lists of famous faces who used the boys, there was much cruelty and abuse, some boys were murdered by these homosexuals.
    I saw kids taken out of the West Lynn care home for weekend parties.
    i will never get over what was done to me and still have anger issues.
    People cant believe that this really goes on, beleive me it does.

  2. Grevile janner was head of the Board of British deputies
    this is a government within a government.
    Our government takes its orders from these jews,
    Greville janner said that as israel now owns the UK all our laws will gradually fall into line with israels, which means as child sex is legal for jews, it will soon be law here too.

  3. In every black magic and even in the upper degrees of masonry
    a homosexual act with a young boy is part of the initiation.Black magic itself is a perversion
    Dennis Wheatley in an radio interview before his death said Winston Churchill and Aleister Crowley used to ritually sacrifice small boys on the south coast over looking the channel towards France, this is a vile act and copied the sacrifice of Abrahams son to the devil in the bible, which is still done today
    Both kevin Field Christopher Story and Moshe Solomons have all spoken publicly about Churchills involvement with black magic in w w 2
    The israeli premier Menagen Begin who was jimmy saviles first protector, was both a pedophile who raped and kiled several small arab boys, and also involved in black magic sacrifice

  4. Quote:In the United Kingdom, an estimated 112,853 children are reported missing every year. National Crime Agency, UK Missing Persons Bureau.
    Question, where are those children ??
    We have, ~ 6,000 death with Corona Virus in the World & the British Buggering Children (BBC) faggots & sluts are talking NON stop about Corona Virus ?? & 112,853 children missing ?? Nahh not important news ? & of course our late mentor Jimmy Saville wouldn’t want us to mention it ?