Why Does the Father of Mass Vaccinations Jonas Salk Want to Kill Everyone?

Jay Dyer – YouTube Nov 22, 2017

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  1. A serious mistake here.
    When Adolf Hitler broke free of the Jewish banking system
    the health of the people was top priority,
    He gave the first ever free healthcare in the world, not the drug company run sort we have in the UK, but real healthcare.
    He asked for sport and exercise clubs in all schools,
    Had a purpose built luxury holiday resort built for free annual holidays.
    There were sunshine clubs for expectant mothers with very generous payments
    for new births,
    It was Hitlers success in building a strong economy after the jews smashed it
    that caused w w 2.
    It was said inflation was so bad that it took a wheel barrow of money to buy a loaf of bread,
    The german people could not be allowed to get away with running their own economy
    so the jews got the jewish run countries Russia the USA and UK to go to war

  2. Could it be ANY clearer that ZOG USSA is The ENFORCER Of The SATANIC Conspiracy?

  3. The book was published in 1973. Only. I have a feeling that this is real modern evolution theory.

    I am googling and googling and can’t find it. Does anyone have this book in PDF form?

  4. @ Ellis C Taylor:

    Finally someone that really knows what Hitler was all about! That truth and its success would have meant the end of Jewry Rothschild Central Bankster ( Khazarian Mafia) fakery and stop the enslavement of Mankind! This is why Hitler is so vilified and demonized so much. His secrets can NOT be known again! As for this article, the reason Salk wanted to kill humanity was because he was a JEW like the Rothschilds!

  5. Patrick.. You can get this book @ https://archive.org/details/survivalofwisest00salk

  6. @ Ellis C Taylor

    Third Reich NEVER broke free of the Jewish banking system.

    New 1933 government of Kanzler Hitler started to produce their own „money”, bills of exchange.

    This money emission was a revolutionary act since usually (Jewish) banking cartel enjoys monopoly in money creation. Plans of government money creation were prepared by a previous German government. Kanzler Hitler’s money emission was much higher than previously planned. Similar government money in 1930-ies was created in other capitalist countries, including Canada, NZ, Australia, etc. During this era communist Soviet Union experienced dynamic growth (only government money), capitalist Japan introduced social credit (C.H.Douglas idea).

    German economic miracle in the 1930-ies was result of injection of government money into stagnating economy and detailed planning. Government plans forced (Jewish) banking cartel to finance German industry. Even usury rate was planned by the government. (Jewish) banks could earn discounting government money (bills of exchange). Banks were earning on government money!

    Kanzler Hitler did NOT broke free of the Jewish banking system. He cooperated with Jewish banking system. Tremendous difference.

    This „Hitler the Christ” narrative is childish, based on ignorance. Probably CIA/MoSSad creation. Hitler was not on war with Jews, at least such war was not his intention. He cooperated with big Jews, Third Reich was public(German)-private(also Jewish) partnership.
    IG Farben was a Jewish monopoly. IG Farben had a factory in Auschwitz (Monowitz). Auschwitz construction was financed by Deutsche Bank. Tatoos technology for Auschwitz workers was delivered by IBM, etc.

  7. @ Mr Reynard

    Thank you. I knew this link but it doesn’t work. The book is extremely rare, hard copies over $100.

  8. Patrick, You’re in UK & very likely you have censorship which we down under , not yet ??
    This is why maybe it doesn’t work for you ?

  9. @ Mr Reynard

    One cannot download the book from this link. I was looking for such opportunity.

    The book was written by Messiah of mass vaccination, published only in 1973, hard copy hard to find and unavaialble on Internet. For these reasons the book is important.