Journalists Uncover Plot by Zionists and University Officials to Bring “Antifa” Violence to Dublin

Eric Striker – Aletho News March 14, 2020

Renowned for their involvement in political violence and intimidation, antifa are suspected of being backed by covert government agencies. Click to enlarge

Irish journalists at the student publication The Burkean have published a series of phone calls and social media communications exposing prominent officials and left-wing activists in an international conspiracy to astroturf American-style anarchist paramilitary activity aimed at stifling political discussion on Irish college campuses.

The investigation began when the journalists created a twitter account adorned in “Antifa” imagery that solicited the public for recruits to create an American/German style “Antifa” group that would target nationalist students. What they found was not the occasional mentally ill person, but prominent university administrators.

In one recorded call with Jacob Woolf, the leader of the Jewish Society at Trinity College (there are only 2500 Jews in all of Ireland), Woolf told the journalists he would travel to New York City to meet with prominent Zionist acquaintances and raise money to start an official “Anti-Semitism Watchdog” in Ireland to aid the “Antifa” group. What makes Woolf’s offer so interesting is that he is a leading organizer for People Before Profits, a Trotskyite activist group that claims to fight for Palestinian rights.

Woolf also expressed a desire to try and “infiltrate” The Burkean itself in order to spy and blackmail the journalists working there. According to him, he had influence with a senior manager at Trinity College Dublin and could have dissident students caught in his sights expelled on a whim.

Michelle Byrne, another prominent conspirator, was recorded promising the fake “antifa” members to collect the private information of right-wing students using her database and hand it to them for the explicit purpose of physically attacking them. Byrne is the Deputy President of the Union of Students Ireland (USI), which is supposed to represent hundreds of thousands of young people regardless of their political affiliation.

In response to this reporting, the USI suspended Byrne pending investigation.

Other prominent political officials and prize winning university administrators were recorded trying to help the undercover journalists in a conspiracy of political violence.

Woolf’s participation as a leading left-wing figure personifies how the line between “anti-fascist” extremists and above-ground Zionist organizations has become blurred in recent years. Members of groups like these often belong to the same tightly knit ethnic networks. Not long ago, the “antifa” group Hope Not Hate teamed up with the pro-Israel “Community Security Trust” Jewish vigilante group to publish a dossier of opposition research and surveillance they conducted on Vanessa Beeley, a left-wing anti-war journalist who exposed the White Helmets in Syria as frauds.

As for the broader public in Ireland, The Burkean’s excellent work has provoked outrage among the broader public. Institutions like Trinity College, unlike contemporary American Universities, are culturally expected to live up to their traditions of spirited intellectual exchange.

In recent years, Ireland has become a laboratory for radical neoliberal excesses, particularly in the fields of economics and mass immigration. In response, organizations like Justin Barrett’s National Party have emerged to organize native Irishmen in their proud nationalist tradition against the globalist forces destroying their country.

Young Ireland appears to be on the brink of a drawn out battle with Zionist interlopers like Jacob Woolf, who is in the country apparently just to terrorize Irish people, as well as Michelle Byrne, a careerist moron who asks strangers on the internet to engage in violence against her own constituents for their beliefs. The Burkean’s stunning work may have set this conspiracy in the making back significantly.


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  1. Guaranteed the “2500 jews in Ireland” do NOT INCLUDE Bono and his mate Edge….the two Irish Marranos.(their respective wives are Jewish of course)

    How about the piece of filth Geldof…..the Marrano charity thief?….Nope he wont be included either.His former wife whom he drove to suicide was from Britain but ALSO crypto Jewish….as you would expect.

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    So the Boris Johnsons and the David Cameron’s would have been in trouble….like the holocau$t however the numbers of Jews who actually left Spain is very likely to be greatly exaggerated.

  2. This is without doubt treason of the highest order and deserving of a rope and a trap door. What kind of sick mind could betray their fellow students and countrymen like this? Its proof if it were needed that liberalism is the new fascism. It only takes one or two leaders to fill the heads of the herd with their ideology and they can be mobilized into a psychopathic mob. Think antifa,extinction rebellion,eu remainers and every firm of football hooligans across the UK. It is so easy to lead and manipulate some people. Where are all the individuals and free thinkers?

  3. Gee wasn’t the IRA fighting for national freedom ? Where are they now………

  4. The rock has been lifted and the writhing mass of corruption scurries away from the light.

  5. And it’s this very reason why Jews are hated and they know it. You would think the fact that Jewish privilege would be enough. After all they dominate universities, academia, journalism, arts, entertainment, banking, film & TV – “but that’s because they’re intelligent” is the usual, ignorant reply. Why is it they’re allowed to dominate them, in every field, along with black in sports, music and entertainment and yet its institutional racism, wherever there is dominance by whites, such as in STEM?

    Their dam, that’s stopping European people advancement and success is beginning to crack. Its only a matter of time before even the most ignorant European joins the dots and hence why they’re working overtime to implement the ‘matrix’ ASAP.

    People like to say “it’s not the Jews. It’s only a small minority within the Jewish people” crap. Well this article, like so many others obliterates that argument. “There are only 2,500 Jews in Ireland” as the author states.
    The simple answer as to why I come up with my conclusion is because of the lack of any Jewish fightback, to stop the blatant demolition of the west by Jews. The argument can also be given, by people, that nationalism was responsible for the holocaust hence why Jews are doing their best to stop it. But yet again, this argument is thoroughly destroyed by firstly, Zionism and secondly that of your fighting against nationalism, it means you’re pro destruction of indigenous peoples and their cultures – communism and were right back to the start yet again.

    This article, should make it apparent, that Jews are, by default, communists and that what happened in WW2, was as a direct result of Jews wanting the destruction of Germany. The riots, by ANTIFA, are mirroring the activity of Béla Kun, the Hungarian Jew, who led an unsuccessful attempt of revolt in Germany pre WW2. Again, another important part of history, Europeans are conveniently not taught in history lessons.

    If all Jews, were on the streets with ANTIFA, waving their communist flags, then the game would be up wouldn’t it? Instead, they remain silent, not giving up the game and thus bringing support, from non Jews, who state they are innocent and just want to get on with their lives. The fact that they choose to remain as Jews shows their true motive. After all religion is an ideology you choose to follow. You are not born a Jew. You are born a human, whose parents enforce Judaism upon you. “My mother was a Jew, therefore I am also” – no it just makes you stupid.

  6. Wow…and this doesn’t seem to get a mention on the MSM (from what little I see of that).

    Great work by actual journalists!

  7. I wonder why jews only wish to destroy, never build.. All power to Young Ireland..

  8. Bono and Geldof did the Africa aid thing,
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    Well we are almost out of the rothschild EU, he said we woud be punished for leaving
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